WoodOX Sling Is The Ultimate Firewood Carrier

Last Updated on July 28, 2020 by Daniel Cooper

WoodOX Sling Is The Ultimate Firewood Carrier: Moving wood from the outside for fire burning at home can be a tedious and difficult task to undertake if you lack the right equipment. The WoodOX Sling system has been designed to make the process as simple as possible and provides the most efficient features so that the wood can be easily transported at any time.

WoodOX Sling Is The Ultimate Firewood Carrier

Thanks to the additional lighting that makes it possible to use at night. This article describes WoodOX Sling features for everyone to understand how it has made it easy to carry firewood from your woodpile to your fireplace. Below are the features:

Have an Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design places the wood securely on both sides under the arms of the carrier as well as distributing the weight of the wood evenly over the upper body. There is a change in the center of gravity enhanced by the WoodOX Sling that makes loading and unloading easier on standing and reduces the body strain during movement

It has a Super Bright LED Flashlight

A very bright LED flashlight provides adequate and clear illumination. The flashlight can run on batteries up to ten times longer than a normal flashlight. A very bright torch with WoodOX Sling will still save you money eventually because you do not have to replace the battery repeatedly like with traditional bulbs, and the LED bulb can last up to ten years. You do not have to worry about burning out of the bulb.

WoodOX Slings have Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas

They are designed with high quality and heavy-duty cotton canvas that ensures durability, mildew resistance, and breathability. These are the three key factors behind the popularity of this quality canvas.

The heavy-duty canvas is most often used in making the slings to be used while moving firewood. This is simply because they are water resistant, are scratch free, can give adequate protection, and perform well in all weather conditions.

They have a High Load Carrying Capacity

WoodOX Sling can carry more wood and at the same time enhance balance and comfort while moving. this makes the bag more suitable than any other.

It Ensures no Elbow or Wrist Strain

While caring for the firewood the wight rests lightly on your hip, keeping the spine aligned, with very little pressure on your arm that goes through the sleeve. This reduces back and arms strain while allowing for easier movement and maneuverability when walking indoors


The innovative design of the WoodOX carrier puts it in a completely new category of firewood transporting devices. It combines the ergonomic principles of the weight distribution of the bag on different parts of the body with the sling of the arm and keeps the wood tight while moving.

The construction of the WoodOX sling allows you to move your hands-free from the wood while standing, opening and closing doors and removing logs in a fireplace or wood with fewer wrinkles.

The WoodOX sling, made of durable cotton canvas, helps keep the neck away from the ground, and is easy to clean.WoodOX Sling is now available through Kickstarter. Initial promises of 53 or 41 USD offer savings of 25% compared to the recommended retail price.


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