Wheelbarrow Handles and Hedges : Best Recommendations for Gardening

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Do you love to garden? I think like me, you too !

Gardening is a relaxing and entertaining hobby. It has been known to relieve stress and improve a person’s mood.

Let’s not forget that gardening is providing your source of food. Whether you have a large garden or a small garden, a garden needs care. Proper maintenance will ensure a productive and healthy garden. To properly maintain your garden you need to have the right tools.

A wheelbarrow is an essential tools for gardening. It’s required to haul soil, compost, weeds, and more. You also have to take proper care of your wheelbarrow to ensure it will last for a long time.

The handles and wedges are one of the most important parts of a wheelbarrow that need upkeep.

If you are a gardener, you already know how important wheelbarrow handles and wedges are to the overall care of a garden. Here, we review the top 05 handles and wedges for gardening.

1. True Temper 00221400 Ames C Series Hardwood High-Densitytrue temper wheelbarrow handles

One of the best seller, the True Temper Hardwood handles are great replacement handles.

The holes are already drilled into the handles making installation quick and simple. The set of all wooden wheelbarrow handles is easy to install for anyone. Guaranteed to make any unusable wheelbarrow with rotted handles look like new. These specific wheelbarrow handles will fit any True Temper wheelbarrow perfectly.


  • Handles are made in the U.S.A.
  • The holes are already drilled and are calculated to line up perfectly with a True Temper wheelbarrow or C Series wheelbarrow.
  • Handles are designed specifically for C Series, landscaper wheelbarrows.
  • Handles are constructed out of solid wood.
  • Handles made sturdy to last a long time.
  • A seal coated finish on the wheelbarrow adds extra durability.

cons with solutions

  • Some people had cracked handles upon delivery of their package.


  • It must have been due to package mistreatment by the delivery service.


2. Ames Jackson 00221100 M Series

Ames Jackson 00221100 M Series Wheelbarrow Handles

The Ames Jackson, M Series wheelbarrow handles are perfectly designed to fit any Jackson wheelbarrows. Crafted using high-grade materials, the M series set of wheelbarrow handles look magnificent.

You will get seven pounds of tough, resilient, hardwood, heavy-duty wheelbarrow replacement handles. You won’t be able to wait to put them on your wheelbarrow.


  • The handles fit the vast majority of Jackson wheelbarrows.
  • The handles receive added durability and extra resistance due to the tough, seal coat finish.
  • The handles measure 60 inches in length by 1 1/2 inch width by 2-inch height.
  • The handles come with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • It is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for nearly all Jackson wheelbarrows.

cons with solutions

  • Sometimes, pictures online can be misleading. The handles are wooden so; you can paint them any color that you want to if you don’t like the original color.

3. Link Handles 66539 Wheelbarrow Wedge with Clear Finish, 24″ Length

 Link Handles 66539 Wheelbarrow Wedge

This is Seymour Link Handles wheelbarrow wedge with a clear finish. Every set of wheelbarrow handles need wedges for proper positioning. If you’re in need of a new wheelbarrow wedge, this is the exact one you should get.

If you need to replace your handles due to rotting or cracking wood. You then need to check your wheelbarrow wedge. Most likely, you need new wedges too. The Link wheelbarrow wedge is well-made to last long and to restore your wheelbarrow to working order.


  • Wedge does not have pre-drilled holes so you can customize it to fit perfectly.
  • Wedges are 24 inches in length.
  • Wedges are coated with a clear protective varnish to protect the wooden wedge against the varying environmental elements.

cons with solutions

  • Some complained that the holes were not pre- drilled. Most considered this a benefit, as they could personally customize the wedge their self.


4. Simply Dump It Wheelbarrow Handles SDI 1001

Simply Dump It Wheelbarrow Handles SDI1001

Simply Dump It wheelbarrow handles make maneuvering your wheelbarrow much easier and much safer. Any avid gardener or a person who love do it yourself home projects will value the benefits of the Simply Dump it Wheelbarrow Handles attachments. No more hurting your hands trying to grip and control your wheelbarrow awkwardly.

Simply Dump It Wheelbarrow Handles

You will now have a solid, secure grip while hauling or dumping a heavy load. No more splinters or cuts from the rough wooden handle. These are the perfect accessory to get the job done quick, efficiently, and with ease.


  • The installation is simple using an easy to follow instruction manual.
  • Handles constructed using a heavy duty nylon material.
  • The handles allow you to direct the wheelbarrow using the pivot point technology efficiently.
  • The nylon handles make wheelbarrow use simple and safe.
  • The handles are FEA tested for strength and durability.

cons with solutions

  • A few people complained that they do not hold on to their original wheelbarrow handles. By properly following the instruction manual, you may solve it.


5. Union Tools Handle Steel 60 Inch

union tools Wheelbarrow Handle

The Union tools 60-inch steel wheelbarrow handles are made to make moving your wheelbarrow easier. Rubber grips on the handles are securely in place so, your hands will not slip or slide. Made specifically to last for years.

Steel Wheelbarrow handles are much more durable and dependable than wooden handles. You no longer have to worry about ever replacing your wheelbarrow handles again.


  • A pair of handles made of complete steel so they are strong and won’t crack.
  • The handles come with securely placed rubber grips.
  • The handles are well painted with heavy duty gray enamel paint.
  • The handles are already pre-drilled with holes for attachment.

cons with solutions

  • A few customers complained installation was hard. I would recommend you to thoroughly read the instruction manual to make installation as simple as possible.cheap wheelbarrows


Things To Consider Before Purchasing Wheelbarrow Handles and Wedges

Before you purchase new handles or wedges for your wheelbarrow, there are a few decisions you need to make. Let us discuss here in brief:

  • What kind of material do you want (wood or metal) ?
  • Do you need both handles or one?
  • Do you need both handles and wedges?
  • What type of handle or wedge will perfectly fit on your wheelbarrow?
  • Will it make gardening easier?
  • Do you want pre-drilled holes?
  • Does it feel comfortable while holding wheelbarrow handle grip ?
  • What are the raw materials of wheelbarrow grips and wheelbarrow covers ?

These main considerations would narrow down your choices and it would be simple to make a final decision to buy wheelbarrow handles and hedges. You should also consider whether replacement parts are available on markets.


Wheelbarrow handle and hedges are an essential part of using a good wheelbarrow for gardening. Gardeners tend to use a wheelbarrow on a daily basis so you need to be certain that your wheelbarrow is in top condition which includes the handles and wedges.

A wheelbarrow lasts for decades. You want to be sure that the wheelbarrow handles last just as long. Replace the handles and wedges as soon as they crack or split. You want using a wheelbarrow to be a safe and easy job. Having the right wheelbarrow handles and wedges will ensure the job is properly done.

Let me inform, which one you are going to buy for your garden ?


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