The Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

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The flowers are one of the representations of nature that bring more joy to any room. Its shapes, colors, smells, and symbols fill the fields, gardens, and interiors with vitality and joy, which is why they have also become a must in home decoration.

In this sense, giving or buying flowers can have different meanings, but nowadays it is a detail that never fails. Who does not like to receive flowers at home? Because let’s not deceived ourselves. It’s not the same as a loved one sending you a beautiful bouquet of red roses that you buy artificial flowers to add a picturesque touch to your living room.

The Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Top 5 of the Most Beautiful Flowers

Although currently in the florists you can find the most popular and representative floral arrangements, we have collected the five most beautiful and peculiar species of flowers on the planet with the aim of leaving a little of the everyday:

1. The Crystal Flower

The Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

The diphylleia grayi, commonly known as “crystal flower” or “flower skeleton” is an original flower of China and Japan becomes transparent when wet.

Hence its name, because when it rains, it seems that it is a crystal that could break into thousands of pieces at any time. This optical effect disappears when they are dried so that they recover their usual white color.

However, the most curious thing is that for the moment botanists have not been able to discover why this loss of pigmentation with water. When it rains, you can also see the fine nerves that make up the petal skeleton of this flower.

2. Bleeding Heart

The Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Its name is Dicentra spectabilis and comes from East Asia, where it blooms in temperate climates and with some humidity. Its shape seems that of a heart from which a tear falls and that is what makes it so special.

Specifically, it is a hanging flower that reaches between two and three centimeters long. As for their colors, these can vary between red, fuchsia, and white.

These exotic flowers are very pretty, but all parts of the plant are toxic, so it is best to wash your hands immediately after handling them.

3. Bird of Paradise

The Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

In this case, we move to South Africa, where this wonderful tropical flower is found, although it is known as Ave del paraíso, scientifically it is called Strelitzia reginae.

Its shape unfolds in a fan that suggests the silhouette of a tropical bird. The petals are colored and usually surrounded by bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. You would need 25 degrees of constant temperature and many hours of sun to care for this flower as it deserves.

4. Lotus Flower

The Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

This is perhaps the best known of this top 5. The Lotus flower grows between water lilies in swampy places where it stays afloat. Although it can be found in many parts of the world (there are no less than 300 different species!).

It usually resides in China, India, Egypt, and Thailand. The petals are kept open during the day and closed during the night, and their diameter can reach up to 100 centimeters.

The roots of Lotus flowers need to roam at their ease, so they are only suitable for those lucky enough to have a garden with a pond included.

5. Dalia

The Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

The Dalia, or Dahlia pinnata, is native to Mexico, but it has been commercialized in Europe since the 18th century. It should be noted that their stems are hollow and that their petals arise around the same point.

Currently, the most common dahlias are the cactus dahlia, the decorative dahlia, and the pom-pom dahlia. However, there are more than 20,000 species and subspecies of this flower, so their colors are the most varied.

The best time for planting is spring and can reach more than one meter in height. Of course, they need a lot of suns. This bulbous plant requires an obligatory untutored, which means that you will have to prune it first to guarantee its growth. Use a specific mesh to avoid damaging the flowers!


If you are a flower lover, you will be amazed at all the extravagant and beautiful species (in equal parts) that you can find all over the planet.


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