What Are The Advantages Of Hydro Seeding?

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The Advantages Of Hydro Seeding

Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a slurry, which is a mixture of seeds, water, fiber mulch and fertilizer. The planting requires an already prepared seedbed – land that has been tilled and left bare – on which then the slurry is sprayed on.

This planting method is actually very old. It originated from Connecticut in the 40’s where it was used to plant grass on the inaccessible steep slopes that resulted from digging out road paths through hills in the area.

Currently, the companies providing this planting service, including the Hydroseeding companies in Connecticut, have rapidly improved on this early technique and made it very efficient in terms of the spraying systems as well as using 100% organic mulching, which is good for the environment. Below are some of the advantages of using this form of planting.

1. No Weeds

When you plant grass by broadcasting or sodding methods, there is almost a 100% guarantee that some weeds will pop up along as your grass germinates and grows.

However, the mulch sprayed along with the seeds in hydro mulching contains no weed seeds, which leaves only the grass to grow.

Also, the fact that the slurry covers the entire ground means that it leaves no room for other plants to grow through from the soil beneath easily. The first hint of green that appears after a few days will definitely only by your grass.

2. Faster Growth

The fiber mulch that forms a huge part of the slurry mixture acts as mulch and holds a lot of moisture around the seeds. This consistent availability of moisture boosts germination and you can have your lawn ready in as little as a month.

The dense mulching means that watering can be done a few times a day and it also shields the soil beneath from direct sunlight. This enables the soil to store its own water for a longer period of time, which also helps the grass as its roots start growing deep into the soil layer.

3. Faster to Lay Down

After preparing the seedbed, all that is required is to spray the slurry and planting is done. It is such a simple task that one person can plant a huge acreage in a single day.

Additionally, it can be easily sprayed on steep ground and inaccessible areas using planes and choppers, making it one of the easiest planting methods.

4. Controls Erosion

The bond that keeps the various elements in the slurry mixture held together not only keep the seeds in place, but also keep the soil in place by covering it fully to prevent erosion from runoff water in case it rains.

It forms an organic barrier that holds the soil until the grass grows, which then takes over from the decomposing mulching and holds the soil intact.

The Advantages Of Hydro Seeding

5. Adds Humus to the Soil

The fiber mulching that is vital to seed growth is usually made from organic matter and decomposes after some time to form humus beneath the growing grass.

This further boosts the grass growth because the once water retaining mulch turns into a rich source of nutrients to keep the grass greener and your lawn healthier.


Although it has its own disadvantages, hydroseeding is generally a success especially when it comes to grass planting. In its modern form, the slurry is usually colored with a green dye that gives it a lawn like an appearance when sprayed on the ground.

This makes it very appealing visually. This also provides a visual marker, showing you how far you have planted on the seedbed. Such minor improvements continue to make hydroseeding a very impressive planting technique.


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