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Does the thought of doing yardwork make you cringe? Sometimes it can be an unpleasant and tedious task. Even pushing a wheelbarrow around the yard is incredibly hard work. What if these simple household tasks could be hassle free? The Suncast multi-purpose cart will help you to do just that.

A lightweight cart that is easy to pull and will transport a variety of items from mulch to groceries. This item that will make your household tasks easier.

This review will give you a detailed explanation of all of the features and benefits of the Suncast lawn cart. This cart with two wheels allows for gardening and yard work to be incredibly easy to do by yourself.

It can also be used inside home. If you need an extra helping hand hauling small loads around, this one can do it.

Let us discuss some advantages, disadvantages and key features of it.



  • Minimum assembly
  • Transport loads with great ease
  • Multiple uses
  • Weather resistant
  • Can even be pulled up the stairs
  • Dependable and Durable
  • Can be utilized both inside and outside
  • Lightweight cart
  • Unstable when maneuvering on uneven surfaces
  • Go slow when pulling over bumps and unlevel surfaces to avoid something spilling out of the cart. You could just go around if possible and avoid that terrain altogether.
  • Requires strength to lift items into cart
  • Another limitation, your best bet would be to have someone help you by putting the items in the cart for you. Once in, you will have no problem transporting the items. When you reach the spot where the item is needed, simply tip the cart over or have someone lift the items out.
  • Can not transport shovels, rakes, etc.
  • These tools are just too tall and will easily fall out. The sides of the cart are not tall enough to manage these tools. You don’t want to keep picking them up every time they fall out of the cart. It would be easier to carry them by hand.

Features of Suncast LC1250D rolling lawn Cart

Top Quality Material

The Suncast cart is crafted using a durable resin construction which makes the cart virtually indestructible.

The resin material is weather resistant, able to handle freezing conditions and prolonged exposure to the hot rays of the sun. Made to withstand rain, snow, and all other conditions, it can handle the wear and tear of hauling heavy and rough objects. This cart is sturdy and durable.

Easy Maneuvering Capability

Suncast garden cart with two wheels is exceptionally easy to maneuver. It is constructed with two wheels, each made with a metal axle.

The unique design allows to stand upright and is effortless to move. The difference between having two wheels and three or four wheels is the simple fact it is easier to pull this cart instead of pushing.

The two wheels make this cart a piece of cake to wheel across any terrain. As a bonus, each wheel is constructed with a metal axle. Therefore they are tough and able to hold up against a surprising amount of pressure due to the weight you are transporting.

Exclusive Structure

The Suncast LC1250D cart’s form is different from your typical hauling device. The strong base is smaller and gets larger as it reaches the top. This enables the cart to stand upright. The vertical posture of the device is useful when loading items into the cart. The upright stance also makes for efficient storage options.

Another perk of the cart’s structure is being that the cart is the smallest at the bottom, the wheels do not stick out so, they won’t get in your way. They are perfectly aligned with the top of the cart.

suncast lawn cart review


Multi-Functional Usability

This garden cart has so many different ways to use. You really could use this cart to transport almost anything. In outdoors the Suncast garden cart with two wheels is used to haul mulch, dirt, mud, rubbish, fertilizer, bags of soil, grass clippings, leaves, etc.

Indoors, satisfied customers use it to move laundry and such. You can toss all of your kids’ little toys in it and make them wheel it to their bedroom to put their toys away. When you’re not using the cart to transport items, you can use it for storage instead. For example, fill it up with the remaining sand you still have for your son’s sandbox. When it’s time, empty it.

The cart also can be used for other purposes like washing car, tailgating or camping. Load the cart up with ice and use it as a cooler. Fill it up with water and let your dog drink out of it while at the park.

Cart Weight Limit

The cart’s capacity is 15.5 pounds.

Although you can pull more weight, light and small loads are the way to go. The cart is harder to maneuver when hauling heavier items. Only haul what is right for you.

It is suggested to keep the cart at a safe weight, do not exert extreme force to pull or push the cart; hence this is defeating the whole purpose.

Keep a safe, natural weight limit that you can easily pull. It is wonderful in carting around light, small loads.

Extended Reach

The design in which this utility cart is crafted is close to flawless. The telescopic handle ensures any users will not strain themselves. No need to bend and push causing unwanted aches and pains awkwardly.

Light as a Feather

Let’s not forget that this cart only ways a little over 6 pounds with nothing in it.

The lightness adds to the Suncast lawn carts portability. When hauling a load, you can then pick up the cart with ease to dump the materials out.

It is mind-blowing how such a small, un-heavy cart can accomplish such daunting and big tasks.

Check Details



The Suncast lawn cart comes almost assembled. You may have to adjust the length of the telescopic handle to fit your preference.

You adjust the handle to the position that is most comfortable for you. Assembly is no more than using a couple of screws and all together takes under two minutes.

To Whom It is Made?

The Suncast LC1250D rolling lawn cart is made for people who want a helping hand doing simple household chores both inside and outside. The cart and telescopic handle allow people not to have to bend over causing unwanted aches and pains.

The cart allows carrying outside substances easier for gardeners, builders, landscapers, and so on. Moms and seniors love using the cart for bringing in groceries from the store all in one trip. Even using the cart to move their laundry without having to carry large, heavy laundry baskets or hampers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. If I have a light load, the cart seems to tip spilling the contents, any solutions easily?

A. Place a brick or heavy item in the bottom of the cart; it will keep the cart standing upright.

Q. Will I be able to mix concrete or other materials in the cart?

A. Mixing concrete one bag at a time is possible. Although this task would be difficult due to the bottom of the cart being smaller; it would make it awkward to stir or mix the matter.

Q. Is there any reason the cart should not be stored or used in the house, such as the smell of the resin construction material or the wheels leaving black marks on the floor?

A. The Suncast cart can be used indoors. No marks will be left by the wheels unless you pull it through mud or something else outside.

It would be best to have more than one cart if doing that, one for outdoors and one specifically for use in the house. The durable resin construction has no odor. There is no need to worry about any unpleasant or hazardous fumes.

Final Verdict

The Suncast LC1250D multipurpose lawn cart is perfect for making even the simplest tasks much easier. It delivers as promised, able to transport various items with ease. Outdoor labor seems effortless due to the ease of maneuvering the rolling cart as long as it doesn’t tip over.

This cart is highly suggested for daily use doing simple everyday duties. Chores inside and outside will no longer be unnecessary hard labor. The Suncast lawn cart is an essential item that every gardener and homeowner need to have.


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