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How To Buy Garden Cart: Ultimate Buying Guide for gardeners

Is digging deep into the soft texture of garden soil makes your soul happy?

Then you must need a perfect tool for your outdoor work around your home garden or lawn. From mulching to general cleanup, a garden cart is a professional choice for smoothly handling your daily garden tasks without facing any hassle.

Daily gardening chores such as weeding, mulching, watering and trellising required a lot of gardening tools. So a perfect size garden cart is a must have for every gardener as it can instantly proliferate your gardening experience.

These simple looking garden carts come in medium size but hold great capacity to knock out the arduous task. You can get more done in your beautiful garden with a light-weighted cart that provides superior quality, value, and performance.

So don’t compromise and read these useful guidance tips for buying your garden cart.

Why do you consider buying a garden cart?

If you are a true gardener, then you must keep the best garden cart for moving things around your garden. Instead of carrying handy and useful things by hand and making frequent to and fro trips many times, it is beneficial to use a garden cart.

buy garden cart

It will allow you to transfer bulky things from one spot to another with great ease without causing an unnecessary fuss.

Here is a quick rundown of some daily gardening things that will trigger your mind to buy a garden cart:

  • ​Bringing in wood, rocks, flower pots, or other garden decoration items.
  • ​Bringing the variety of heavy garden equipment and effortlessly moving them.
  • ​Carrying large watering equipment like water can.
  • ​Collecting and clearing up the fallen garden leaves and debris.
  • Bringing new and fresh soil into your home garden.

What to Look for in Garden Cart?

With many models of carts flooded the market, it can be very hard to choose the right kind of cart that can perfectly complete your requirements.

Whether you are looking for a simple garden cart for the day to day use or a heavy duty cart to cope with heavy gardening equipment, you must consider few things before buying it.

Here is a handy checklist of few things to take into account before making a choice:

How big is the weight of your load?

Determine the weight load of the things that you will be moving on the regular basis. Are you going to deal with heavy and dense bricks or just moving light garden waste? Considering these types of questions before going to shop a garden cart, can help you a lot to narrow down your options.

Also keep in mind to select the one that can provide you the option to carry little more than your current heaviest load expectations, without splurging on more cart than you need.

Pneumatic or Plastic Tires

If you are going to use your cart for carrying the small load, then go for the cart with plastic tires. Plastic tires are puncture-proof and thus provides stability on the rocky terrains that may be in the driveway of the yard.

One the other hand, the pneumatic tires is specially designed to haul heavy loads over gravel. These tiers are made of reinforced rubber that allows them to absorb the shocks of moving over rough terrain.

Bed Construction

The construction of the garden cart matters a lot as it allows you to determine whether you can rely on it for an extended period or not. The three types of bed constructions in garden cart include steel bed construction, plastic bed, and polyethylene bed.

Garden carts with steel construction make the strongest garden carts as they can withstand heavy use but remain susceptible to rust.

Plastic bed construction is lighter the steel that makes the garden cart easier to pull. However, these types of carts are durable and weather-resistant, but they pose a risk of cracking over time.

Polyethylene bed construction makes the cart highly durable as well as scratch and dent resistant. These types of carts can also easily stand up better in inclement weather.

Above all, make sure to add your specific concerns on this list. Also, try to ensure that you don’t skimp on cost or load bearing features while buying a garden cart. 

BTW, check here are some garden cart reviews ​on most renowned brands.  


Best Leaf Blowers Buying Guide in 2017-2018

Are you the owner of a Garden or Yard? If yes, You will know the role of a Leaf Blower at your garden. Falling of leaves, debris and other dust particles will give an unpleasant look to your garden; you can make your garden look lovely and neat by adapting the right type of leaf blower, which helps you to get rid of the unwanted leaves and other dirts.

Leaf Blowers buying Guide 

Why Leaf Blowers?

Leaf Blowers are the great investment for your garden, especially if you do have a large garden which is surrounded by a lot of trees like beech, aspen, maple, poplar, oak, willow, etc. Leaf blowers help you to detach and assemble the fallen leaves from your pathways and garden within a limited period.


Helps in vacuuming up the fallen leaves and grass clippings from your garden, displaces tangled grass, clear out farming equipment, rain gutters, garages and other particles within minutes. Apart from leaf blowers, you can remove/dump garden waste by using best folding wheelbarrow.

Few Questions to Ask Yourself before Choosing Leaf Blowers

It's important that you know everything regarding our garden, pathway or yard to purchase the perfect leaf blowers or garden vacuum.This is where more powerful solutions like power washers fail.

Know what you are going to clear in the garden or yard, how big is the size of your garden, How much capacity of power and noise your garden will be able to handle, what is the weight of the leaf blowers you are going to choose, you will need a leaf blower or a vacuum or the leaf blower with both functions before purchasing the one.

Why Choosing the Right type of Leaf Blower for your Garden is Important?

leaf blower buying guide

leaf blower buying guide

Having the right type of leaf blower for your garden is mandatory. Certain leaf blowers cannot be used in every garden, so being careful while choosing the best leaf blower.  In this leaf blowers buying guide post, I would like to share  some tips through which you can choose the right type with ease.

Five different types of leaf blowers are available in the market namely, Corded, Cordless, Gas Powered/Backpack, Gas Powered Handheld and Walk behind Leaf Blower/Wheeled Leaf Blowers.

Each of them can be used at the particular place and also can be used for various purposes. Know for what purpose you are going to get this leaf blower for before grabbing a one for you.

Analyzing the Weight of the Leaf Blowers


Leaf Blowers comes in heavy and light weighted; you need to know the chore level of your garden and then choose the one that is apt to use. First, know the type you are going to choose, backpack (gas powered) or wheeled/walk behind for larger ones and handheld or corded for smaller gardens.

Checking Out the Battery Power of the Leaf Blowers

Depending on your garden size, you need to choose the leaf blowers battery power, if you have a large battery then charging the battery is must for the enlarged use, the smaller garden requires only one battery.

The power of the battery is calculated as voltage; large batteries have the power capacity between 40 and 58 volts whereas normal or smaller batteries have the power level up to 20 volts.

The capacity is calculated by the running time, if the capacity is greater, the running time would be also longer.

A Smaller garden requires about 1.5 to 2.0 battery capacity whereas medium or large yards will require a battery with high power. If you need to perform any vacuuming or blowing, it's good to purchase an extra battery.

Noting down the Noise Level produced by the Leaf Blowers


Leaf Blowers has many positives; the only negative is that they are the noisemakers if your garden is of small size, then the noise made by the leaf blowers will be reduced when compared to the larger yards.

Choosing the Leaf Blowers with Easy Switching

It's mandatory that you choose the leaf blower that can be easily switched to blower from vacuum.

Collection Bag and Blowing Speed

Most of the leaf blowers come with a collection bag for collecting this debris, leaves and other particles in your garden. Choose the one that is not much bulk so that you dump out the debris and other particles quickly. Also, note down whether the blowing speed suits your garden size.


Most of the gardeners would have a lawn sweeper or leaf blowers for keeping their garden clean and look good.

Are you still not having a leaf blower for your garden to stay away from the fallen leaves and debris? Then this is the right time to purchase a new and apt leaf blower depending upon the above characteristics. In this leaf blowers buying guide article, I hope you have got all related information. 

Feel free to share it. ​

how to choose a garden cart for gardening

Things to Consider Before Buying a Garden Cart

​A garden cart is a very important tool in gardening. It help a gardener to move/haul dead leaves, wood and many others objects. Now a days, a garden cart also used for home and outdoor purpose. In this article, I have discussed some major considerations while buying a garden carts. 


Before purchasing a garden cart, it would be best to assess if its capacity is perfectly suitable for your needs. In addition, it is most ideal if the garden cart has a big capacity so that you can load more objects into it.

best garden cart in 2017


The garden cart’s space/size is as highly important as its capacity. If you are mostly loading and moving liquid or semi-liquid gardening materials, it is best to purchase a garden cart with a vertical or pail-like structure.

On the other hand, if you are mostly loading and moving solid gardening objects and equipment, a large horizontal cart structure would be best for you.


The garden cart’s built/construction matters for you to determine if you can reliably use it for an extended period. Garden carts with metal trays are stronger, but they can be highly susceptible to rust and weathering.

Plastic trays are durable and weather-resistant, but not as durable as metal trays. Furthermore, garden carts with a fabric support are highly multi-purposes, lasting and weather-resistant, but they are not as durable as garden carts with metal trays. All of these have advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to assess which one for you is the best to use.

quest folding wagon best garden cart


A garden cart’s tires can be pneumatic or solid. Pneumatic tires provide more stability when you pass the garden cart through rocky terrains, but it is susceptible to puncture. On the other hand, solid tires are puncture-proof, but they do not provide stability on rocky terrains.

Thus, it is best to determine where you are mostly going to use the garden cart so that you can assess if its tires are ideal for it.

vertex international super duty garden cart

Multi-functional capability

There are garden carts that offer additional features such as extra side pockets, insulated coolers, removable bag or beverage holders. Thus, it is best to purchase a garden cart that offers multi-functional benefits that make your work lighter and easier.

Other Considerations


The best-rated garden carts in the market are usually priced at a higher value because they have a bigger capacity and a stronger built. However, there are also garden carts that are reliable to use and have an adequate capacity, but not as expensive as other garden carts.

Thus, it is always better to assess on where your garden cart needs fall between these two, so that you can make a decision on what garden cart to purchase.

Ground Clearance

The clearance between the base of a garden cart and the land surface must be good enough not to damage the garden cart. Thus, even though this consideration is not placed in a high regard, this also matters to ensure you can use your garden cart for a long period.


Color adds light to live, and this too is applicable when choosing a garden cart. It would be better to do the work if your garden cart has an attractive color, right? Thus, psychologically, this consideration makes loading and moving work lighter.


I have discussed all the consideration to choose the best garden cart. Tell me any other point which I could add in this guideline.    ​

Gerdeners guide to choose a dump cart for garden


A dump cart is very essential element for gardening. It help a gardener in many ways. It help in moving hauling heavy dirt, compost, sand, broken bricks, concrete, mulch, gravel, dead leaves and plants. 

It is very important to choose a best dump cart for garden. Here I have discussed some main factors that to be considered.

Let's start !

1-How Big Is Your Load?

Determining how much weight you will be transporting on a regular basis can help narrow down your options. When selecting a cart, be sure to select one that will support a little more than your heaviest load. You want to be sure to give yourself the option in the future to move a larger load if needed, without splurging on more cart than you need.

Polar Trailer 8376 Utility Cart

2- Determine Your Terrain

When selecting a cart, you want to choose one that has proper tires to fit the type of land you will be using it on. For instance, pneumatic tires are filled with air and make it easy to move over uneven areas without getting stuck.

agri fab dump cart amazon

Perhaps you will be moving over terrain that is rough and jagged, ribbed; rubber tires might work better for you. Finally, if you will primarily be using your wagon over hills, a model with spoked wheels could be your best option.

3- Determine Where you Will Be Using Your Garden Cart

Anticipating where you will spend most of the time using your garden dump cart can help pinpoint the best features to meet your needs. For instance, if you plan on using your cart at one location for extra large loads, purchasing a heavier model will be your best option.

Polar Trailer 8376 Utility Cart

Similarly, if you need to use in at work and home, or plan on traveling with it, then you should choose one that weighs less and is designed to be compact and foldable.

4- Hitch or No Hitch?

If you think you may use your garden dump cart to attach to an ATV or tractor, then look for models that have the option to attach to a hitch. This feature can really streamline the landscaping process.

Many consumers don't even know this option exists and may miss out on a garden dump cart that offers this bonus feature.It is more cost efficient to account for this need before purchasing since you won't be able to add it on after you have bought it.

5- Unloading

Many garden dump carts have different options in terms of unloading your supplies. Some come with a release mechanism in the handle for easier dumping. Other models keep it simple with a tip and dump design. There is also the wheelbarrow style, which is a very hands-on style of unloading. Gorilla dump carts is best among all brands. 

6- Weatherproof

Another option to optimize your garden dump cart will depend on the extremities in which you will be using your cart.

For instance, if your garden dump cart will be exposed to rain and snow, make sure that the cart comes with a rustproof bed and wheels. Many carts come with a polyethylene finish to meet those needs. Similarly, if you will be using your cart in the snow make sure it has the correct type of tires, to prevent rusting.


* Make sure to take into account all of the people who will be using the cart in your family or workplace. Some of the more heavy duty carts can weigh a lot and could be too difficult for some to use.

* Take into consideration the dimensions of your garden cart. If you frequently need to move your cart through doorways, make sure the measurements will work for you to prevent snagging of the wheels or getting stuck.

best garden dump cart in 2017

*Anticipate assembly! Nearly all garden dump carts require assembly. Not everyone is mechanically inclined and may need to prepare themselves to allow for a low-stress build. It is imperative to do a quick read of the instructions before building any product, rushing right into it without the insight of the following steps can cause people to lose pieces, or use them incorrectly. Similarly, be prepared to use a wrench, a wretched set, and a screwdriver with possibly backup washers. Ina perfect world you probably could go without them, but being prepared makes assembly stress free. When in doubt watch a youtube video before building to get a better visual.

14 considerations to buy wheelbarrow: The Ultimate Guide for gardeners

As you know that wheelbarrow is an important element tool for gardening, let us discuss some considerations to buy wheelbarrow. There are different types of wheelbarrow in market. It is very crucial to choose a right that perfectly fulfill your demand. 

I have discussed the following key considerations to buy wheelbarrow. Let's start. ​

wheelbarrow fun

14 major Considerations to buy Wheelbarrow

1. Tub area/capacity

buy wheelbarrow

The tub area/capacity of wheelbarrows varies from one product to another. Thus, if you are looking for a wheelbarrow to load and move large objects, it is always ideal to opt for one that has a larger tub area/capacity.

2. Loading capacity of the wheelbarrow

Some wheel barrows have a larger capacity than others of its kind. Thus, before purchasing a wheelbarrow, assess it first if its capacity fits your primary purpose of using the wheelbarrow.

buy wheelbarrow

Some wheelbarrow has an excellent center of gravity that reduces load for you. By using these type of wheelbarrow, you can save your back. 

buy wheelbarrow

3. Assembling

In choosing a wheelbarrow, it is important that it is convenient and hassle-free to assemble. Thus, before purchasing a wheel barrow, it is wiser to know beforehand if it is easy to join so that you can save a lot of effort and time in the process. 

Some wheelbarrow need additional person to assemble it. While some other wheelbarrows do not need help of others. 

For assemble, manufacturer my send/ship a printed document along with wheelbarrow. Additionally, you can always download a PDF assembling file from manufacturer web site.  ​

4. Storage of wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows tend to be big and bulky to store, and this can be a problem to users with little space left in the household. However, some of those have easy-to-store features because it can be foldable or convertible. Thus, before purchasing a wheelbarrow, it is better to assess first if it has this kind of easy storage features. 

buy wheelbarrow

5. Multi-functional facility

Some wheelbarrows have a multi-functional facility. This means that the wheelbarrow is not just good for wheelbarrow use, but has better loading and moving features such as a potted plant mover or a cylinder holder. In choosing a wheel barrow, keep an eye if it has a multi-functional facility, to make the whole purchase worth the price.

6. Primary use

In buying a wheelbarrow, it is important if you assess first on where you will primarily use it. Are you going to use it for home, agricultural, commercial or for contracting use? With the wide array of wheelbarrows available in the market, it is important to choose the best garden wheelbarrow that will perfectly suit your use.

For example, if you are looking for a garden wheelbarrow, then marathon wheelbarrow is perfect for you.

If you need heavy duty, contractor grade wheelbarrow then Jackson wheelbarrow would be right choice for you. ​

jackson wheelbarrow review

7. Tub material

The tub of a wheelbarrow is usually made of steel or plastic/poly. Mostly, steel tubs are more durable than plastic/poly tubs. However, there are also plastic/poly tubs that are strong but limited to home use. Thus, it is a must to check if the tub is well-made and of the highest quality since it is where you will place your loads.

8. Number of wheels

Wheelbarrows can be one-wheeled, two-wheeled, three-wheeled or four-wheeled. Mostly, wheelbarrows with four wheels provide a better load stability, but are hard to maneuver in narrow areas and corners.

buy wheelbarrow

On the other hand, some wheelbarrows might have lesser wheels but supported with braces to provide the same stability as a four-wheel wheelbarrow, and can be easily maneuvered around narrow areas and concerns. Thus, it is important to consider the wheelbarrow’s wheels especially on where you intend to use it mostly.

9. Tires type

Wheelbarrows can have pneumatic or airless tires. Pneumatic tires require regular inflation, while airless tires do not need regular inflation and require less to no maintenance. Thus, it would be ideal if the wheelbarrow you intend to purchase has airless tires.


10. Handle

Since the handle is the steering wheel of a wheelbarrow, it is important that it provides an easy wheelbarrow move, and you can comfortably grip on it. It would be ideal if the handle of the wheelbarrow you intend to purchase has a cushioned grip handle for you to handle the wheelbarrow comfortably. 

Some wheelbarrow may have cushioned grip handle, while some others have polished wooden handle. ​You can a details post on wheelbarrow handles.  

11. User-friendliness

It is important that the wheelbarrow you are going to purchase is user-friendly.

Make sure that the wheelbarrow is fit for your use, and its size is perfect for your height to avoid back aches. In addition, it is important that no matter how heavy the load is inside the tub, you can still effortlessly move the wheelbarrow.

buy wheelbarrow

12. Colour

It is better if you like the color of your wheelbarrow, right? Psychologically, a wheelbarrow that has an attractive color will motivate you during loading and move jobs. Thus, it would be better if the wheelbarrow you are going to purchase is available in different attractive colors, or if possible, available in the favorite color you want.

13. Ground clearance

Lifetime wheelbarrow

If you are going to use the wheelbarrow on unpaved roads, check if the clearance or gap between the base of the tub and the ground is sufficient enough to avoid scratching the wheelbarrow’s tub and causing further damage.

14. Price

Wheelbarrows tend to be quite expensive. Thus, it is important to check if the price of the wheelbarrow is just right for the features it has. If you are looking for some cheap wheelbarrow to buy, click here

​Conclusion: Buy wheelbarrow for garden and home

I have discussed all the major criteria to buy wheelbarrow. I hope that you have got some idea about wheelbarrow. 

Additionally, read this article to get detailed information on top 05 wheelbarrows. You can easily select the best wheelbarrow from that list. ​