One Awesome Fact About Termites

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One Awesome Fact About Termites

One Awesome Fact About Termites: It is difficult to pin facts about the termites into one awesome fact, however, there are a lot of things to learn about the termites that might help you know what you are dealing with.

Termites have been in existence for over 250 million years. They are a large group of insects, and there are 2600 known species of termites.

They are common household pests all over the world, but they prefer the tropical regions and the subtropical regions. Termites cannot survive on low outer temperatures, so they steer clear from the Polar Regions.

Even though termites are dangerous insects that can ruin any structure so long it is moist and made of wood, and they are valuable ecologically; termites decompose a large amount of decaying plant materials.

If you notice termite activities around your home, it is essential to call a professional termite control operator as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the structure.

Other Facts about the Termite

Termites are social insects; they live in colonies, which are made up of semi-mature young termites (nymph) reproductive males and females, workers, and soldiers.

Although they look like ants, they are closer to the cockroaches. Termites build their colonies with mounds, and the most massive known mound was like a two-storey building.

Surprisingly, the mound is a stable and strong structure made of mud, digested woods, saliva, and soil. The workers are in charge of building and maintaining the mounds.

While the soldiers… you guessed it, protect the colony. When they feel threatened, the soldiers shake the mound, which produces vibration to alert the other termites inside the mound.

However, the soldiers and workers termites have poor vision, they do are not entirely blind, but they manage to spend the whole life in the dark.

Here is one fascinating fact about termites, though the soldiers and the workers are blind, the kings and queens can see because they both need to find their partners. Furthermore, the queen lives between 15 and 25 years.

She also lays one egg every 15 seconds making it 30, 000 eggs per day! No wonder termites are numerous because of the fast reproduction, and large mounds can host over 3 million termites.

In addition, termites are numerous because of the rapid reproduction.  A study shows that with each human on the planet comes 1000 of termites. The 1000 pounds is a weight of an adult cow.

Besides, Termites eat both live and decaying wood; they also eat fungus, which lives on the decaying plants or trees.

However, they cannot digest cellulose from the wood without the help of intestinal microorganisms. More than 100 species of protozoa and bacteria live inside the guts of termites, and they help them in food digestion.

It is not always the case; young termites do not have these bacteria and protozoa. As they eat the feces of other termites, they equip their intestine with the needed number of bacteria and protozoa.

The symbiosis is the tight interaction between termites, the microorganism is called symbiosis, and it is beneficial for all others.

Unfortunately, termites are preyed by a lot of such as different animals like aardvark, aardvark, echinacea, pangolin, small birds, large birds, and some people in some parts of the world also eat termites.

Furthermore, even though termites may possess unique qualities, we can all agree that they can turn your beautiful home into ruins.

The last thing any homeowner wants is termite infestation; this is more reason you need the best termite control operator near you for regular inspections or termites extermination especially when you are living in termite-infested area.


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