Modern Christmas Table Settings Ideas

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“Will you like it? Will I be successful? Will it be worth it?” Finding the right gifts can become a complicated task, but make no mistake … it is not the only concern that Christmas brings.

It is true that it is the most familiar and endearing dates of the year, there are many things that must be prepared so that everything goes perfectly and as expected: from a good banquet full of delights for all tastes to a decoration according to what is celebrated.

In this sense, florists can be of great help if you are thinking of making a Christmas flower center so that your table is ideal. This way your relatives will not be able to find the criticism no matter how much they try to look for it to make you angry as host.

Modern Christmas Table Settings Ideas

How to Make a Christmas Flower Center

You do not have to be an expert in decoration to achieve a flower center that decorates the table in an original way. Here we offer you five easy ideas to elaborate.

1. Flower Easter

One of the most typical floral symbols of Christmas is the poinsettia, Christmas flower or also known as the Inca crown and poinsettia, among other nomenclatures. The plant is usually presented in its pot to decorate a specific area of the house, but it could also be beautiful if you take a few flowers and combine them with red balls, cloth ties, pine twigs, and other Christmas figures so that you have a center simple and classic, but more according to the date … impossible.

Modern Christmas Table Settings Ideas

On the other hand, surely some other year this type of flowers have not lasted beyond the festive period. Do not worry! Preserving the poinsettia can be complicated, but you can find numerous gardening tricks, as well as

2. Mistletoe and Holly

Another Christmas classic is the holly and the mistletoe, which as Interflora explains, are considered elements of good luck, especially in the French and Anglo-Saxon tradition. Normally its twigs and leaves are used to decorate the doors and pictures, but if you know how to combine it you can also keep a very nice flower center for your guests’ table.

Modern Christmas Table Settings Ideas

Buy the items separately and get a wicker basket so you can place the quantities to your liking so that you see the base mistletoe with the leaves and holly fruits in Christmas forms.

You can choose a classic basket or give the wicker star shape, bell, ribbon … everything depends on your imagination and the skill you have with the crafts. If not, you can always choose to look for a basket with the shape made so you only have to worry about filling it.

Mistletoe and holly are very easy to combine in a wicker basket. You can also add a candle as in this proposal by Fiore Bilbao.

3. Pinecones of the Pines

Another alternative could be to buy a few pineapples and decorate them yourself to make a more elaborate and original center.  You can paint them in colors and give them a layer of varnish to improve the finish. Then, from sticking pieces of tinsel to spraying them with the glitter of different colors. Do not hesitate to combine them with pine twigs and the occasional holly fruit to give it a more Christmas touch!

Modern Christmas Table Settings Ideas

4. Candles

In the event that you are a person who flees from the Christmas topics and the colors that represent it (red, gold, green …), you can always use other color ranges with candelabra candles, table candles and fresh colored flowers that give a festive atmosphere to the table without falling into traditional centers.

It is not obligatory that the Christmas colors flood your home if you prefer, use colorful flowers with table and candlestick candles to decorate the table to your style.

5. Monochromatic

On the other hand, if you are a lover of uniformity and do not like to combine colors, you can choose a monochromatic flower center. The most elegant and appropriate tones for the time are the silver, gold, red and white. Choose a tone and get flowers, candles, cutting ties and Christmas balls of the same tone to create your most sober center according to your Christmas tree and the rest of your home decorations.

Modern Christmas Table Settings Ideas

You decide what color to decorate your table. Of course, in the case of opting for the gold will have to buy yellow flowers to not out of tune.

Now that you have the decoration keys that you needed, your guests’ table will not go unnoticed. Dare with the flower center that most closely matches your tastes and you will be ready to start the celebrations.


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