Marathon Wheelbarrow Reviews : Cheap Yard Rover for Gardeners

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When it comes to yard work, lugging around dirt or firewood by hand can be a time-consuming challenge. However, with the aid of a sturdy, reliable wheelbarrow, both the amount of labor and the amount of time taken up can be cut in half.

Whether you’re planting a garden or transporting heavy loads from one end of the yard to the other, I advise you to look into Marathon’s products. Marathon is a company with loads of products to choose from, and although variety is good, it might get overwhelming for you.

To make your hunt for the perfect garden tool a little easier, I’m here to introduce you to one of the best wheelbarrows for garden on the market.

With this Marathon wheelbarrow review, you’ll have a reliable guide to show you all the key features, pros and cons of this garden tool before you buy it. marathon wheelbarrow

Pros : Marathon wheelbarrow

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Resistant to rust and other decay associated with metal
  • Steady and non-wobbly due to its two front wheels
  • Cushioned handle to protect your hands
  • Can hold hefty loads (up to approximately 250 lbs. according to some buyers)
  • Dual wheels to keep it steady and to make it easier to maneuver
  • Very easy to use, especially in a residential setting
  • More affordable than its competitors and just as efficient


Cons : Marathon Wheelbarrow

  • The plastic tray can easily bend or dent
  • Tires are susceptible to damage and may need to be repaired or replaced
  • Isn’t built for mixing concrete; only for carrying loads
  • Heavy use may loosen the nuts and bolts that hold it together
  • The tools needed to assemble the wheelbarrow are not included.

Core Features of Marathon Yard Rover

Cheap Wheelbarrow

The foremost and most lucrative feature of marathon wheelbarrow is its price. The price of most wheelbarrows is over 100 Doller on an average. But this one offers an attractive price below the avarage price.

However, marathon industries did not compromise with quality. Hundreds of customers confirmed that it lasts long.

Built to be Strong

Made of rust-resistant plastic material, this Marathon wheelbarrow will be able to stand even the toughest of outdoor conditions. Unlike a metal wheelbarrow, it will always be protected from rust and saved from decay for a long time to come. Also, the plastic barrow itself is five cubic feet in size, leaving lots of room for you to fill it up.

However, because it is made of plastic, this wheelbarrow is more susceptible to denting or expanding while is use. As for its handle, it’s made of strong steel that can handle the weight of both the barrow itself and the loads it’s carrying for you.

Additionally, the handle is softly cushioned so that you don’t have to worry about blisters or sores from lifting it or using it for extended periods of time.

Balanced Wheels

Most wheelbarrows feature one wheel in the front and two in the back below the handle or handles. Although this is considered the traditional style of most wheelbarrows, it may not be the best, as having only one wheel in the front can make it wobbly and hard to keep upright while you’re using it.

As Marathon’s best wheelbarrow, this tool defies the idea of the traditional wheelbarrow and is constructed with balanced wheels to keep it from tipping or rocking while it’s being moved.

With two wheels in the front and two bars in the back to hold it in place when it’s not being used, this wheelbarrow is a breeze for you to maneuver.

Thick Tires

The wheelbarrow itself rides around on two rubber tires that you’ll need to inflate manually with a tire pump. Although its tires are thick and able to steady the entire wheelbarrow and its load, Marathon wheelbarrow tires aren’t always considered the absolute best on the market. It is considered “indestructible” tire in market.

A Variety of Colors


marathon pink wheelbarrow review


marathon wheelbarrow wheelbarrow


marathon wheelbarrow review

One of the biggest features of this Marathon wheelbarrow is that it comes in three different colors. Tired of the boring old standard colors or metals of most wheelbarrows? No problem!

With Marathon’s Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow, you have the choices of three colors: green, pink, and ladybug red.

Are you looking for a standard, non-noticeable wheelbarrow? Green might be the right choice for you.

Are you looking for something more lady-like or something well-suited for a special woman in your life? The pink wheelbarrow may be the choice for you.

Or are you looking for a wheelbarrow that’s vibrant but general? Then perhaps red may be the perfect color for you!


Recently, Marathon Ind has launched a new model of wheelbarrow. The newer version is marathon 70015 5 cubic feet green poly wheelbarrow . This new model is heavier than all previous models. Have a look below !

marathon green wheelbarrow

You have three different colors to choose from when buying this wheelbarrow.

Light and Easy to Handle

An additional feature of the Marathon yard rover is that it’s lightweight, making it even easier to move around and use.

At just 33 pounds, this wheelbarrow is very easy to lift and wheel around and despite it being so light, it is still fully capable of efficiently getting the job done. Plus, due to its light size, it won’t be hard to bring the box that comes in inside once it’s delivered.

marathon wheelbarrow

This light sized paired with its sturdy wheels makes this Marathon wheelbarrow an easy-to-use yard work powerhouse. With this wheelbarrow, you’ll be able to get plenty of yard work done without having to worry if you’re strong enough to move it.

Your Load Won’t Spill Over

Wheelbarrows with only a single wheel are prone to wobbling and tipping over, and they can prove to be very hard to keep steady. As a result, your tipping wheelbarrow could start spilling its load all over the yard as you move it.

With Marathon’s yard rover, you won’t have to worry about this. With two wheels in the front, this wheelbarrow stays upright and steady no matter the size of the load, and due to it having such thick rubber tires, it can handle many different terrains without spilling over and making a mess. Even if it’s being moved over a rocky and bumpy terrain, the dual wheels will keep it steady.

It has much more stability than the average wheelbarrow, and with this Marathon yard rover, you won’t have to worry about it tipping over and its load falling out.

Key Specification of Marathon wheelbarrow

Model number70015
Dimension35 x 16 x 14
Tub Area05 cu. foot
Tub MaterialPlastic
Item weight33 Pounds
Loading capacity300 pound
Tire TypePneumatic
Tire size13 Inches
PSI Maximum 25



Due to its size, Marathon’s yard rover is delivered to your doorstep in parts. Assembling your garden tool might seem overwhelming, but there’s no need to worry!

You’ll be able to put it together in only 10-25 minutes total without the aid of another person.

On top of that, Marathon’s land rover has 33% fewer parts than other self-assembly wheelbarrows. All that’s required to put it together is eight bolts, all of which are included with the wheelbarrow itself. You can tighten up the bolts by using best screwdriver set. It would ensure proper functioning of wheelbarrow.

All you need to do is secure a few bolts and then your brand new wheel barrow is ready to roll! If you’re having difficulty with assembly on your own, Marathon Industries is available to provide any help needed.

Download a pdf file on assembling

Watch this video and know how to assemble this yard rover.

To whom it is made:

One of the best things about Marathon wheelbarrow that it’s built for anyone to use, including you! Whether you’re planting your first garden or looking for more tools to help expand upon tons of yard work, Marathon Industries built this wheelbarrow with every consumer in mind, especially for residential uses.

In fact, this is considered the best wheelbarrow for residential use. Built lightweight and easy to maneuver, this wheelbarrow was made for the common homeowner, and it’s built to handle not only light loads but also heavy ones too.

However, due to it being made for residential uses, this wheelbarrow may not be the best for heavy construction.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q. Is the plastic tray easily broken or cracked, especially in colder temperatures? A. Marathon’s Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow is built to be strong, and it’s very resistant to cracks. However, it may bend under the stress of a heavy load, especially when the said load is being dumped.

Q. What is the distance between the wheels? A. Approximately 26″.

Q. I’m having trouble with instructions/I didn’t receive instructions with my wheelbarrow. What should I do? A. Call Marathon industries directly by visiting their website. The staff there will help you assemble your new garden tool and give you any information you need.

Q. Can this wheelbarrow haul animal manure? A. Yes, it can.

Q. Do the tires need to be replaced? A. Although it’s possible, it’s very unlikely that they will need to be replaced. Marathon wheelbarrow tires are made of thick rubber and built to handle heavy loads. The tires do, however, need to be periodically refilled with air through a pump.

Q. Will the tray crack if used during freezing temperatures? A. Nope! Although the wheelbarrow may bend under the weight of its loads, it will not break if you used it in colder weather.

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marathon pink wheelbarrow review

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the best wheelbarrow you can find without hurting your budget, Marathon’s dual-wheel yard rover may be a perfect choice. Although susceptible to being bent or loose bolts, this wheelbarrow is built to be lightweight and easy to handle, even for someone who’s never used one before.

It’s steady on its wheels and doesn’t wobble, and you won’t have to worry about blisters or sores due to its cushioned handle. Despite being lightweight and easy to assemble, this wheelbarrow can hold up to 250 lbs., and it’s also resistant to rusting.

Wheelbarrows with this many specs are often outrageously expensive; however, the Marathon wheelbarrow is both affordable and highly efficient.

Hopefully, this Marathon wheelbarrow review has shown you that, if you’re searching for a new wheelbarrow that isn’t expensive but still effective, then you should look no further than this product.


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