How to Maintain a Weed Wacker?

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How to Maintain a Weed Wacker? In this world of high tech devices and all of the latest technologies provided at our fingertips, much of the devices are invented for making the lives of humans far easier and comfortable.

From computer oriented devices to field ones, each sector has all of the latest devices being used. This, in turn, makes the human efforts at a minimal rate and greater amount of work can be done.

Thus, with such inventions, the Weed Wacker is a great tool for whacking out the unnecessary grass and weeds which create a sense of disruptions on the ground surface.

Besides their marvelous uses, there is still one thing which has to be taken into a serious consideration. Yes, it is the Maintenance of this Weed Trimmer. For an effective running of this device, it is absolutely necessary to look after it from time to time.

Making things a lot easier for you, here are the must-to-do things to maintain your weed wacker.

Maintain a Weed Wacker

What you will need for this:

  • Gloves
  • Brush


  • Trimmer Line
  • Dish Detergent
  • Engine Oil

Follow the following steps for an effective maintenance of your weed wacker

Safety First

Before you choose to perform any trimmer maintenance, safety should be the very first option which should come to your mind. For this, there are few points which you should take into deep consideration.

Use any Rubber Material- With Weed Wacker being an electric device, electric currents can generate from anywhere and can prove to be disastrous to your health. Rubbers are said to be the number one material which can resist even the strongest electric shocks. Thus, it is highly mandatory to use rubber material when you start your maintenance process.

Make sure that the Power is Off- Going for maintenance with the power on can be detrimental to your health and at the same time life-threatening. Hence, it is highly advised to see to It that the power button is off. For further safety and assurance, you can remove the plug itself from the socket.

Empty the Gas tank- We never know which kind of compound chemical mixtures will be found after its reaction from the weed wacker gas. Thus, it is advisable to empty the gas tank thoroughly for maximum safety purposes.

Maintain a Weed Wacker


Cleaning has been a vital part of every devices maintenance and the same goes with the weed wacker too. For this process, you can simply use water and some high-quality detergent.

For performing the cleaning process, mix the dish detergent with water and clean off any grease which could have accumulated on the surface of the weed trimmer.

Also, this mixture does a great amount of work in removing of any dirt or debris. For an effective cleaning, you can use any kind of thick brush which will accompany you in this cleaning process.

Replacing the String

For the maintenance of the weed wacker, strings are bound to be replaced for an effective and efficient working. With weed wackers having much of a complex mechanism of working, the strings also have their work life and which is the main reason for their failure. But, not to worry, you can get a new string and fit in to regain that speed which you desire from your weed wacker.

Some essential steps in replacing the String

  • Remove the disk from its exact position.
  • Dispose of any other string which is left behind.
  • Insert a new string into the weed wacker mechanism
  • At last, replace the air filter after every 90 days based on its condition and durability.

Remove the Spark Plug

For getting a faster performance from the weed wacker, it is advised to remove the spark plug. It is seen that the Sparkplug changes its color according to its usage and which is an indication of its lifetime.

For keeping the Sparkplug in a good condition, here are some of the basic steps which should be followed by every weed wacker user.

  • Empty the tank after four to five months.
  • For identification of its lifetime, if the spark plug is brown, you will need to add one/forth ounce of engine oil into the cylinder.
  • Further, to let the oil fill in every other corner; pull the starting cord plenty of times based on its need.
  • At last, if the spark plug color is black, it probably needs to be replaced.

Empty the Fuel Tank

  • After you have used the weed wacker to its highest performance potential, you will need to empty its fuel tank. This process is done to eliminate any oil particles to settle in those weed wackers which can be problematic for some users in the long run.
  • For further detailing on proper fuel and waste practices, you can consult your nearby hazardous waste center who can help you with every minute detailing related to weed hacker maintenance.
  • As far as you are concerned, check all the nuts and screws make proper tightening when it is needed before you actually keep your weed wacker away.

As of now, the above information was about maintaining your weed wacker to an absolute level of perfection. But, never the less, the next section is all about the different points which should be taken into consideration while choosing a weed wacker. So, let’s get started.

Maintain a Weed Wacker

Points to keep in mind while Choosing a Weed Wacker

  • Area size consideration

You should choose the best weed wacker based on your area size. There is no need to opt for an expensive one if you have a small area size and vice versa. If you have a large outlet and there are plenty of weeds which need to be removed, an electric trimmer will not be much of a use because of its short wire condition.

  • Consider the Type of Weeds

Weed size plays an important role while choosing a weed wacker for your purpose. If your outlet is large with bigger sized weeds, you should go for a weed wacker which is based on a commercial-grade line. A standard weed wacker will not prove to be much benefit in this scenario.

  • Choose from battery models to gas trimmers

Weed eaters which run on gas or batteries allow more kind of freedom as they can be used anywhere without any issue of the cords. With such trimmers, you can move anywhere without the tension of extension cords.

Further, the electrical model is far cheaper, lighter and adds a good value of money for the user. Talking about the gas models, they work better for larger jobs and have more attachment options.

  • Comparison is the Key

Before buying your desired weed wacker model, take a look at some of the similar weed trimmers which offers the same features, pricing and also warranty. Look through each model’s specs quite keenly and finally choose the one which will perfectly within your budget and specs requirements.

Hence, either you are planning to give your weed wacker a touch of maintenance and making it all shine like a newly bought weed wacker or thinking of buying one.

Go through the above information, do an extensive research on every weed wacker and you will surely master the technique of maintenance or purchasing a new one.


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