Increase the Curb Appeal on Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

Last Updated on July 28, 2020 by Daniel Cooper

Increase the Curb Appeal on Your Home: You know the house. The one that makes your heartache as you drive by because you wish yours was as beautiful. Maybe it’s the landscaping, or perhaps the gorgeous porch that does it, but whatever it is, it makes the home ten times as pretty.

Increase the Curb Appeal on Your Home

Curb appeal on a house is vital. It can literally transform it from boring to stunning and is especially important when trying to sell. Unfortunately, it’s also very costly. Well, most of the time. You might be surprised at the things you can do on a budget. Here are some of them.


A great idea for curb appeal is to paint your front door. A bright color against a white house really pops and gives it something extra. Red is a classic dream for some homes, or you could go classy black. Go even further and paint your home’s trim and shutters bright white. These simple fixes will instantly give a little uplift that goes a long way.


Building a planter isn’t very hard and will add neatness, symmetry, and custom feel to your house. Build one a few feet high using cinder blocks, in either a clean rectangle or square. Placement varies according to the home’s design, but along the entire front is a good option, or you could line your walkway with them.

After you build the planter, cover its exterior with something pretty like rock, stone, or wood planks. This will give off the vibe that you paid big bucks for a custom look when really, you didn’t at all. Go a step further and plant flowers in bright colors or do something trendy like a bunch of succulents. Don’t be afraid–set your house apart!


Old light fixtures scream “I’m old and cheap!” Update your curb appeal by installing new lighting. Lanterns in a classic oil-rubbed bronze look amazing and expensive; stainless steel screams classy. And although lighting can be horribly expensive, low-priced fixtures can be found easily if you just look.


It might seem frivolous, but a mailbox really does up your curb appeal. An old one that’s sun-bleached and dented in gives off a cheap and worn-down feel that transfers to your entire house.

Pick a mailbox that’s sturdy and clean. Wrought iron is classic and makes your home feel classic off the bat. Build a wood pillar up around a mailbox and cover it with stone for an ultra-custom, old-world look. Or go for something very modern and clean like a single iron stake with a sleek box attached.


It might seem obvious, but clean everything up. Get rid of any and all garbage, weeds, loose rocks, and yard debris. Power wash your driveway. Wash the wood siding of the house and scrub down the porch. Spruce up old furniture with new patio chair slings. You’d be amazed at what some elbow grease can do.


You don’t have to completely transform your landscaping to make it look better. Planting new flowers is cheap, as are bushes. Buy some bags of new mulch/soil and lay down a fresh layer for a clean appearance. Fill in areas of sparse rock with new ones to avoid a sloppy look.

Trim existing bushes, flowers, and grass into detailed, clean lines and shapes. Make everything clean and tailored and you make everything look professional. And professional adds a ton of value to your curb appeal.

These are just some of the things you can do to improve curb appeal. Great, right? And not just great, it’s cheap! Get started today and very soon, watch your home transform from blah to amazing for way less than you ever thought.


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