Hurricane Harvey Mold Growth Solution For Better Environments

Last Updated on August 13, 2020 by Daniel Cooper

Hurricane Harvey Mold Growth Solution: Hurricane Harvey is one of the most powerful tropical cyclones to hit the Southern part of the US in the past few years. It broke the record as the wettest storm in the country, causing floods that rendered thousands homeless in most of the southern cities such as Houston.

Hurricane Harvey Mold Growth Solution

To the outdoor person, apart from being a national disaster, this hurricane destroyed grounds for outdoor events such as camping and fishing. However, being a natural event, these floodwaters would soon sink in and leave the grounds in possibly a better state than before (a classic example of nature solving our problems).

The Problem

As the floodwaters subsided, mold emerged, posing a major health concern to the survivors of the hurricane. As much as this is a big issue, the worrying trend is the continued use of harmful chemicals to fight this mold. Some of these chemicals do not degrade over time but accumulate in the soil as well as in water bodies.

The result of this is that the natural outdoor grounds for activities such as fishing, camping, and even farming will be contaminated. The fish you catch, the game you eat, and the fruits you pick from your farm will all have chemical contaminants that make them unfit for human consumption.

This will beat the whole rationale of heading outdoors during summer, which is to experience nature at its finest. If this trend continues, you will instead experience chemicals at their finest, which will be the case in a few years to come.

The Effects

The effects of living in an environment contaminated with these chemicals are especially harmful to the young people because their immune systems are not as strong as those of adults. They also take in a lot of these chemicals because their bodies are still growing and this might result in allergies as well as lifelong diseases or organ damages.

The Solution

Nature always has a cure for most of our problems. As such, Hurricane Harvey’s mold problem has a purely natural solution, which is biodegradable and very safe for the environment. This 100% plant-based solution is proven at finishing mold growth and can get rid of mold as well as its spores without destroying the outdoor summer grounds.

Of course, there are those structures that cannot be salvaged, for instance, the rotten ones or those damaged by termites, but mold infested structures can be fully salvaged. This will also reduce the quantity of waste being dumped in the landfills while the ones that must be dumped will no longer be filled with harmful chemicals, consequently reducing pollution.

How you can help

You will definitely prefer going camping or fishing in a purely uncontaminated environment. Switching to this new solution will greatly help in reducing the damage being caused on top of the one caused by the floods. However, this is a fairly new solution and therefore, it requires a lot of convincing and marketing for successful adoption.

You can help conserve your outdoor environment by financially contributing to this cause or by spreading the word on various social media platforms so that many more can be informed of this issue. Here you will get more information about this Hurricane Harvey mold growth.


A collective effort will go a long way in conserving the environment from further damage. This natural plant solution is certainly the way forward if fighting mold is to be done the right way. However, the situation is very time sensitive because the more this solution is delayed, the more the chemicals that will be used. Compared to the area that is currently being treated (Texas and some parts of the Midwest), the situation is even direr because it has the potential to impact the environment of a very large area negatively.


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