How to Replace Your Garden Parasol Canopy

Last Updated on August 15, 2020 by Daniel Cooper

Garden parasols, or outdoor umbrellas as others may call them, are important additions to your garden because they provide shade from the sun so that you can enjoy some fresh air on your compound. They are especially useful if you don’t have trees around, which would otherwise provide natural shade.

How to Replace Your Garden Parasol Canopy

Being man-made, garden parasols are bound to have some wear and tear and the first culprit is usually the canopy. Due to repeated exposure to rain, sunlight, and other weather conditions, the fabric that makes up these canopies tends to weaken over time and when it becomes critical, a replacement is due.

How to Replace Your Garden Parasol Canopy

With this in mind, below are the steps required to replace a garden parasol canopy.

1. Get a fitting size replacement

The first thing to do when getting a replacement canopy for garden parasols is to measure the current cover size so that you get a fitting replacement.

To do this, you have to measure the distance between two opposite ends of the cover so as to get its diameter. Also, you have to count the number of spokes that hold the cover and these two will help you get the best fit because new canopies are usually sold bearing these measurements on the pack.

2. Unhook the cover from the arms

Once you get a fitting replacement, you have to remove the old canopy, starting by collapsing it into one piece. Make sure to unhook the cover by ejecting all the spokes out of the canopy pockets. This will set the canopy fabric free, but it will still be attached to the top of the parasol frame at the finial.

3. Release the cover from the top of the parasol frame

To release the canopy from the parasol frame, press the push spring buttons inwards, then pull the cover and the spokes out of the frame. In most instances, you will find a string that still connects the two, and this usually has a knot tied below the finial.

Once untied, place the canopy and spokes aside, then remove this old canopy, separating it from the spoke frame.

4. Install the new cover

With the spoke frame on the ground, place the new cover on it right side up so that the canopy pockets face downwards. Align the cover with the spokes/ ribs, then slip these ribs into the pockets, with each one of them going into its own holding.

An important thing to note here is that most canopies come without a hole at the center for fitting into the spoke frame’s final. This means that you have to slice just a little opening using a sharp knife if the product you bought does not have it.

5. Assemble the parasol back together

Finish off the process by putting everything back together, starting by tying the string knot that you had untied earlier, then attaching the spokes and the new canopy to the parasol frame at the top. Next, test if everything works correctly and the task is complete.


A garden parasol is only as good as its canopy. Therefore, when the canopy requires a replacement, you have to do it almost immediately so that you can keep enjoying the fresh air on your outdoors without being scorched by the sun.


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