How To Get Your Backyard A New Decor

Last Updated on July 28, 2020 by Daniel Cooper

How To Get Your Backyard A New Decor: So now you have a backyard for the dream evenings you wish to spend. You had so diligently planned for a flower bed, hemlock, some vines embracing the walls, a small fountain with lush green shrubs giving it company.

Oh! Despite the new-found zeal, the backyard often turns into the back of the beyond, for it hardly occupies a housekeeping mind’s forefront. Though you may also consider getting the services of a landscaper for that perfect job, here’s our DIY list on getting a spanking new look for the backyard, without burning a hole in the pocket.

How To Get Your Backyard A New Decor

Getting Back To Basics

Plan everything that you will do in the space available – grass, flower beds, shrubs, trees, hedges, etc. It’s sensible to take out your drawing sheet and the measuring tape to do all the maths here. Now let’s get to the “groundwork”. So you hate dirtying your hands! But soiling them occasionally can work wonders for your backyard.

Lay garden mulch, which though dirt-cheap, is a golden investment. Keep it ready as it offers multiple uses: hardly any weeds, the roots never get scorched by the summer sun, and to boot, its dark color accentuates the colors of flowers, thereby amplifying the overall beauty.

Breathing Life and Nurturing It

Nature infuses life. Have some shrubs, flowers in places open to good sunlight. Make sure you serve them with water often. While choosing flowering plants, pay attention to perennials like roses and the like. Potted plants like bougainvillea and palm can add further charm to the looks. Use fertilizers prudently for a healthy and green garden.

The upkeep of trees, bushes, and plants is essential else you risk having a chaotic look. Put our long clippers and band saw to good use. Trim the tree branches suitably to make them orderly and maintain the hedges to a decent height. Snipe away the vines crossing over the fences. For real beauty, create a hard edge with a towel between the lawn and garden beds, and sidewalks.

Parenting Your Lawn

Be ready for extra hard work for a vibrant lush garden. Things can get messy in a fall, which demands to pull out the dead stuff with a rake and replacing them with fresh seeds. The weeds in your backyard are a necessary evil.

But you can pull out or remove them using commercial weed-killers. Similarly, the leaves lying scattered can block the sunlight reaching the grass. Some good raking can do the job, but blowing them away with a blower is also an option.

Making It Hip

Go creative! Small add-ons can create that exotic look and feel. For example, consider putting a bench under a tree or a birdbath to draw birds, which can give the fun company and amplify that feeling of closeness to nature. Some people even construct a firepit using stones, cement, or mortar for that romantic warmth on a chilly night. Or even a miniature pond with fish or a fountain or waterfall to get that dream feel.

Think of getting romantic by the moon – put some lights around and paths. Nobody is stopping you from even dressing it up with garden ornaments! Having a lush green, healthy, and vibrant garden is quite akin to raising a baby. You need a bit of planning, regular time off and a tad creativity to raise a garden which is the owner’s envy, neighbor’s pride.

But it’s important not to get complacent once the baby is out in the world. You need to nurture it with regular “feeding”, “vaccinations” and “periodic check-ups” to ensure that it stays “healthy and fit”. It may be bothersome sometimes but seeing your “baby” get compliments will make you forget all the trials and tribulations you had to weather as a “mother”.


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