How to Choose a Garden Hose Reel

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A hose reel is a tool that stores your hose reel in an organized way and complete protection. As a gardener you even need it.  But choosing the best hose reel is not an easy task at all. And if you are a new gardener then you no doubt will face great trouble to choose the right one. But don’t worry. On the basis of years long experience of using the garden hose reel I am going to share a detailed process of How to Choose a Garden Hose Reel. Let’s check out.

How to Choose a Garden Hose Reel

How to Choose a Garden Hose Reel

What to Consider

When it is about choosing a right hose reel then you have to consider facts that actually determine how good a hose will be. So if you want to have a good garden hose reel you have to consider these facts and they are as follows:

Length of Hose

The first thing you have to consider when you are going to buy a hose reel is to check the length of your hose. You must know the length of your hose that you are using currently. Measure the hose length before purchasing the hose reel. Otherwise, you may buy the wrong one accidentally that actually doesn’t enough at all to store your entire hose in it.

How to Choose a Garden Hose Reel

Generally, as most the people do, you have to buy a hose reel that is 50 feet longer than the hose. Because then your hose will get extra room to expand and the hose will not come into contact with the heat.  

Portability and Mobility

If your garden is quite large then you should go for a hose reel that is easily movable. For that first of all, you should check out whether the hose reel has any wheels. Because to water the entire area of your large garden you will need to move it and without wheels it is impossible.

Types of Hose Reel

Actually, when you will go for purchasing your hose reel you will find different types of reels. The hose reels have variety in terms of their design, material, and of course in performance. Every type of hose reel has to some extent a few unique features as well as different operation methods.

How to Choose a Garden Hose Reel

So, you have to ask yourself what feature and operation method you prefer. Also, don’t forget to consider the two major important features of hose reels that how to use and how you to place in the garden or yard.

Method of Operation

Usually, the hose reels are two types- automatically operated and manually operated. The automatically operated hose reel runs through a system. On the other hand, a manually operated hose reel runs by the hand crank. The automatic, spring-loaded, or retractable hose reels come with automatic operation mechanism.

How to Choose a Garden Hose Reel

And the hideaway and decorative hose reels come with manual operation mechanism. Now think about what operation mechanism you prefer or need.

Additional Accessories

Most of the hose reels have all sorts of fittings capacity. But aside from the standard fittings, consider whether your hose reel can be added additional accessories if need.

How to Choose a Garden Hose Reel

Final Words

Basically choosing a perfect garden hose reel won’t be tough to you at all if you just know what features to consider at the time of purchasing it. And I hope you have now a clear concept about the facts that you need to consider to have a good hose reel of your own.


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