How Long Should You Water Your Garden With a Sprinkler?

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How Long Should You Water Your Garden? The importance of water for a garden is not even a matter of discussion. Plants, trees, grass need water just like us human beings. Most importantly, the whole weight of a plant is mostly due to water. The percentage goes as high as 85%. When you water your plants, that means you are providing a source to the soil to transfer the nutrients to the plant cells. That is why we water our garden and plants regularly.

How Long Should You Water Your Garden

How Long Should You Water Your Garden?


Most of us have used hose connect to water our garden. We have used sprinklers as well. Compared to holding a hosepipe to water the garden, watering garden with a sprinkler is much easier. It does the work all by itself. You just need to turn it on.

How It Works

By sprinkler, we mean an in-ground tripod sprinkler. It is installed in the ground of your lawn. It depends on a timer and starts watering according to the time set by you. The moment it turns on, its head pops up and starts watering a specific area of your lawn following a cycle. It moves to another portion of the lawn only after completing the cycle of watering in the previous portion. All these are pre-programmed, and it follows the preset program only. Though it can be costly, for watering a large lawn easily, this is the only best way you have.

Perfect Watering

Watering your garden for a long time without following any time limit will worsen the condition of your garden. There are rules to follow. You do not need to water your garden twice a day, or daily. Your garden will be fine with thrice a week watering. But the condition is of thorough watering as well as evenly spread water. If you can push a 6-inch screwdriver in your lawn easily, you know your garden got the best watering possible.

For the grass to have a deep root system, you need to water your garden thrice a week with a sprinkler deeply. Leave the leaves of the plants. Do not try to damp them forcefully. Instead, keep it natural. The sprinkler is going to damp the leaves but will not go overboard.

Your garden needs a thorough watering thrice a week. But if it’s a flowerbed, then once or twice is fine, not more than that. Always make sure not to cause shallow root system by watering your plants, grass, and flowerbeds daily.

Time Limit

The rule is to water one and a half inches. Watering less or more than that will start affecting your garden. To get the perfect time limit, you can use an empty tuna can as a rain gauge. Place it on the ground and turn on the sprinkler. You will notice that a sprinkler will take 30 minutes to fill the can half an inch with water.

So, to fill the can one and a half inch, you will need to use the sprinkler thrice for 30 minutes. The result might be different for you, so calculate depending on your result only. The process will be the same, and the range 1-1 ½ inch.

If you are not careful, your garden will be waterlogged. In easy words, you will block the breathing space of the roots with water. And if one can’t breathe, they are bound to die. So, the calculation of how long you need to water your garden with a sprinkler is crucial. Make sure to calculate it accurately and then use the sprinkler.


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