How Fast Do Walk Behind Mowers Go?

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How Fast Do Walk Behind Mowers Go: Everyone loves to have a yard in front of their house. It increases the beauty of the house ten folds. But with better care. If you are not cutting and trimming the grasses and weeds, cleaning the dead leaves, then even the largest lawn will not look beautiful. You cannot randomly start trimming the grasses.

How Fast Do Walk Behind Mowers Go

It will look good when it’s evenly cut. There is no alternative to a mower when it comes to cutting the grass to an even height. Depending on the mower, you can change the setting of it to decide the grass height. Or you have to depend on the preset height of the mower.


For a century, people have been using a lawnmower to trim the grass of their yard. So, it is quite natural that the lawnmowers have evolved. Be it in terms of size, type, or features. But one thing that is pretty constant in it is that it is a low-speed machine. A mower can be the most powerful, but its speed will be on the lower side.

Walk-Behind Mower

There are different types of lawnmowers. But the most common is the walk-behind mower. The reason is it is simple to use. These mowers are self-propelled, but the control is in your hand. It has a low speed, and you can control it just by walking behind it.


Even a walk-behind mower can have three different types. It might be gas-powered, electric, or battery-powered. Each one of them has its own pros and cons. But most of them have varied speed options. That means you can change the speed of the lawnmower the way you want.


Keep in mind that you are walking behind the mower to trim the grass. So, it is highly unlikely for it to be a fast machine. There is hardly any mower that operates more than seven miles per hour. Even the 7mph is pretty high for a walk-behind mower. A speed that high is rare in mowers.

Most of the lawn mowers from top brands come with a variable speed option, and the speed ranges from 2 to 3 or a maximum of 4 miles per hour. Not a point more than that.

And the mowers which come with just one single speed option, they keep their speed within a range of two to two and a half, mile per hour. So, with that, you can pretty much gauge that a walk-behind mower is bound to go slow.


The low speed has two motives. One, we have already mentioned that a person is walking behind the mower to have proper control over it. There is no way one can hold and just walk at a fast pace machine. You can walk and move a machine only if it is slow and easy to control.

Even with the low speed, a mower is pretty hard to control as you do not want to just cut off all the grass in your yard.  The motive is to trim the grass, not cutting off all the grass and uncovering the soil.

The trimming brings us to the second reason. To trim and adorn the yard, you have to be precise. Precision requires a slow pace. With low speed, you can hardly do any damage to your yard. You can maintain straight walking, and take turns with ease.

So, it is mandatory for you to buy a mower that has a speed range between 2 to 3 mph. Especially if you are a first time user.


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