Grow Portobello Mushrooms In 8 Easy Steps – Ultimate Guide

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Portobello mushrooms are large luscious mushrooms, especially when grilled. They can be used in many different recipes, for instance, you can use them instead of ground beef inside a delicious vegetarian burger. You can grow your own portobello mushrooms in your backyard or indoors.

As mushrooms are fungi and not vegetables, growing them will be a slightly different experience. What Do You Need To Grow Portobello Mushrooms? Here are some key elements explained below:

Key Elements on Grow portobello Mushrooms

1. Garden Bed

Garden Beds, are ideal for growing plants, flowers, and vegetables. You can use a garden bed for growing portobello mushrooms as well. They provide an excellent drainage system and provide good support to the growth of fungi. If you plan to grow your mushrooms outdoors, you will need a garden bed.

2. Tray

A tray can be used in place of a garden bed if you choose to grow your mushrooms indoors. The tray must be large enough to contain the mushroom spores and ingredients. Trays provide the necessary support the mushrooms need for their growth. You should also need the best plastic wheelbarrow to remove dead leaves, broken stones, or any type of garden waste.

Grow Portobello Mushrooms In 8 Easy Steps

3. Compost

Fungi grow well in compost. You can make your own compost using dry leaves, vegetable scraps, shredded paper, animal waste, dead plants, etc. You can also use the store bought compost.

4. Mushroom Spores 

You can cultivate mushroom spores with the existing fungi or purchase them from the local store. You will grow mushrooms from the mushroom spores only, so make sure that you choose the best mushroom spores for the best results.

5. Water

You need water to keep the mushroom spores moist to allow them to thrive and grow. You don’t need too much water as over-watering them will prove to be counterproductive.

6. Cardboard 

Cardboard is used for sterilization by radiation. It will produce pseudo solar radiation to sterilize the garden bed and keep it free from possible contamination. Through sterilization of the garden bed, you allow the mushrooms to grow efficiently.

7. Newspaper 

A newspaper is a good material for mulching. The mulching layer of the paper will act as a direct composting system to feed the nutrients into the soil. Here is the list of best garden newspapers. Check it out.

8. Peat Moss 

When you grow mushrooms indoors, peat moss is extremely useful. It makes the soil slightly acidic which is conducive for the growth of mushrooms.

You can grow the portobello mushrooms indoors as well as the outdoors. There is no substantial difference in the processes used, but there are a few differences you need to understand. You will get relatively the same results whether you grow the mushrooms outdoors or indoors.

Steps on Grow Portobello Mushrooms Indoors

1. Check Temperature

Make sure that the outside temperature is ideal for the mushrooms. They grow best between the temperatures of 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit, i.e., 10-21 degrees Celcius. Temperatures should remain consistent throughout and not fluctuate a lot.

Grow Portobello Mushrooms In 8 Easy Steps

2. Prepare The Garden Bed

Choose a shaded area, such as under a tree to prepare a garden bed for your mushrooms. The area should be roughly six feet by six feet in length and breadth. You can use wooden planks to create a boundary. The garden bed should be around 8 inches thick.

3. Pour Compost

Pour around six inches of compost in the garden bed and cover it with the cardboard. Cardboard will produce the pseudo-solar radiation which will sterilize your garden bed for the growth of mushrooms. Wait for two weeks before you move to the next step.

4. Add Mushroom Spores

Remove the cardboards and pour mushroom spores on the bed. Mix them well with the soil and compost. Wait for a few weeks until you start seeing a thin, white film forming on the surface.

5. Add Peat Moss

Once you start seeing the layer of mycelium(white film) at the surface, add peat moss to the garden bed.

6. Add Newspaper

After adding the peat moss, spread newspaper at the top for the enrichment of the soil.

7. Mist The Portobello Mushrooms

Mist your mushrooms twice a day. Don’t use too much water, but make sure to keep your mushrooms covered in the mist to thrive.

8. Harvest Your Mushrooms

After 10-12 days, you can harvest your mushrooms. If you want them to grow little bigger, you can wait for a few more days to let them grow.

Final Verdict

Growing Portobello Mushrooms Indoors Growing the Portobello mushrooms indoors is mostly the similar process, but you can control the temperature better indoors.

Instead of preparing a garden bed, use a tray which is large enough to accommodate all the items that you need. Maintain a temperature between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Follow the same process that we use while growing the mushrooms outdoors.

To Sum Up, Portobello mushrooms are delicious to eat and easy to grow and harvest. With some patience, you can grow your own portobello mushrooms in the backyard or indoors gardens.

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