Gorilla Grow Tent Review – Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on July 22, 2020 by Daniel Cooper

It is really challenging when it comes to purchasing the best grow tent from the market. There are so many manufacturers of grow tent that can be overwhelming your decision to choose the best product. In this review article, we discovered you the most popular and award winning grow tent that is called Gorilla Grow Tents. It was voted as the best grow tent in 2 consecutive years, 2016 and 2017. We found three types of Gorilla Grow Tents that are analyzed below.

Gorilla Grow Tent Review

1. Every Gorilla Grow Tent

The most popular and standard grow tent comes with 100% Metal interlocking. There are a free 12 inches height extension kit with this grow tent. It made with 1680D thick fabric. It is the strongest glow tent ever, such as Gorilla Grow Tent 10×10 is able to hold up to 300Ibs!

It also comes with some other features, such as infrared blocking roof insertion, heavy duty protection pool, pest control pre-filters (micromesh), 11 inches double cinching, access tool pouch, sturdy frame, and wrap-around access 360 degrees. The manufacturer introduced some GGT grow tents, are:

  • GGT 10 x 20
  • GGT 10×10
  • GGT 5 x9
  • GGT 5 x5 and more


2. GGT Lite Line Grow Tent

These glow tents are lightweight and very easy to move, because of it’s’ “Easy Engage” custom zippers. It made with 100% metal interlocking with the EZ view window. The no-leak ducting ports and double cinching feature keeps inside’s weather cool. Diamond reflective walling technology will redirect precious lumens back to plans. The manufacturer introduced 5 GGT Lite line grow tents, are:

  • GLL Indoor Grow Tent 8×8
  • GLL Indoor Grow Tent 4×8
  • GLL Indoor Grow Tent 4×4
  • GLL Indoor Grow Tent 2×4
  • GLL Indoor Grow Tent 2×2


3. Shorty Gorilla Grow Tent

The Shorty Gorilla Grow Tent is almost similar as Lite Line Grow Tent, but start with 2-feets shorter. It is the thickest glow tent that made with 1680D thick fabric and metal interlocking system.

The other features of this product are: EZ view windows, diamond reflective walling, convenient access tool pouch, 9 inches height extension kit, flood protection pool, double cinching and pest control pre filters.

There are six Shorty Indoor Grow tents in following:

  • Gorilla Shorty Grow Tent 4×8
  • Gorilla Shorty Grow Tent 5×5
  • Gorilla Shorty Grow Tent 4×4
  • Gorilla Shorty Grow Tent 3×3
  • Gorilla Shorty Grow Tent 2×4
  • Gorilla Shorty Grow Tent 2×2.5

Gorilla grow tent comes with adjustable height extension that allows users to increase the height of the grow tent. Normally, other grow tents are limited by 6’ height that is considered standard height for small rooms, basements, and attics as well.

But if you think about outdoor use, you should have needed more space height. Comparatively other glow tents in the market, the advantage of gorilla grow tent is it’s ‘adjustable height extension kit’ feature that allows users to extend growing space height more than standard 6’ height.

Need more extra space height? Normally using the adjustable height extension you can increase space height from 7’ to 9’ tall. You are still able to grow your space height more than 9’ using the ‘1 feet height extension kit’ that is needed to buy separately.

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