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How to Make a Concrete Pot

Looking to make your first concrete pot? Here you have a step-by-step guide on how to do it. In just six steps, you can make your own concrete pot in a size you like, and add a lot of charm to your home and garden. Let’s start! Materials    Cement    Containers for use as molds (glass, […]

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A Guide for Growing Fish in Backyard

Fish is a favorite meal in many parts of the world. Traditional fishing methods might not really satisfy the demand of this sought after white meat. This has led to the widespread adoption of fish farming to offset some of this demand. As opposed to the large ponds and large fish tanks that people normally […]

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Rainwater Barrels: How Do They Work?

The barrels of rainwater are extremely useful both to have water in times of greater drought, as well as, if you have a measured water service, save a few dollars on your water bill, especially in the summer months, where our plants are more demanding with the risks. Collecting water using barrels of rainwater can […]

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Selection of Maples for Your Garden

The maples are plants that grow like trees or as shrubs in all climes of the world. Its leaves and its size are very elegant, something that has always attracted numerous garden designers and plant lovers. The  Japanese Maple ( Acer palmatum ) or the silver maple ( Acer saccharinum ) are two of the […]

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Black Flowers in the Garden

Generally, we do not usually think about black flowers when planning our garden, but they are there, there are and many. So we can introduce them to our garden if we want to add a touch of mystery and sophistication to it. We must think very well where we are going to cultivate them because […]

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8 Curiosities About Maples

Today we want to tell you 8 curiosities about maples. And maybe there are some amazing things about these trees that are so common, that they catch your attention. Discover them below. The fruits of the maple are born in pairs united with a form such that they are easily thrown by the wind to […]

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