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Last Updated on August 8, 2020 by Daniel Cooper

A dump cart is a very essential element for gardening. It helps a gardener in many ways. It helps in moving to haul heavy dirt, compost, sand, broken bricks, concrete, mulch, gravel, dead leaves, and plants. It is very important to choose the best dump cart for garden. Here I have discussed some main factors to be considered.

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How Big Is Your Load?

Determining how much weight you will be transporting on a regular basis can help narrow down your options. When selecting a cart, be sure to select one that will support a little more than your heaviest load. You want to be sure to give yourself the option in the future to move a larger load if needed, without splurging on more cart than you need.

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Determine Your Terrain

When selecting a cart, you want to choose one that has proper tires to fit the type of land you will be using it on. For instance, pneumatic tires are filled with air and make it easy to move over uneven areas without getting stuck.

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Perhaps you will be moving over terrain that is rough and jagged, ribbed; rubber tires might work better for you. Finally, if you will primarily be using your wagon over hills, a model with spoked wheels could be your best option.

Determine Where you Will Be Using Your Garden Cart

Anticipating where you will spend most of the time using your garden dump cart can help pinpoint the best features to meet your garden needs. For instance, if you plan on using your cart at one location for extra large loads, purchasing a heavier model will be your best option.

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Similarly, if you need to use in at work and home, or plan on traveling with it, then you should choose one that weighs less and is designed to be compact and foldable.

Hitch or No Hitch?

If you think you may use your garden dump cart to attach to an ATV or tractor, then look for models that have the option to attach to a hitch. This feature can really streamline the landscaping process.

Many consumers don’t even know this option exists and may miss out on a garden dump cart that offers this bonus feature. It is more cost-efficient to account for this need before purchasing since you won’t be able to add it on after you have bought it.


Many garden dump carts have different options in terms of unloading your supplies. Some come with a release mechanism in the handle for easier dumping. Other models keep it simple with a tip and dump design. There is also the wheelbarrow style, which is a very hands-on style of unloading. Gorilla dump carts are best among all brands.


Another option to optimize your garden dump cart will depend on the extremities in which you will be using your cart.

For instance, if your garden dump cart will be exposed to rain and snow, make sure that the cart comes with a rustproof bed and wheels. Many carts come with a polyethylene finish to meet those needs. Similarly, if you will be using your cart in the snow make sure it has the correct type of tires, to prevent rusting.


  • Make sure to take into account all of the people who will be using the cart in your family or workplace. Some of the more heavy duty carts can weigh a lot and could be too difficult for some to use.
  • Take into consideration the dimensions of your garden cart. If you frequently need to move your cart through doorways, make sure the measurements will work for you to prevent snagging of the wheels or getting stuck.

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  • Anticipate assembly! Nearly all garden dump carts require assembly. Not everyone is mechanically inclined and may need to prepare themselves to allow for a low-stress build. It is imperative to do a quick read of the instructions before building any product, rushing right into it without the insight of the following steps can cause people to lose pieces, or use them incorrectly.

Similarly, be prepared to use a wrench, a wretched set, and a screwdriver with possibly backup washers. In a perfect world you probably could go without them, but being prepared makes assembly stress free. When in doubt watch a youtube video before building to get a better visual.


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