The 10 Best Watering Can of 2021

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Gardening is the most common hobby for many people. It works as a mood booster as well as has health benefits. The flowers in the garden or indoor plants provide a soothing environment around the house, and there is nothing better than outdoor gardening and using their own vegetables while cooking.

All these require a lot of knowledge, hard work, and the right accessories. One of the most common accessories for gardening is watering can. It can be made of steel or can be made of high-quality plastic. Outdoor gardening needs a watering pitcher to hold a good amount of water so that one doesn’t need to fill the pot again and again.

The indoor plants need a precise amount of water, so the small container is best for that. So, it is not just a water pot that is filled and emptied while watering. Even, the spout, opening, and shower head play a vital role in watering plants. So, having common knowledge is required for purchasing the best watering can.

Best Watering Can

Quick Answer – Watering Can

1. Bosmere Haws Indoor Green Watering Can

2. Behrens Manufacturing Hot Dipped Steel Watering Can

3. OXO Good Grips Outdoor Pour & Store Watering Can

4. Gardman Hunter Green Galvanized Steel Watering Can

5. Union 63182 Elephant Watering Can

6. Union 63168 Watering Can

7. Indoor Watering Can

8. Novelty MFG 30301 Watering Can

9. Novelty Indoor Watering Can

10. JapanBargain Long Spout Watering Can

Reviews of the Best Watering Can

Today we are going to list and review the best watering can to give our readers that rough idea. While compiling the list, we considered the best ones available in the market which is well made, high-quality, and well-featured. The indoor and outdoor watering cans are different from each other, especially in size.

Some of them can be used as both an indoor and outdoor watering pot. Buy the watering can which fulfills the specific requirements of the plants otherwise it will do no good to the plants; also the purpose of a watering container will be lost. Our review will give you a detailed idea of which can is for which type of plants, which one is for indoor plants, and which one is for outdoor plants.

1. Bosmere V127GR Haws Indoor Green Can

Best Watering CanBosmere V127GR Haws is a mini version of classic Haws watering can. Haws, for the past 125 years are making some of the best plastic or metal watering pots which has the perfect balance.

Though smaller in size, this green watering pot is no different from those classic ones. It is small, well balanced, and easy to carry even with the can filled with water.

The injection molded plastic construction ensures sturdiness and durability of the product. It has an excellent opening for filling the can comfortably with a hosepipe or by putting it under a water tap.

It also boasts of Haw’s classic high neck design to prevent water from pouring out while watering. It has a brass faced spout with a removable shower head for precise watering.

It is made in England which is specially designed for watering indoor plants like orchids, African Violets, and delicate seedlings. It has approximately 700ml water capacity.


  • Small, well-balanced and made of injection molded plastic
  • Mini version of classic Haws watering can
  • Specially designed for watering indoor plants such as orchids, African violets, and seedlings
  • Removable brass rosette
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


  • Rose head gets clogged pretty easily


2. Behrens Manufacturing Hot Dipped Steel Can

Best Watering CanBehrens Manufacturing 206 is a hot-dipped steel watering can which is perfect for fulfilling smaller watering needs. It has a vintage look due to its classic zinc finish.

The hot dipped steel also makes this can corrosion resistance. This one is also fire, heat, and rust resistant. It is also rodent proof. It is very lightweight.

It is designed for outdoor watering and apt for vigorous use. It performs comparatively better than other plastic watering pots and more durable and sturdy due to the high-quality steel used to make it.

The color is not going to fade away, or it is not going to crack like plastic cans. The shower head is fixed and is made of the same material. It has a decent opening for pouring water without any hassle and disperses water with the perfect flow.

It has a handle which has a comfortable plastic grip. It is 100% post-consumer recyclable, thus environment-friendly. It is made in Mexico, USA.


  • Hot-dipped steel body with classic zinc finish
  • Durable and shower water stronger than plastic cans
  • Fire, heat, and rust resistant
  • 100% Post-consumer recyclable
  • Will not fade or crack


  • Fixed rose head


3. OXO Good Grips Outdoor Pour & Store Can

Best Watering CanThis one on our list has to be the fanciest and coolest one, of them all. It is a Fuchsia colored can that has an 8L water holding capacity. It is ideal for outdoor watering. It is a very well thought and engineered watering pot.

It has a space saving design which makes it different from any other watering pots available in the market. What makes it space saving is its spout and rosette.

It has a rotatable spout which can be rotated back close to the body of the can when not in use. The rosette can be removed and stored in the specific space made on the back of the fill hole of the watering pot.

The spout is translucent thus make it easy to measure the water level with the help of the measurement markings on the body. The soft non-slip handle prevents sudden slipping while carrying water filled can or watering from any heights.


  • 2.11 Gallon water capacity
  • Markings on the body for easy measuring of water level
  • Rotatable translucent spout
  • Removable rose attachment
  • Non-slip handle for comfortable grip


  • Tadbit expensive


4. Gardman Hunter Green Galvanized Steel Can

Best Watering CanGardman 8327 is a robust designed, hunter green color watering pitcher with a gallon water holding capacity. It is made of galvanized steel and has a heavy gauge galvanized anti-rust steel body.

It has copper accents on its dual-handles, shower head, and at the bottom. The striking copper accents make the can decorative and give it a sleek look. It is sturdy and durable, perfect for a long term full indoor and outdoor use. It has a rosette diffuser that can be removed.

The rosette diffuser ensures a gentle shower of water while watering delicate plants without disturbing the soil and mulch on it. The angled neck spout reaches and waters every leaf, stem, and branch.

It has a handle on the top and also one on the rear which makes it highly functional. The dual handles are made of the same galvanized steel. The handles allow comfortable holding of the can with both the hands ensuring easy water pouring.


  • One gallon water capacity
  • Robust design hunter green colored can with striking copper accents
  • Heavy gauge galvanized anti-rust steel body
  • Removable rosette-diffuser  produces a gentle shower of water
  • 12 inches long, 7.25 inches wide and 17 inches high


  • The quality of copper accents could have been better


5. Union 63182 Elephant Can

Best Watering CanUnion 63182 is the adorable novelty best watering can. It is a can in the shape of a happy elephant. It is ideal for indoor watering, perfect for watering bonsai.

It is made of weather resistant plastic, and so it can be used for outdoor watering also.  Although it has a unique shape, it sits flat while empty or with water-filled. It doesn’t wobble even a little.

It is small in size and lightweight. Due to its cute design and it being lightweight and small in size, it is ideal for kids who enjoy gardening. It might also attract kids towards gardening and make them enthusiastic about it.

Filling through its rear entry port is easy. The elephant trunk which has a great flow of water works as the spout. The long shaped spout provides controlled water flow, neither too much nor too little. It is made in the USA.


  • Happiest elephant design novelty indoor watering can
  • Made of water-resistant plastic
  • The long elephant trunk works as the spout while watering plants
  • Easy to fill rear entry port
  • Made in the USA


  • If filled over a certain level, water might pour out while watering


6. Union 63168 Watering Can

Best Watering CanUnion 63168 is a sage green regular size watering pitcher with a gallon water capacity. It is made of blow-mold plastic. It is rust resistant can be left outside.

It is durable and sturdy, might last for years. It has a unique embossed tulip design on both sides of the body. It has 1.5 inches backfilling opening. The rear opening allows easy filling of water from the faucet.

It also prevents water from pouring out while watering plants. It is lightweight and also easy to carry with or without water. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor watering.

It has handles on the top and at the rear for convenient holding with both hands. The shower head has the right amount of holes for a gentle sprinkle of water on delicate plants. The shower head is removable, and the pot waters fine without it. It is made in the USA.


  •  Handles on the top for convenient holding
  • Pretty tulip design on both the sides
  • 1-gallon water capacity and a 1.5-inch rear opening for filling water
  • 14″ long, 6″ wide, and 11″ high
  • Made in the USA


  • Underwhelming sprinkler head


7. Indoor Watering Can

Best Watering CanThe next watering can from our list is the cute little red watering pot with a long angled spout. This water container made with high-quality components is shatterproof, therefore, durable.

It is made of UV protected plastic, hence can be used outdoor and can be kept thereafter using it. It has an embossed flower pattern on both the side of the body. It has a 1-gallon water capacity.

Though it doesn’t come with a sprinkler head, the spout is designed in such a way that it provides perfect water flow. The small opening on the container also plays a vital role in controlling the water flow.

The long continuous handle makes it easy and comfortable to carry with or without water-filled. The embossed measurement marking helps to measure the water level which not only helps to decide the exact amount of water that the plants need but is also very important while fertilizing the plants. It is made in the USA.


  • Made of shatterproof, recycled and UV protected plastic
  • Embossed flower pattern on and measurement markings on the side of the body
  • Long stem spout design and small opening ensures controlled water flow
  • Comfortable, easy-to-hold handle
  • Made in the USA


  • No shower head


8. Novelty MFG 30301 Watering Can

Best Watering CanNovelty MFG 30301 is durable and made of sturdy plastic. It can approximately hold 2 gallons of water. The water holding capacity makes it apt for outdoor use as frequent water filling will not be needed.

It is a classic deep green color watering container. It is sturdy and durable, will last for a few years easily. The flower design on both sides of the body gives it a detailed and decorative look.

It has dual handles, one on the top and the other at the back. It is easy to carry even while filled with its dual handles. It comes with a removable shower head.

The shower head has perfect sized holes and the right amount which ensures a gentle shower of water while watering seedling or other delicate plants. It works perfectly without the shower head and pours a controlled amount of water. It is ideal for watering all types of plants and flowers.


  • Green colored 2-gallon water capacity classic watering can
  • Durable, made of sturdy plastic
  • Removable shower head
  • The flower design indentation on both sides adds detailing and ensures a prominent appearance
  • Ideal for all sizes of plants and flowers


  • Leaks in the connection point of the spout and sprinkler


9. Novelty Indoor Watering Can

Best Watering CanThe novelty watering pot is made of high-grade, impact resistant plastic which ensures durability and sturdiness. It has 1/2 gallon water capacity which makes it perfect for indoor watering.

It is recyclable and environment-friendly. It is small in size so pretty easy to carry. It has embossed flower pattern design on both the side. It has a long stem spout with a nice curve.

The small opening on the top helps easy filling of water from the faucet. Each different plant requires a different amount of water.

Both the long spout and small opening ensures controlled water flow as per the requirements of the plants. It also helps to reach and water hard to reach spots like branches and leaves.

The curved loop handle is innovative. It helps to pour water easily as the hand can be moved back and forth allowing perfect pouring. It can also be used to hang the container. It is made in the USA.


  • Durable, recyclable, made of impact resistant plastic
  • ½ gallon water capacity, green colored can with embossed flower pattern design
  • Easy-to-use handle and comfortable hold
  • Long stem spout provides perfect water flow
  • Made in the USA


  • No shower head


10. JapanBargain Long Spout Watering Can

Best Watering CanJapanBargain S-1942 is made of high-quality plastic. It has an 850 ml water capacity and is perfect for watering in a limited place. Generally, it is a watering pot for indoor plants.

This small and lightweight water container is easy to carry. It comes with a long spout that controls the water flow. The spout is pretty long compared to other plastic watering containers.

The long stem also reaches the exact places of the plants that need to be watered. The controlled water flow prevents damage to the soil and mulch on it. This watering pitcher is perfect for watering flowers like African violets.

The opening on the top of the pot makes it easy to fill with water keeping it under the water tap. The handle is comfortable to hold and can also be used as a loop to hang it. It is made in Japan.


  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Long stem spout controls the water flow
  • 850 ml water capacity small sized can, ideal for indoor gardening
  • Lightweight, easy to hold and carry
  • Made in Japan


  • Bit pricey considering the size



We are ending our best watering can review on the note that the purpose of a watering can not seem important unless one has a good knowledge of gardening. It is not just a watering container; it has a lot more engineering and mechanism going behind it.

It can be said without exaggerating that a plant’s life depends on getting a precise amount of water. Too much watering or less watering will not give the gardener or a plant lover the desired result in the form of a healthy and beautiful plant or flower.

So, with all the soiling, fertilizing, weeding, etc. make sure of buying a watering pot with useful features. Our review might give a good idea as we tried our best to gather the needed information. We hope our review will be a good help for you to get your own watering can.


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