The 10 Best Solar Water Pump in 2020

Aspiring to own a house is a common and natural wish. There will rarely be any person who hasn’t expressed a desire of having a garden in front of the house and gardening as their hobby in childhood.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have our own homes quite commonly tend to have a garden outside. We try our best to keep it as beautiful and attractive as possible. With the rate of increasing creativity, the amount of constructions that are available to enhance the beauty of the garden is insanely impressive.

Birdbath fountains are one such construction which enhances the beauty of a garden. Throughout the day when the beautiful birds gather on the birdbath to drink water and bathe, the scenery is enough to satisfy the inner self of any human being, and if they are bird lovers, then there is no word to describe the satisfaction they can get from it.

With the constant increase of heat and global warming, birdbaths and similar constructions are much more needed all around. Such birdbath can be made more attractive by transforming it into a fountain with the best solar water pump available.

Reviews of the Best Solar Water Pump

Solar water pumps are the best due to their affordability. They are assets for the garden. As the name suggests, they are dependent on solar power. These water pumps come with few different nozzle heads, and depending on the sunlight, the water flows through the nozzles.

Some of these are floatable, and some come with long cords where only the pump is kept in the water and the solar pan separately under the sun.  Both types are indispensable and work efficiently.

1. Solatec Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain Pump

Best Solar Water PumpThe solatec solar water pump is an eco-friendly free-floating water pump which has a sunlight-driven solar panel. This best solar water pump doesn’t require any external energy such as a battery or electricity and starts working the moment the sunlight hits the solar panel.

The solar panel is made of Polycrystalline Silicone. Polycrystalline is a premium quality silicone. It is a weather-resistant and waterproof product. The frostiness and solid construction make it invincible in any weather.

This water pump is for bird bath, small pond, garden, fish tank and water circulation for oxygen. It works as an eye-pleasing decorative piece in the garden, catching everyone’s attention.

It includes four different nozzle heads which are attached to the pump. It also comes with one big suction cup with a long fishing line to hold the pump in its place. The water height touches 30-50cm if the panel is getting sufficient sunlight. It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Eco-friendly fountain pump
  • Runs automatically right after the sunlight hits the panel
  • Floats on the water
  • Four different nozzle heads
  • Multi-Purpose use


  • Suction cups don’t adhere properly


2. Lewisia Solar Bird Bath Solar Powered Water Pump

Best Solar Water PumpThis classic floatable solar pump is made of highly efficient solar panel and a brushless motor. This solar water pump starts up pretty fast with strong stability and doesn’t require any plugs, electric outlet or batteries and runs directly by the sunlight.

The best thing about this floatable water pump is that they keep the water moving, therefore, no chance of mosquitoes laying eggs on the water, and spreading diseases.

The force of water sprinkling from the nozzles depends on the intensity of the sunlight. The more intense the sunlight is, the stronger the flow of the water will have. It comes with six attachments.

Among the six, one is installed on the tube, and four are fountains heads. The height and shape of the water vary depending on the nozzles.

This best solar water pump is suitable for bird bath, small pond, decoration, fish tank, water circulation. It offers 12 months warranty which proves its durability.


  • 10 feet long cable
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Four different spray heads
  • Immediately works after sunlight hit the panel
  • Great for multi-purpose use


  • Water flow could have been better


3. Ankway Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

Best Solar Water PumpAnkway water pump is an easy installing water pump, and the thing that makes it stand out from the rest is its 10 feet long cord. With the long wire, the pump can be submerged in the bird bath and kept in the shade while the solar panel can be retained under the bright sunlight.

Not only bird bath it is apt for garden decoration, fish tank, small pond, water circulation for oxygen as well. The pump has a brushless motor. Its starts spraying water immediately after putting under the sun.

This water pump doesn’t need batteries or electricity to run. It must be kept continually under direct sunlight. This pump provides four different sprayer options to customize the water patterns. It can spray water up to 175L per hours.

It is water resistant and doesn’t get affected due to rainwater. It is pretty easy to clean. The pump comes with a filter bag which covers it entirely to avoid blockage due to dirt. It comes with a 12 months warranty.


  • Driven automatically by the sunlight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Comes with four nozzle heads
  • Multiple applications
  • 12-month warranty


  • Works only under intense sunlight


4. ROADTEC Solar Fountain Pump for Birdbath

Best Solar Water PumpRoadtec is an automatically run solar water pump when it is fully exposed to sunlight. It has a built-in brushless motor which consumes less energy and provides a good flow of water depending on the intensity of the sunlight.

The brushless motor also ensures a longer service life. Regular cleaning increases the durability of the pump as well. It comes with a 12 feet cord which allows keeping the birdbath under the shade and the solar panel under bright sunlight.

The advantage of such water pumps is that the water doesn’t start heating up due to powerful sun rays. This fountain water pump has a lifespan of approximately 20000 hours or more where the water flow is 200L per hour.

It is driven by sunlight. The best time for it to work is from 8 am to 5 pm. It takes just 3 seconds to start working. It is suitable for decorating the garden, birdbath, fish tank and more.


  • Has a lifespan for twenty thousand hours
  • Four different sprinkler heads
  • Automatically runs with sufficient sunlight
  • Starts working within 3 seconds
  • 12 feet long cord


  • Tiny motor


5. Brilliant Solar Power Bird Bath Fountain Pump

Best Solar Water PumpBrilliant is a fountain pump which has a distinct design which has a meaning behind it. It is a flower-type solar fountain pump which has six petals. They symbolize hope, freedom, love, belief, youth, talent, friendship, health, wealth and glory.

The thought in itself makes it different. The unique design easily catches the attention of the visitors and enhances the beauty of the garden.

Like all other solar water pumps, it is entirely dependent on solar power and doesn’t require external battery or electricity. It is eco-friendly and saves energy. It is durable and has a highly efficient and competent solar panel.

The motor used in it is brushless. It starts working within 3 seconds when exposed to sunlight and stops working after 3 seconds when there is no sunlight. It restarts again after 3 seconds when the sun becomes brighter again.

It comes with six attachments which include four nozzle heads. It perfectly suits the fish tanks, small ponds, birdbaths and water circulation for oxygen. It offers a 100% warranty validating the quality of the product.


  • Floatable Unique design
  • Doesn’t require battery or electricity
  • Brushless motor
  • Perfect for multiple applications
  • Four nozzle heads


  • Underwhelming water force


6. Patuoxun Power Panel Kit Solar Water Pump

Best Solar Water PumpThis solar fountain is known for its easy usage and installation. It is an energy saver and environment-friendly as well. This water pump has a highly efficient Polycrystalline Silicon solar panel, and it doesn’t require extra power to run.

It starts working when exposed to sunlight. It makes use of solar energy to the maximum. It offers a lifespan of 20000 hours and provides 150L water flow in an hour.

The brushless motor performs better than many similar motors.  It ensures a quick, efficient and stable start with a good water flow which can touch up to 45 cm. It is waterproof and doesn’t get affected if kept in the open during heavy rainfall.

It comes with an approximately 10 feet long cord, so you can regularly change the position of the solar panel where the sunlight is the strongest. It provides four sprinkler heads as well. It is perfect for small birdbaths, garden decoration, water circulation, and fish tanks.


  • Starts quickly and efficiently within 3 seconds
  • Made of Polycrystalline silicon
  • Eco-friendly and energy saving
  • Easy usage and operation
  • 20000 hours lifetime


  • Small


7. Ankway Solar Water Pump Kit

Best Solar Water PumpAnkway is known for its high-quality solar water pumps, and this one is no different. It runs automatically using solar power and requires no batteries, plugins, and electricity.

It is a brushless pump which beautifies the birdbaths, small ponds, garden, fish tanks. It also efficiently circulates water for oxygen.

It comes with a 9.8 feet long wire which connects the solar pump with the solar panel. It also allows separating the pump and the panel according to the requirement.

The water in the small ponds and birdbaths gets warm up to 100-degree Fahrenheit due to it remaining under constant sunlight.

So, due to the long cord, one can put the birdbath under a shade and place the solar panel under bright sunlight. This way repeatedly changing the position of the solar panel becomes easy.

It comes with four fountain heads which ensure four different water pattern and height. It is effortless to clean. It offers a 12 months warranty period as well.


  • Automatically runs under sunlight without any battery or  electricity
  • 9.8 feet long wire
  • Multiple fountain heads
  • Comes with a year warranty
  • Easy to clean


  • Low pump pressure


8. LATITOP 1.8W Solar Fountain Standing Floating

Best Solar Water PumpLATITOP is an eco-friendly and energy saving water pump. It has a comparatively larger solar panel. Its length is 7.08 inches and width is 4.72 inches. The length and width offer comparatively more scope to absorb solar energy.

It also comes with a 10.8 feet cord which allows a functional space between the solar panel and the birdbath or other artificial puddles in which the pump will be kept. The pump has a brushless motor which ensures long service life and consumes low energy.

It takes less or equal to 3 seconds to start when exposed to the sunlight. The stoppage and restart of water flow also eventuate within 3 seconds only. It covers 150cm water area and reaches up to 70cm water height.

It comes with four nozzle heads which allow different water patterns depending on the strength of the sunlight. The nozzles also determine the flow of the water. It has a 20000 hours lifespan and suitable for fish tanks, small ponds, bird baths, gardens, and water circulation.


  • Energy saving and environment-friendly
  • 12 feet cord length
  • Four types of nozzle heads
  • Built-in brushless motor
  • works within 3 seconds and has 20000 hours lifespan


  • Pretty hard to clean if it gets badly clogged


9. COSSCCI Solar Fountain Pump

Best Solar Water PumpCOSSCCI Solar Fountain Pump is a floatable, round water pump where the motor is attached beneath the solar panel. It is an automatic solar panel which starts when it is exposed in sunlight.

Like any other quintessential solar water pumps, it takes only 3 seconds to start. It has a brushless motor which assures lower energy consumption, longer service life, and strong water flow.

It requires no battery or electricity, therefore environment-friendly and saves energy. It has six attachments among which three are sprinkler heads. The sprinkler heads change the water flow and patterns.

Though floatable, it can also adhere to one place with the help of the suction cups. The floatable feature allows the water to continually move which is better to keep away the mosquitoes from laying eggs.

It has 10000 hours of service life, and its maximum water flow is 150L per hour. It is an excellent medium to attract the birds towards the birdbath. It is suitable for bird bath, garden, water circulation, fish tank, small pond, and other water surfaces.


  • Floatable and automatic solar panel
  • Built-in brushless motor
  • 10000 hours of service life
  • Three different sprinkler heads
  • Easy to move


  • Needed more suction cups to hold on one place


10. LATITOP Upgraded Solar Fountain Water Pump

Best Solar Water PumpThis one grabs a spot in our best solar water pump list due to its multiple unique features. This one is the only fountain water pump from our list which provides a battery backup.

It has a built-in battery which allows it to absorb solar energy. After absorbing the energy, it can work for a whole hour without sunlight. It is a rare feature especially when the solar pump is inexpensive. It works similar to other water pumps.

It starts working immediately after getting sunlight, but it doesn’t stop working quickly without sunlight. The battery must be charged for two hours under sunlight for the first time use.

Even after with the battery back-up, it saves energy and is environment-friendly as the battery gets charged through sunlight. Its water inductor function allows the motor to work only in water.

This function overall avoids shortening the lifetime and maintains the longevity of the pump. It comes with four different sprinkler heads and a detachable inlet strainer for easy cleaning.


  • Driven automatically by sunlight
  • Absorbs solar energy and provides battery backup
  • Four different sprinkler heads for different water flow
  • The motor features water inductor function
  • Detachable inlet strainer


  • Askew pattern



At the end of our best solar water pump list, we will like to mention very clearly that all of the products have very similar features, especially the nozzle count is exactly same in all of them. These are the best available in the market, are very low in price but offer exceptional service.

All of these are entirely dependent on sunlight and shouldn’t be kept running without water in the tub or tank. They should be cleaned regularly; otherwise, the longevity might get affected.

Hopefully, our list will help you to get your desired solar fountain water pump and you will be able to adorn your garden according to your inclination and taste.


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