How to Choose the Best Solar Lights for Garden

Last Updated on July 25, 2020 by Daniel Cooper

How to Choose the Best Solar Lights for Garden? Installing outdoor lamps can be quite expensive. There is the cost of buying the lamps themselves, buying electrical wires, labor/installation costs, and power bills every month. With solar lamps, however, the only cost is the buying cost. This seems too good to be true and until recently it was because these solar lamps emitted a very dim light.

Best Solar Lights for Garden

Improved solar lighting technology in lighting, solar cells, and batteries have improved on this, and garden solar lamps are increasingly becoming a popular alternative to the mains powered garden lamps. However, when deciding to go for this option, there are some important things to consider so that you select the best solar lights for gardens.

How to Choose the Solar Lights for Garden

Types of Bulbs

Most solar powered garden lamps use Light Emitting Diode technology to produce light. LED bulbs are extremely efficient because they produce enough light while generating less heat as compared to other bulbs. This means that they last longer with the same amount of battery charge. These bulbs are therefore recommended in garden solar lamps because solar energy is quite limited.


It would be better to have a solar garden lamp with removable lithium-ion batteries because of easier replacement and alternative charging methods. When a garden light bulb starts under-performing, the most likely culprit is the battery. A lamp with removable batteries is easier to maintain because you can replace the batteries with new ones in case the old ones are spoilt or recharge them using mains power in case they have very little charge, then put them back.

This is quite advantageous in wet or cold seasons where there is little or no sunlight which is not enough to sustain the lamps’ energy needs. Another important thing to note is that to get the best battery life, it is important to charge them fully before use. Hence it is advisable to have duplicate sets of batteries, especially in cold or wet weather so that while one set is being recharged, the other is in use on the solar lamp.


Some solar garden lamps have only one setting which is the manual on and off switch. Others, however, give you more flexibility by having an automatic on and off switch which switches the lamp on in the evening and switches it off in the morning.

This automatic switch is better because you do not have to worry about forgetting to switch it off in the morning which would otherwise drain the battery. Another desirable feature in some of these lamps is the dimming setting which lets you choose the amount of brightness you want depending on your needs or depending on the battery status.

Powerful photo-voltaic cells

When choosing the best solar lights for gardens, powerful and efficient photo-voltaic cells are probably the most important things to consider. These cells are the ones that convert light energy from the sun to electrical energy which charges the battery. Powerful and efficient cells convert more light into electrical energy and thus give you more battery charge. At the end of the day, this gives you a better performing solar lamp which means you have a brighter light and for a longer period.


Different solar garden lamps exist in different light areas of your outdoor garden. For instance, solar accent lights have an ambient light that illuminates a small area. These basic highlight elements in a garden like flowers in order to give visual interest at night.

Solar landscape lights, on the other hand, provide a spotlight to highlight a large feature in your garden like a tree. Such lamps might be placed around the tree to light it up from all angles in the night. Therefore, you need to choose the solar garden lamp you want to depend on the function you want it to do for you.


Selecting the best solar lights for your garden solely depends on the independent features that make it better than the others and the functionality. A bad choice might give you a bad experience and completely ruin your night garden while a good choice might save you a lot of money while also beautifying your garden at night.


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