The 10 Best Soil Tester of 2020

Plants require the right amount of nutrition, need the proper pH, moisture level, and also need proper light. Maintaining everything is very much important to make a healthy garden and farm. Testing soil is essential and foremost work for getting healthy plants.

Many gardeners and farm owners have faced this reality, and they feel anxious for their weak plants or slow gardens growth. That’s why you need an excellent quality soil tester. Here you will find ten best soil testers available today.

Reviews of the Best Soil Tester

There are many soil testing tool available on the market, but you must pick a specific testing device for you. Our researcher’s team has given their dedication to selecting some of the best quality soil testers.

They reviewed 10 best soil testers on the web so that you can find the best one. We hope that these reviews will be helpful for you to pick Best Soil Tester.

1. Luster Leaf 1606 Rapitest Soil pH Tester

Best Soil TesterThis Rapitest Digital Soil pH Tester is schematic to make soil experimenting get-at-able than ever. Functionally, it’s the richest in design and ability to provide the highest accurate data which will be incredibly useful and helpful for your garden or newly growing field.

The Rapitest Digital Soil pH Tester is the kind of a device that can remove your frustrating mind. An optical soil test chamber is incorporated in the core of the device, and this chamber will generate you the color hue which is distinguishable to your Soils pH levels.

Actually, it’s hassle-free procedures which are accomplished conveniently in a test tube and reveals the test result precisely. The experiment is executed in four color-coded test tubes wherein one each for pH, Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash.

There are the testing reagents capsules included for performing tests which are color coded to match with the tube caps. A dropper is provided to simplify shifting the test solution into the test tube. The kit also takes on a compatible test tube carrier, which can contain all four test tubes while the color is flourishing.


  • Provides results within few seconds
  • LED digital technology enabled the device
  • Included pH preferences provide over 450 plants ph managements
  • Simple & informative manuals included
  • Accomplishes 10 tests for soil pH


  • Newbies should read the instruction before use


2. Dr.meter S10 Soil Moisture Sensor Meter

Best Soil TesterDr. Meter is one of the greatest and picked hygro and moister meter of all time. It is the highest accurate data providing pH meter on the market. This versatile device is for various purposes.

If you want to make your farmland, garden, the lawn in a tip-top condition and healthier by planting, cultivating, or sowing then this multipurpose device can be used as like as a consultant. So, you would be able to perfectly treat your plants and ground, and make a beautiful growing.

It has patented with an eight-inch metal stem which implants into root level. You need to plug this device into the soil and read the result. This meter is designed with10 scale for reading the data.

The scale system has been coded to red, green and blue color for hassle-free reading. This device is run on without batteries and electricity so that you can use it easily. A perfect and portable design will allow you to carry it everywhere. You can apply it to indoor or outdoor without any complexity.


  • Generate accurate result
  • Just Plug and read
  • Color-coded scale for better reading
  • The scale is designed to red, green and blue color
  • Run without battery and electricity
  • Portable and compact design


  • Don’t put it for a long time in the soil
  • Don’t put directly to hard soil


3. BluelabPensoilph Soil Tester pH Pen

Best Soil TesterThe BluelabPensoilph soil pH Tester is the ultimate handy solution for measuring soil pH and temperature. This Bluelab Soil pH pen provides 100% accurate pH and temperature reading of soils and media, that’s why you can decide about the right nutrient from an uncertain situation so that your plants will grow fast and looks healthier.

It is the precisely made soil pH pen which will allow you to handle the prevalence of soil thriving harvests. Thisbest soil tester pH pen has designed to like a pen.

It is constructed with a sturdy and removable dibber which can create a hole in soils or media. Otherwise, this tester can able to read results from solutions.

It has been mobilized with a storage cap & this device is fully waterproof. This pH pen has designed with a backlit LCD display, and pH scale indicator makes this device user-friendly and extremely useful.

It features the buttons which are used for generating centigrade and Fahrenheit. It also patented with the hold and auto-off function and enabled with the low battery warning technology.


  • Able to measure pH and temperature from a solution
  • Patented with pH calibration indicator
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Low battery warning technology
  • Fully waterproof
  • Buttons with selectable units for centigrade and Fahrenheit.


  • Looks a bit fragile but sturdy
  • Little pricy


4. ProPlugger 5-in-1 Lawn Tool

Best Soil TesterThe ProPluger 5-IN-1 long-handled bulb planter is a versatile device that can be applied for multipurpose use. This ProPluger is highly constructed and sturdy. It’s really doesn’t matter how rough and tough of your around soil or ground.

You can jump on it easily and use it with full of your force to dig into the soil. You will be able to make effective holes randomly and spontaneously in a comfortable standing position.

When you dig, the Pluger holes will contain soils and, you will be able to make it empty by turning it upside down. The Pluger has come with a depth ring which will allow you to make a hole as different purposes, and you can customize it for making at 2inch, 4inch, and even 6inch deep hole.

This versatile tool will help you to plant various harvests and makes your lawn great. It perfectly works as an annual planter, soil sampler as well as a weed remover.

Its bottom edge is sharpened so that it needs a little effort to drive it into the soil. This tool is really helpful for old persons and who are suffered from mild arthritis.


  • 5-IN-1 long handled versatile tool
  • Great multipurpose tool for all season use
  • Patented for work in the standing position
  • A helpful tool for the senior person
  • Great longevity
  • All welded carbon steel
  • Sharpened bottom edge


  • Be careful digging in extremely dry or overly saturated soil


5. XLUX Soil Tester Meter

Best Soil TesterThis is another well designed versatile measuring meter for testing soil’s moisture, light and pH levels. This 3-way meter is compact and portable so that you can carry it to any place of your around easily.

It has patented with two different color legs, one is a pH sensor, and another one is the moisture sensor. When you want to experiment, you need to simply push the leg into the soil about 2- 4 inch and, you will get the desired results within a few seconds.

You will be able to detect the right lighting for your plants with this meter. It can be applied to your indoor or outdoor equally.

It designed with a calibrating display which is patented with three types of scaling, one is for moisture which is 0-10, the light reading scale is to 0-2000, and pH reading scale is calibrated to 3.5 – 8.

So, you can read the results in an absolutely easy way. There is a selectable switch for changing your desired reading. This is really easy to use, and no battery is needed.


  • 3-way meter
  • Provide accurate results
  • Simply push the legs into the soil and read the results
  • Three different calibrations for easy reading
  • No battery is required
  • Compact and portable


  • Don’t leave it to the soil for a long time
  • Cleaning is needed after use.


6. Sonkir Soil pH Meter

Best Soil TesterThe Sonkir pH meter is a 3-in-1 device, which is designed to test the pH, moisture and light level. This versatile device is provided 100% accurate results by three different scaling systems.

This multipurpose tool can be used in indoor as well as your garden or outside. Three different measuring systems will help you take the right decision and make you understand about plants nutrition or any factor that can prevent the better growth of your plants.

You just needed to drive the needles into the soil, and you will get the results easily. A big calibrated display will show you the accurate reading. This device is designed to lightweight.

The portable compact design will allow you to set it anywhere. A patented selectable switch will help you to read data as your desired mood. It is extremely easy to use. After successful completion, clean the needles and store it perfectly.


  • 3-in-1 versatile device
  • Patented with a clear & big display
  • Two sensor needle
  • Able to read the data of pH, moisture and light
  • No battery is needed
  • Lightweight, compact and portable


  • Don’t leave it to the soil for a long time
  • Clean after use


7. Luster Leaf 1835 Rapitest Dig 3W Analysis

Best Soil TesterThe luster Leaf 1835 Digital 3-way analyzer is the most precise made analyzer tool. This digital 3-way soil analyzer will provide you the accurate readings for pH, soil fertility and temperature.

Digital results are pretty easy to read and much more accurate. This 3-way experimenting system will help you to treat your garden or plants perfectly.

Farmers or gardeners are really enjoyed using this digital meter. It is a lightweight, compact and portable tool so that you can use it spontaneously and store it easily after use.

A nice digital display will show the information’s, and you can analyze the results by a couple of touches to the digital analyzer. It has been patented with a test selection button so that you can select and get results to display as like as your selection.

This meter is also designed with a flexible coil cord cable which is attached with the metallic probe handle. This digital meter will help you to see fertility levels, and help to read the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash to ascertain exact health, growth, and productivity of your plants.


  • 3-way analyzer tool
  • Versatile tool and provide accurate results
  • Digital meter, hassle-free reading
  • Read pH, fertility, and temperature
  • Test selectable buttons included
  • Easy to use, compact and portable
  • Nice user-friendly design


  • Handle carefully


8. Luster Leaf Digital Moisture Meter

Best Soil TesterThe Luster Leaf Digital Moisture Meter is the ultimate solution for your garden. This digital meter provides the test result accurately and quickly. This soil moisture meter is an inevitable device for both experienced and inexperienced gardeners and farmers.

This is a versatile device which is patented for various uses. This incredible digital meter is designed to measure soil moisture levels, pH levels and also light dimensions. It is one of the precise tools for making the right decision to create your garden lively and healthy.

This simple and effective design meter has a 6-inch long probe that can read the result from the root level of the plants. This digital meter comes with a watering guide and necessary instructions for over 150 species.

This handy, compact and portable device is an extremely useful device for your indoor plants, hanging baskets plants, indoor tube plants and incredibly good for your outdoor plants. This best soil tester has a power on/off button so that you can control it as you need.


  • Versatile tool
  • Measures soil moisture, pH and light dimensions
  • Extremely easy to read and use
  • Included printed plant with information
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor also
  • Can be used easily on low pots and hanging baskets
  • Designed and engineered in the USA


  • Can be a bit difficult to read from high
  • Digital meters need a bit more care


9. Covery 3 in 1 Soil Tester

Best Soil TesterCovery 3 in 1 Soil moisture, light and pH acidity tester is the well-designed tool for the gardeners and farmers. This device is pretty lovable to the beginner and also an excellent testing device for the experienced users.

Its design is really handy and impressive. It has a clear calibrated display which shows the test result accurately and perfectly. This display is calibrated with a pH scale which is set to 3.5-8, a moisture reader scale which is 1-10, and a light quality measuring scale which calibrated to 0-2000 lux.

This meter has been designed with two useful needles; each needle is 7.1 inches long. One is works for moisture sensor, and another one is the act for pH sensor.

This tool is extremely easy to use and maintenance, no battery is needed, just plug it and read comfortably. It has patented with a selectable switch for moisture, pH and light position settings.

You just needed to stick the probe into the soil approximately 2-4 inches then adjust the switch for your desired result and wait for 10 minutes; you’re ready to read the test result.


  • Versatile 3 in 1 tester
  • Measures soil moisture, pH and the light quantity
  • Provides accurate results hassle-free reading system
  • Well-calibrated display, user-friendly
  • Compact and portable design
  • No battery is needed


  • Needs cleaning after use


10. THZY Soil Moisture Meter

Best Soil TesterIf you are looking for a sturdy, handy and affordable moisture meter then THZY soil moisture meter can be the ideal choice for you.  It is a perfect portable, compact design that allows you to carry anywhere of your around.

This is also useful for indoor use. This moisture meter provides a precise result, and you are informed properly so that you can take appropriate action for your plants or gardens.

This is a really useful product for farmers or gardeners who love work outside for extended hours because it doesn’t need a battery.

This meter has been nicely patented with a translucent calibrated display so that you can read the results easily and effortlessly. The scale is calibrated with three different colors for DRY, MOIST, and WET so that it can be readable even for a less visional person.

This meter has a 7.7-inch long stick which is perfect for using everywhere.  You just needed to stick the probe into the soil, and after several minutes, you will get the results.


  • Sturdy, portable and affordable tool
  • Translucent calibrated display
  • No need battery
  • 7.7 inches long high sensitive stick
  • Provides accurate result within a few minutes
  • Perfect for everywhere use


  • Don’t leave it to the soil for a long time
  • Needs clean the stick after use



All of your growing plants need proper care and exact nutrition and factors. It is a bit difficult to treat the plants but read them properly. Now, it will be easier to make your garden or plants lively by testing your soil with the best soil tester.

When you test your soil accurately, then you can give them the exact component as they need. Best quality soil tester can change your garden and farm rapidly because you can treat them properly than before.

Our best picks are incredibly good well functioned so you can rely on them. Otherwise, these Best soil testers are from renowned manufacturer and 100% quality assured product. So, why late! Pick a precisely made soil tester and make plants healthier.


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