Best Plastic Wheelbarrow Review in 2022

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Gardening and farm work can be tough, and having the right tools for the trade will make a significant difference in work speed and personal fatigue.

I suggest getting something to help you lug around those heavy loads—but finding the best plastic wheelbarrow for the job can be tricky. Lots of factors, such as load capacity, wheel size, and handle height, can play a role in your decision.

Best Plastic Wheelbarrow Reviews

Keep reading for information on a couple of sound options, as well as tips on how to find the best solution for your needs. You will be getting all of those cumbersome tasks done in no time!

Best Plastic Wheelbarrow Review



Editors Rating

SuncastHigh Durability, lightweight & cheapA+
AmesEasy-handling & corrosion proofA-
RubbermaidExcellent maneuverability & heavy dutyA


Suncast 15.5-Gallon Poly Rolling, Lawn Cart

This model is a nifty little helper. With a volume of 15.5 Gallons, it will be suitable for small to medium tasks and jobs. It will, for example, suit garden work very well, and can be used for both pruned branches, mulch, weeds, leaves, and many other kinds of materials.

best plastic wheelbarrow

The cart has two plastic wheels, each 7 inches wide with a metal axle, and a telescopic handle. It can be used on different kinds of terrain and maneuvers easily around tight corners, trees, and bushes.

Weighing in at a mere 6.9 lb, this cart can easily be used by both children, adults, the elderly, and everyone in between.

Among other features and benefits, this plastic garden wheelbarrow lets you:


  • Pull it up steps and staircases when a load is placed in the bucket. When the cart is empty, it can easily be carried upstairs;
  • Load up to 100 lb at a time, ample capacity for the majority of small to medium gardening and yard tasks;
  • Save time on assembly, as all it requires is for the handle to be attached via a few screws;
  • Pull rather than push the cart due to the two-wheel design. This makes it easier to navigate, and allows you to control it around corners and trees with more precision;
  • Easily grab it to lift it if you need to, for example into a car or truck, or up a hill or stairs when the bucket is empty;
  • Store it efficiently. The bucket can be filled with other items if the cart is not required for an extended period, or it can merely be tucked into a corner as-is until it is needed again;
  • Clean it with minimal effort. The cart can be hosed down for a quick rinse or can be wiped with a damp cloth. The plastic material is easy to maintain, and if left for a long time, any gathered dust can be gotten rid of just as easily as dirt;
  • Adjust the handle to different users. The telescopic handle can be extended or pushed in as the user sees fit, allowing the cart to be used by people of different ages and heights.

While this cart is very useful, it does have a few drawbacks. This includes:


  • A habit of tipping if left empty. I suggest placing a stone or brick in the bucket to balance it when working with small loads;
  • A shallow bucket, making transport of shovels and rakes difficult.


Ames Easy Roller 4 cubic foot Yard Cart

The Easy Roller cart from Ames features a four-wheel design along with a dedicated tool tray to store all the other helpers you need for a given job.

best plastic wheelbarrow for garden

If you need high volume capacity and a stable solution, this may be the best wheelbarrow for you. Ames has produced their cart from an all-poly material with tubular steel axle, and have implemented an extra-wide wheelbase to make the cart as stable as possible.

The front wheels have a diameter of 10 inches, while the rear wheels measure 5 inches. While stable and able to handle high volumes, this cart is not the lightest, weighing in at 18 lb.

The Easy Roller has a number of benefits and pros, including:


  • Four holes in the rim of the bucket, allowing you to insert wooden stakes to secure higher loads, which lets you transport a variety of materials without restriction;
  • Easily replaceable wheels. If you prefer rubber wheels to the included plastic ones, or if they are more suitable for your terrain and tasks, the wheels of this cart can be changed with minimal hassle;
  • A lifetime warranty, which Ames will honor. If your cart breaks, you can send pictures to the manufacturer to request a free replacement—however, this would rarely be necessary, as these carts are reported to last for 10 – 15 years;
  • A very stable design regardless of load distribution and weight due to the four-wheel setup;
  • A narrow frame, which makes it a breeze to navigate around the yard, including taking on corners and tight trees;
  • Being useful to seniors and adults alike, in part due to its stability, and in part due to its capacity;
  • Letting you use it for long periods of time without having to empty it;
  • A handy solution when you need to do several different tasks requiring different tools, as these can be stored in the dedicated tool tray;
  • The ability to either pull or push the cart, depending on your preferences, the load weight, and the terrain you are working on;
  • A versatile plastic material, so you can use it in all weather conditions and all environments.

Owners of this cart have noted a few cons, including:


  • The bucket being positioned a bit low to the ground, making it more difficult to work with over bumps;
  • The wheelbarrow handle being a bit on the short side, making some working positions uncomfortable.


Rubbermaid Commercial 3.25 cubic foot Rouchneck Lawn Cart Pallet

plastic wheelbarrow amazon

The Rubbermaid lawn cart sports a volume capacity at the middle of the spectrum and can deal with loads of up to 200 lb. It is made from high-density polyethylene, meaning that it may be the best plastic wheelbarrow for your needs if you require a sturdy, durable solution.

The design consists of two fixed wheels and an integrated handle. In the realm of gimmicks and extras, the wheelbarrow handles features a molded-in tool and beverage holder.

The volume capacity of the cart is 3.25 cubic foot when loaded to level, and 4.5 cubic foot if loaded in a heaped fashion. At 14.66 lb, the cart weighs in as a medium-heavy device.

The cart has a number of benefits noted and appreciated by numerous owners, including:


  • Back legs for balancing. When setting down the cart, it will not tip, be difficult to pick back up, or start rolling away, as the sturdy back legs will prevent it from doing so;
  • The workings of a wheelbarrow, but with significantly easier handling, especially when negotiating corners and tight spaces;
  • The possibility of both pushing and pulling as ways of maneuvering, allowing greater flexibility regarding user styles and loading;
  • Being a good choice for seniors and people with back issues, namely due to the stability provided by the back legs, and the ability to either push or pull depending on preference;
  • Assembled delivery, letting new owners use their cart right away. No need to spend time reading manuals or getting the screwdriver out;
  • A high capacity, both in terms of volume and weight, making it useful for a wide variety of tasks, such as yard work, gardening, and stable work;
  • An easily cleaned surface—all you need is a hose or a damp cloth depending on how dirty the cart is;
  • Hard plastic wheels, avoiding punctures. Don’t let your work get interrupted by having to stop and change wheels;
  • A tool and beverage holder. Bring everything around with you, and keep a drink on hand for those long, sweaty days in the garden or yard;

Some owners have noted a few difficulties with the cart, though, including:


  • A sloped side in the bucket, making some stacking of items difficult.
  • The handle being a bit short for taller people, complicating some aspects of using the cart;


Things to consider before buying  Best Plastic Wheelbarrow

It is important to take several different factors into account when choosing the best plastic wheelbarrow for your needs and tasks. I particularly recommend considering the following aspects in relation to your requirements.

1. Load capacity

The load capacity of you garden cart will need to accommodate the amount of material and the kinds of tools you need to transport on a daily basis. Both the weight and volume capacity of the cart are relevant, and as is the ratio between the two.

2. Wheels

The number of wheels as well as the size and material matter depending on the terrain you will be using your cart in. Having four rather than two wheels means, that the cart will be more stable on uneven terrain while having two wheels may make the cart more capable of handling corners.

3. Handle type

Your decision to opt for a telescopic or a fixed handle should depend on several considerations. The major one would be as to who will be using the cart—only adults? Children as well? If different kinds of users will use the cart, they may need or prefer a different handle length. In the case of different users, I would suggest a telescopic handle.

4. Maneuverability

Being able to get your cart around any obstacle is paramount in ensuring an efficient workflow. Navigating sharp corners, working around trees or having to dodge rocks are all made easier by having a very maneuverable cart. Usually, a two-wheeled cart will be the easiest to get around such obstacles.

Other considerations

As well as the above, it is worth it to:

  • Consider whether pushing or pulling the load is best for you;
  • Consider how much stability you need from your cart—this will, for example, depend on your terrain type.


Choosing the best plastic wheelbarrow for your needs is vital whether you are planning a project, have ongoing work requiring one or simply intend to use it now and then.

The Suncast wheelbarrow is lightweight, small and two-wheeled, while the Ames is heavy with a large capacity. The Rubbermaid cart sits in the middle of the two with its medium capacity and weight.

These three carts each offer different advantages and disadvantages and are aimed at different types of garden and yard work. First and foremost, you should evaluate what kind of work you will be doing—and after this consider factors such as load capacity, wheels, handle type, and maneuverability when choosing your cart, and whether you would prefer pulling or pushing the cart.

If you take your time to weigh up the pros and cons of different designs with your work in mind, I am sure that you will find a cart that you will be happy with, and which will serve you well for years to come.

Finally, among the three examples, I would recommend Suncast Polly Rolling  Lawn Cart would be the best plastic wheelbarrow for you.

This product is top Selling, long lasting, high performance and cheap wheelbarrow as compared to other plastic wheelbarrows.


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