The 10 Best Manual Chainsaw Sharpener of 2020

Nowadays, Chainsaws are using all over the world and day by day using chainsaws are increasing dramatically because of the easy and comfortable cutting technique. Every chainsaw must be sharpened now and then. After cutting for a while, your chainsaw may become blunt and need to be some treatment.

If the blunt chain is not replaced, it won’t cut the wood properly and can be harmful to machine. That’s why we’ve come up with 10 best manual chainsaw sharpener available in the market.

Reviews of the Best Manual Chainsaw Sharpener

In this perspective, you will need to replace or sharpen the chain. Replacing the chain is pretty costly so that every user needed a chainsaw sharpener. There are many chainsaws on the market, and you will need the best quality chainsaw, which is helpful for fast sharpening.

Here, we are going to introduce you with some best quality manual chainsaw, which will save time and money. Let’s read and choose the best manual chainsaw sharpener for you!

1. Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

Best Manual Chainsaw SharpenerThis sharpener is amazingly good and so easy to use. It is undoubtedly a time saver over hand filing. It is undoubtedly a handy tool to carry with you into the wood garden or forest.

You will be amazed to watch its excellent performance and blown away by the ease of use and high-quality of this incredible chainsaw sharpener. You can sharpen your chains simply by hand with less effort.

It has patented with a high-grade tungsten carbide cutter which is hand turned by a handle. On the other hand, the carbide guides have fixed at an ideal position of 30 degrees. With this handy tool, you can sharpen the chains perfectly more than the dozen times and be perfect all time.

There is no need any electricity or batteries so that you can use this tool without any interruption even you are in the backcountry. Once it is clamped to the bar, it can sharpen every tooth perfectly the same height, accurate angle, and depth as the rest.


  • Sharpens every tooth accurately
  • Handy, easy to use
  • Tungsten carbide cutter
  • Carbide guides are fixed at 30degree
  • Carbide guides are hand turned with a handle
  • Well worth of money


  • Manual sharpener takes a bit more time


2. STIHL Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

Best Manual Chainsaw SharpenerThe STIHL 2 in 1 chainsaw sharpener is a revolutionary sharpener tool. It sharpens your chainsaw smoothly, and you will get a hassle-free cut. This is a convenient tool so that you can take it anywhere.

This sharpener is the most ease tool which will provide you a quality sharpening without any interruption. Otherwise, this sharpener tool takes comparatively little time than others.

The STIHL 2 in 1 was made for sharpening your chainsaw cutters and also lowering the depth gauges. It will provide you a more accurate and perfect chain saw within less time, and you get the lots of time to work with your chainsaw for cutting woods.

This invincible manual system has been included two round files with one flat file which has come with file holder and an incredible filling guide. It is impressive for a beginner and also excellent for expert people.


  • Handy, takes less time
  • Comes with two round files
  • Sharpens both tooth & depth gauge
  • Great material provides great longevity
  • No need electricity and batteries


  • A bit pricey
  • Needs to operate manually


3. Cataumet Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit

Best Manual Chainsaw SharpenerCataumet is one of the precise chainsaw sharpening tools which includes 3 round several size files, and three double-handled different sizes file guides. Besides, it has a flat file, depth gauge, extreme quality stump vice, and heavy-duty chainsaw wrench-screwdriver.

This premium quality tools have made with high-grade material so that you can take these kit in any working condition to get the job done. It has come with a highly durable field bag, and you can carry these tools securely without any interruption.

This best manual chainsaw sharpener has made with the universal standard so that it would be fit for any chainsaw. This incredible sharpener kit will provide you a super sharp chainsaw within less time with fewer efforts.

You can control the level and pressure only by your hand. It is designed with the frame guide supports which stabilize the saw file from bending or breaking.

The perfectly designed depth gauge will allow you to cut the tooth evenly and adequately. On the other hand, it has included a sturdy stump-vice which provide you a secure and safe sharpening in the working field.


  • it’s a premium quality sharpening kit
  • All items have made with heavy-duty material
  • Easy to operate
  • Perfect for professional
  • Comes with a premium quality carry bag


  • Little bit more items


4. Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener

Best Manual Chainsaw SharpenerGranberg Bar-Mount is another revolutionary chainsaw sharpener designed by ElofGranberg. This quick access tool sharpens any chain quickly and precisely. Its user-friendly design will allow you to sharpen your any chain saw promptly with minimal effort.

This premium quality chainsaw sharpener is built with sturdy and durable materials. The user-friendly design is adaptable and can be used to sharpen any kinds of chainsaw available on the market. It’s certainly easy to use and perfect for the novice user.

Many users say that it can sharpen the chainsaw’s tooth as like as new so that you can get a hassle-free cut. It is a trusted name around over 35 years and still appealing to the users.

It has patented with the calibrated swivel guide indications for setting properly and keeps the blade securely. The incorporated features will allow you to set file height and tooth length.


  • Adaptable for any kinds of chainsaw
  • Easy to use and handy
  • Built from tough & durable material
  • Can sharpen tooth as like as new
  • It has been tested around over 35years
  • Made in California, USA


  • Files not included
  • It is a little slower though many people enjoy the activity


5. Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

Best Manual Chainsaw SharpenerIf you want to make your wood cutting job ecstatic, then you should buy a Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener. Many users say this magical sharpener sharpens the chainsaw as like as the new and cuts the wood like water.

This sturdy and handy tool saves precious time, and you never go down in your working field. This chainsaw sharpener is one of the best sharpens tool which did the job nicely and sharpened every tooth in seconds. As a result, you get more time and get the precise cut as you want.

This tool has designed new and maintains perfection to the top level. The design will permit the chain to be pulled through as every tooth is sharpened evenly. Anyone can operate this tool because of its easy access.

It has patented with a top-quality tungsten carbide cutter which is hand turned with a handle. The main thing of this tool is, it removed a tiny amount of material so that the chainsaw gets a much longer life span.


  • Quickly sharpens every tooth with perfection
  • High-grade material for construction
  • Handy and easy access
  • Anybody can sharpen as a professional way
  • Top-quality tungsten carbide cutter


  • Little costly though the quality is high
  • Hand operated tool


6. Katzco Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit

Best Manual Chainsaw SharpenerKatzco is another incredible chainsaw sharpener file kit which comes with 8 pieces set for doing your job perfectly. The Katzco, 8piece chainsaw sharpener file kit, is one of the precise sharpener tools which is built to last.

This premium quality file kit contains 5/32, 3/16, 7/32 inch files, a robust and comfortable wood handle, depth gauge, filling guide, and an extremely durable tool pouch for carrying kits safely and securely. This sharpener is not only perfect for the chainsaw but also really good for other blades.

The roll-up tool pouch will allow you to carry all kits securely and provides fast sharpening and a great cut. Anyone can sharpen quickly by its comfortable hardwood handle which is perfectly patented for each kit.

Every kit is made with the premium quality material, so it lasts for longer. This set is handy for professional or beginner indeed. On the other hand, it is convenient and affordable.


  • Comes with 8 piece set
  • Made with great material for longer life
  • Provides fast sharpening
  • Easy to use
  • Included a tool pouch
  • Great portability
  • Convenient and affordable


  • It may take little more time for excellent sharpening


7. Husqvarna SharpForce Chain Sharpener

Best Manual Chainsaw SharpenerThe Husqvarna chainsaw sharpener is a simple and one of the best sharpener tool. The filer serves the double action at the same time of filing both cutter and depth gauge.

This product is undoubtedly popular to the user, and it is one of the sharpest and extremely durable sharpening tools. It is patented for quick sharpening and sharpens each tooth evenly.

This sharpener removes a tiny amount of material from the chain so that the chainsaw gets more life span. It is more likable to the professional because of its simple and convenient design.

Even though its superiority and durability are high, but its price is comparatively low. On the other hand, it is more usable and convenient for its excellent portability.

This stunning tool will provide you fast sharpening with perfection, and you will get the extra confidence and time to done your job.This best manual chainsaw sharpener works smoothly and efficiently, and the legitimate guide gives it to an excellent degree for easy to utilize the sharpener.


  • Perfects for all brands of chainsaw
  • Easy to use & provide excellent accuracy
  • Extraordinarily durable & last for long
  • Sharpens quickly and evenly
  • Versatile tool and affordable
  • Great portability


  • Compatible with the 3/16 inch chain


8. MIZOOVA Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit

Best Manual Chainsaw SharpenerIf you’re looking for a complete chainsaw sharpener, then the MIZOOVA 10 piece chainsaw sharpener file kit is the ideal choice for you. This extraordinary chainsaw sharpener file kit includes all necessary tools and provides you a smooth and hassle-free sharpening within the short period.

It contains 3 round file kit with 5/32, 3/16, 7/32; and 6-inch flat file, depth gauge, filing guide holder, and a comfortable hardwood handle for convenient operation.

The MIZOOVA 10 piece sharpening file kits have made with premium quality materials and built to last. This file kit provides optimal performance with less effort. It has highly engineered 3 round files, and you can use for a variety of chain types and pitch.

Its file guide is designed for lock and quick release so that it generates high stability and control. This superior quality file kit includes a durable and useful pouch so that you can arrange them in one location and you will get the great portability.


  • Extraordinary 10piece file kit
  • Made with high engineering accuracy
  • Offers optimal performance
  • Sharpens quickly and perfectly
  • Includes all necessary kits
  • Comes with a durable pouch for safe and secure carrying


  • Pretty costly
  • Handed operation


9. Chainsaw Sharpener Kit Chain Parts Set

Best Manual Chainsaw SharpenerIf you are looking for a chainsaw sharpener which works for all kinds of chainsaws and blades, then you should buy this 8 piece sharpener kit. This incredible file kit provides you fast and accurate sharpening, and you will get the chainsaw as like as new.

All the tools have been made with durable and sturdy material so that it lasts for longer. On the other hand, the kits are lightweight and robust because of high-quality carbon steel material. This chainsaw sharpener provides optimal performance and filing all brands chainsaw perfectly.

This superior quality chainsaw sharpener has come with the one hardwood stain and finish handle which will allow you to sharpen the chainsaw comfortably and conveniently.

The package also included one flat fine-tooth file, one filing guide, one depth gauge, and 3 round fine-tooth files. A super durable kit pouch has also included this package so that you can carry all the kit securely and comfortably in one location.


  • Superior quality chainsaw sharpener
  • 8 piece file kit for easy and convenient operation
  • Provide fast sharpening
  • Perfect for all brands chainsaw blades
  • Durable, sturdy and lightweight
  • Comes with a super pouch for safe carrying


  • The manual operation takes a bit more concentration


10. Oregon 25894 Chainsaw File Guide

Best Manual Chainsaw SharpenerIf you like to remain things as accessible and straightforward as possible, this chainsaw filing kit could be an ideal option for you. This incredible well chainsaw sharpener has a file for tooth, a flat file, a file guide for accuracy, and a hardwood sturdy handle for comfort and convenient sharpening.

Even though it launched from a renowned manufacturer but it is the best inexpensive sharpening tool which built to last. This high-quality sharpening kit has been made with premium quality material, which gives it a longer life. This excellent sharpening tool is straightforward to use, and anyone can sharpen perfectly without any interruption.

This highly functional tool is perfect for professional, and also unique for the novice user. It is durable, sturdy, lightweight, and compact. This item is easily portable so that you can take it anywhere in your pocket or small bag.


  • Most inexpensive but high quality
  • Made from a most renowned manufacturer
  • Sturdy, durable and lightweight
  • Provides fast and accurate sharpening
  • Comfortable & extremely easy to use


  • Doesn’t includes a pouch
  • Needs a bit more care when carrying



A good quality sharpening tool can increase your performance. Our all of the best items are extremely good in quality and made from premium grade material. That’s why we presented 10 best manual chainsaw sharpeners.

So, you could sharpen your chainsaw very quickly and perfectly in a professional way because all of the tools are easy to use. These sharpeners have been patented recommended by the expert, and professionally sharpen your chainsaw and enhances your chainsaw’s life span.


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