Best Leaf Blowers Buying Guide

Last Updated on August 10, 2020 by Daniel Cooper

Are you the owner of a Garden or Yard? If yes, You will know the role of a Leaf Blower in your garden. Falling of leaves, debris and other dust particles will give an unpleasant look to your garden; you can make your garden look lovely and neat by adapting leaf blowers buying guide, which helps you to get rid of the unwanted leaves and other dirts.

Why Leaf Blowers?

Leaf Blowers are a great investment for your garden, especially if you do have a large garden which is surrounded by a lot of trees like beech, aspen, maple, poplar, oak, willow, etc. Leaf blowers help you to detach and assemble the fallen leaves from your pathways and garden within a limited period.


Helps in vacuuming up the fallen leaves and grass clippings from your garden, displaces tangled grass, clear out farming equipment, rain gutters, garages, and other particles within minutes. Apart from leaf blowers, you can remove/dump garden waste by using the best folding wheelbarrow.

Few Questions to Ask Yourself before Choosing Leaf Blowers

It’s important that you know everything regarding our garden, pathway, or yard to purchase the perfect leaf blowers or garden vacuum. This is where more powerful solutions like power washers fail.

Know what you are going to clear in the garden or yard, how big is the size of your garden, How much capacity of power and noise your garden will be able to handle, what is the weight of the leaf blowers you are going to choose, you will need a leaf blower or a vacuum or the backpack leaf blower with both functions before purchasing the one.

Why Choosing the Right Type of Leaf Blower for your Garden is Important?

leaf blower buying guide

Having the right type of leaf blower for your garden is mandatory. Certain leaf blowers cannot be used in every garden, so be careful while choosing the best electric leaf blower.  In this leaf blowers buying guidepost, I would like to share some tips through which you can choose the right type with ease.

Five different types of leaf blowers are available in the market namely, Corded, Cordless, Gas Powered/Backpack, Gas Powered Handheld and Walk-behind Leaf Blower/Wheeled Leaf Blowers.

Each of them can be used at a particular place and also can be used for various purposes. Know for what purpose you are going to get this leaf blower before grabbing a one for you.

Analyzing the Weight of the Leaf Blowers


Leaf Blowers comes in heavy and light weighted; you need to know the chore level of your garden and then choose the one that is apt to use. First, know the type you are going to choose, backpack (gas-powered), or wheeled/walk behind for larger ones and handheld or corded for smaller gardens.

Checking Out the Battery Power of the Leaf Blowers

Depending on your garden size, you need to choose the leaf blowers battery power, if you have a large battery then charging the battery is a must for the enlarged use, the smaller garden requires only one battery.

The power of the battery is calculated as voltage; large batteries have the power capacity between 40 and 58 volts whereas normal or smaller batteries have the power level up to 20 volts. The capacity is calculated by the running time, if the capacity is greater, the running time would be also longer.

A Smaller garden requires about 1.5 to 2.0 battery capacity whereas medium or large yards will require a battery with high power. If you need to perform any vacuuming or blowing, it’s good to purchase an extra battery.

Noting down the Noise Level produced by the Leaf Blowers


Leaf Blowers has many positives; the only negative is that they are the noisemakers if your garden is of small size, then the noise made by the leaf blowers will be reduced when compared to the larger yards.

Choosing the Leaf Blowers with Easy Switching

It’s mandatory that you choose the leaf blower that can be easily switched to blower from vacuum.

Collection Bag and Blowing Speed

Most of the leaf blowers come with a collection bag for collecting this debris, leaves, and other particles in your garden. Choose the one that is not much bulk so that you dump out the debris and other particles quickly. Also, note down whether the blowing speed suits your garden size.


Most of the gardeners would have a lawn sweeper or leaf blowers for keeping their garden clean and look good.

Are you still not having a leaf blower for your garden to stay away from the fallen leaves and debris? Then this is the right time to purchase a new and apt leaf blower depending upon the above characteristics. In this leaf blowers buying guide article, I hope you have got all related information.


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