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Gardening, quite irrefutably, offers a myriad of benefits to all those individuals who literally put their hands in the dirt for digging and actually trying to create something magnificent.

Some of the most remarkable benefits of gardening include physical and mental health benefits. For instance, gardening for 30 minutes or so helps in lowering the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Moreover, it also helps in improving depression symptoms to a significant extent.

The good news is that the market is inundated with plenty of gardening magazines, which means you have access to a number of options while choosing the best gardening magazine.

It is, however, vital to note that not all gardening magazines are up to the mark. Only a few of these magazines contain well-researched content and guidance from the experts. Therefore, be wise and pick only the best gardening magazine suitable for your requirements.

Mentioned below are a few of the most well-known and trustworthy gardening magazines favored by experts worldwide. Take a look.

Best Gardening Magazine

1. BBC Gardeners World

The Name in the gardening magazine which needs no introduction. They have been writing articles to help beginners with the exclusive step by step guides. Not many enjoy the comprehensive guides, but its readers are Among the best gardeners. Every reader is deep rooted has long lasting trust in the magazine.

2. Better Homes & Gardens (BHG)

Better Homes & gardening has been publishing for over 90 years, one of the prominent magazines. In order to build a simplified, smart, inspiring & productive living, BHG would suggest in all these aspects of your life. Simply, BHG is the best gardening magazine on the market.

With a subscription, you will find enormous honest advice on home, garden, lifestyle, parenting, personal wellness, and overall home management. Here are some key topics that covered by BHG magazine:

  • Family Matter
  • Tips on Gardening
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Traveling
  • Norms & Culture
  • Food & Cooking
  • Entertainment
  • Beauty & Shopping
  • Indoor Gardening 
  • Motivation & Inspiration

3. Mother Earth News

The writers provide the best content to the readers, They have a very loyal audience and they give their best to provide the best of the work. The content of this magazine is focussed on something which you can rely upon.

With specialization from the researchers in every field, this Magazine comes out on the top. From organic to modern, this could be your life changing Gardening Guide.

This country-side magazine provides news on

  • DIY living tips
  • Recreation for outdoor activities
  • Blending between old and new fashion ingenuity
  • Provides tips on gardening tools, equipment, health and personal achievement
  • Buliding and reconstruction of home
  • Fishing
  • Garden tools
  • Producing natural food and recommendations on small farming

4. Garden Gate

Unlike other gardening magazines, Garden Gate has zero advertisements. Moreover, their regular features like Before & After, Container Recipe, and Weed Watch are exceptional. By subscribing to the Garden Gate magazine, you can be sure of filling your knowledge bank constantly.

5. Organic Life (formerly known as Organic Gardening)

If you are interested in availing excellent tips on organic gardening, then don’t give a miss to this one. One of the unique aspects of Organic Life is that widely covers an exclusive subject of vegetable gardening, which other magazines usually don’t.

6. Horticulture

The articles published in Horticulture are indeed worth a read. Their content is informative and pretty inspirational. If you fancy being a serious gardener and wish to take gardening to an elevated level, then Horticulture is for you.

7. Birds And Blooms

Another entertaining magazine with loads of pictures, If you love colors then look no further this magazine is full of vibrant colors, and as the name suggests its full of Birds and Blooms. The writers and photographers provide a brilliant insight into the life of birds. The Magazine contains tons of new plantation and feeder ideas fro the lover of Birds.

8. Garden Illustrated

Garden illustrated is an online magazine. It is a very renowned magazine for gardening. This magazine also arrange different types of offers and event for gardeners. It also discusses on gardening tips, plants and garden designs.  Key topics that are discussed below :

9. Modern Garden

The Magazine which is your everyday guide to bring style to your garden. The issues are full of New ideas and style trends which anyone can follow. Whether a Reader is a newbie or an expert, they all find this magazine full of content loaded with information and style tips. This is the Modern design goddess of magazines.

10. Garden Designs

As the name suggests, Garden Designs is a well-known magazine that showcases some of the most interesting and fascinating garden photos. Rest assured, only the photos in the magazine are likely to sweep you off the floor, let alone the details provided in the magazine.

Tips On Selecting Best garden Magazine

Any gardening magazine that you pick should be able to fetch you the right guidance on gardening.

But, of course, there are a few gardening magazines that are out there in the publication only with the objective of making money. Ideally, you should keep such magazines at bay. Therefore, while selecting a garden magazine, you should follow certain parameters.

First and foremost, your choice of a magazine should have informative content. The purpose of subscribing to a garden magazine is to enhance your knowledge of gardening, and this is exactly what the magazine should do.

Secondly, the written content should be in a simple, jargon-free language that even an inexperienced gardener should be able to comprehend. Lastly, but most importantly, the magazine of your choice should fit into your budget.

Sometimes, well-known gardening magazines are expensive, but that does not necessarily make them worth reading. So look for a magazine that has good content and also fits into your budget.

Final Verdict

In your hunt for good gardening magazines, you will come across literally hundreds of gardening magazines and all giving advice and guidance along with advertisements that will aid in improving the look of the garden. From Amazon, you can have all these gardening magazine subscriptions. So, be smart and choose a garden magazine that suits your needs and has good reviews.

Author Bio: Brandon is a Civil engineer and a part-time blogger, It all started out as a hobby for him. But what started as a hobby eventually Became His Passion. He has been writing scholarly articles on Gardening for some time now. Brandon is presently working with Magsdirect. His Motto is that “Plant a Garden Today and Trust in a Better Tomorrow”.


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