The 10 Best Garden Spade of 2020

Peoples are using lots of tools for making their life easier. It is beneficial for shifting soil, planting, transplanting, perfecting lawn edge, trenching, etc. sometimes they have used as a survival kit such as removing snow, mud, etc. For example, Garden Spade is part and parcel of life.

It is the most vital thing that makes your life easier and beautiful. The primary purpose of a Garden spade is to dig soil, usually in autumn and winter even though a spade is useful during all the year. Here, you’ll find the best garden spade online.

Reviews of the Best Garden Spade

If you are a garden lover and want to make your garden and around tip-top, you must need a handy, useful Best quality, Spade.

Finding an excellent quality spade is a little challenging because there are many poor quality spades are available on the market. In this perspective, our researcher’s team has researched a lot and picks the Best Garden Spade. So, let’s find the best pick for you!

1. Spear Head Spade

Best Garden SpadeThe spearhead spade blade is the revolutionary shovel for the multipurpose use. It has been awarded recently ‘Best of the Best shovels by the independent test lab in 2018.

This multi-patented hybrid shovel is made of pure carbon manganese steel which is 33% thicker and 25% stiffer than any other shovel on the market. The reinforced fiberglass handle has made this shovel incredible in any field or garden.

This non-conductive handle will give you the extra work power, and you will feel stronger even the work for extended hours. This super polished blade will allow you to dig spontaneously with less effort.

It works significantly well in the clay, compacted soils and even in the rocky soils. This spear spade is exceptionally lightweight so that you can lift it easily and dig the ground forcefully.

This sturdy lightweight shovel is the powder coated with an epoxy resin which is 100% weather resistant and needs a little maintenance.

The uniquely designed cushioned polymeric grip gives a high power and makes it an excellent arsenal for digging the hard soil. Its grip has patented with UV protected properties.


  • Made of pure carbon manganese steel
  • Sharpened as a blade, Award-winning shovel
  • Reinforced fiberglass handle
  • Powder coated, weather resistant
  • Extremely lightweight and sturdy
  • Digs spontaneously all types of soil
  • UV protected cushioned polymeric grip


  1. Should be careful when working around electricity.


2. Wilcox All-Pro 100S

Best Garden SpadeThis is the all stainless steel construction and a durable mini digging tool. The Wilcox All-pro 100s Trowel is the excellent choice for any gardening task. This is really handy and extremely easy to use.

This super useful gardening tool will allow you to work with any type’s soil. It’ incredibly sharpened stainless steel blade will permit you to a hassle-free digging such as transplanting, precision gardening, planting, and all around general works will be easier with it.

You will be able to do more productive works with fewer efforts because of its user-friendly design. It is patented with a comfortable plastic handle which is extremely solid and gives you the excellent grip so that you get extra strength, and you can hold it tightly for rigorous works.

This USA manufactured sturdy trowel is made of 16-gauge stainless steel, and it has a great life span. Its sharp point gives you high digging capacity and makes your garden tip-top.


  • Pure 16-gauge stainless steel
  • Sharp as the blade and extremely sturdy
  • Patented with solid, comfortable plastic handle
  • Perfect for gardening and transplanting
  • An extremely strong and powerful tool
  • The USA manufactured and user-friendly design


  • The handle is a little small and little hard for high leverage.


3. Fiskars 46 Inch Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade

Best Garden SpadeIf you are interested in trenching, edging and slicing in the thick hard turf, then you must deal with the Fisker 46 Inch D-handle Square Garden Spade. It is a highly industrious tool for digging.

This 46-inch extra large square garden spade has the sturdy, classic look which is impressive and rare in garden tools. The D-handle shaped makes it very easy to use while digging and give you the firm grip.

If you are a hard worker and work for extended hours, then it would be the best garden spade for you. The square design will allow you to dig spontaneously and excessively.

It is constructed with a 14-gauge rigid steel blade, and the 18-gauge steel shaft gives you the hassle-free severe working experience.  It is patented with an extremely stiff wood handle so that it never flex like fiberglass.

It cuts any kinds of soils such as rocky soils, hardened dirt clods very easily. The large design is amazingly good for back and hips so that you never get down within a short time while working. There is no noticeable maintenance issue, provides excellent durability and longevity.


  • Invincible for trenching, edging, slicing in the hard turf
  • Extra large design is perfect for hip and back
  • Constructed with 14 –gauge hardened steel blade and 18gauge steel shaft
  • Wood handled which never flex like fiberglass
  • D-handled design provides high strength


  • Little annoying for short man.


4. NATO Emergency Military Grade Shovel

Best Garden SpadeIf you are looking for a versatile, multipurpose and indestructible foldable shovel so this can be the ideal and perfect choice for you. It is a Military grade shovel which is exceptionally well for any rigorous works.

This invincible shovel is foldable so that you can carry it anywhere very easily because it takes a tiny space. This Military grade shovel is perfect for gardening, camping, and extreme agriculture use.

It is made of pure carbon steel which is attached with aluminum bolts. This is comparatively light-weighted, easy to use and carry. It is perfect for removing winter snows, and it can easily destroy the hardened dirt clods with less effort.

The big D-shaped handle design will give you the extra strength, and you get the firm grip to use it as a complete arsenal. You will love to carry this multifunctional shovel even in your car or accessories trunk because of its foldability and versatility.

It can be the best among the shovels for around the home or backcountry use.  The design looks sturdy, and you will be confident even in a rescue situation.


  • It is a Military grade shovel
  • Foldable which is effective
  • Easy to carry and apply anywhere
  • Large sturdy Big D-shaped handle
  • Made of Carbon steel with aluminum bolts
  • Lightweight, perfect for severe digging
  • Multifunctional & versatile shovel


  • Be careful while working in the electric area


5. VIVO E-Tool, Folding Spade

Best Garden SpadeThis is another revolutionary best quality foldable shovel for multipurpose use. Vivo Entrenching foldable shovel is the excellent pick for all kinds of user. This versatile shovel has the sturdy and sharp rotating blade which is practical for a considerable number of uses.

If you are aiming at overlong wilderness exploration or preparing yourself for emergency circumstances such as removing hardened dirt clod, digging out a wheel stuck in snow, this super constructed shovel can be the best companion for your any survival situation.

On the other hand, this incredible shovel would be perfect for your gardening or planting. This lightweight, foldable tool makes your around tip-top condition.

It has a unique design such as you can be fixed it at 90 degrees and rotates it at 180 degrees for more extreme conditions. AS opposed to, this excellent design will allow you are cutting the woods by its serrated blade.

This best garden spade is 4.5 inches wide at the head and 6.25 inch long with a serrated edge for sawing. This ultimate compact scheme reduces the size to 6 inches from the unfolded extensions of 18 inches. It has come with a carrying bag so that you can convey it safely.


  • Foldable & versatile shovel
  • Patented with a rotating blade
  • Lock system incorporated
  • Invincible for emergency use
  • Perfect for gardening, camping, hiking, or firming
  • High digging capacity
  • Decreased size in 6 inches from 18 inch
  • Comes with a lasting bag


  • Maybe little heavy for hiking


6. Nupla SS14L-E Ergo Power Sharp Drain Spade

Best Garden SpadeThe Nupla SS14L-E Ergo power sharp shooters drain spade has patented with a 16-gauge heavy duty steel blade. This blade will allow you to forward-turned steps for better foot placement, and a hollow back design.

This super featured shovel has the extra large 48-inch long sturdy handle, and it is also designed with an oversized efficient end which enhances your grip for better control and gives you extra strength.

Its handle is made of fiberglass with polystyrene core that is encompassed by a polypropylene sleeve which sum-ups power. Its handle is 100% weather and chemical resistant, and it has excellent durability and longevity.

You will get the excellent leverage for the extra long handle, and it is perfect for your hip and back. It will improve your working experience because it is designed to use at a stretch.

This heavy-duty blade is ideal for digging rough and tough soil, and you can destroy easily even the hardened dirt clods with less effort. It has no noticeable maintenance so that you can store it easily.


  • Heavy-duty 16-gauge steel blade
  • Fiberglass handles with polystyrene core encompassed
  • The handle is weather and chemical resistant
  • End of the handle has an oversized effective grip
  • Perfect for gardening or any other works
  • Extremely durable and great longevity
  • 48-inch extra large handle


  • Little annoying for short man.


7. Bully Tools 92711 14-Gauges Floral Spade

Best Garden SpadeThe Bully Tools 92711 floral spade is the most featured shovel on the market. This floral spade includes an American Ash D-grip handle which provides incredible strength while working and also designed with a closed back.

The support rib and extended long ferrule generate high energy while digging. This spade is made of with 14-gauge steel which is extremely sturdy.

The super sharpened blade measures 6.5 inches by 8.5 inches with a rigid 31-inch efficient handle that can give you the extra power and control.

Its handle is constructed with a triple-layered reinforced fiberglass handles which are weather and chemical resistant. This floral spade has designed and uniquely user-friendly.

The closed-back design will allow you to dig in the debris area because; it prevents the scrap from getting stuck while digging.  It will never let you down even working in the rough and tough soil.

Perfect for gardening, planting, making drains, and digging in the hardened dirt clods. Lightweight design provides you easy lifting and carries and also helpful for extended time use.


  • Original 14 gauge steel blade
  • Blade measures 6.5 by 8.5 inches in size
  • Floral spade
  • Strong D-grip
  • 3 walls reinforced fiberglass handles
  • Closed back design


  • Not perfect for hiking situation


8. Spear & Jackson 4450DS Stainless Steel Digging Spade

Best Garden SpadeIf you are here for a traditional looking, efficient, and sturdy diggings spade so, The Spear & Jackson’ can be the ideal choice for you.

This traditional range stainless steel digging spade is nicely constructed garden shovel which is extremely diligent, and pleasing to use.

It has been made with excellent quality components, which made it incredible in the field. The mirror polished stainless steel blade will allow you to dig ergonomically and spontaneously with applying fewer efforts.

This super polished blade is rust and weather resistant, and it prevents debris from getting stuck while working in the field. It has patented with a weatherproofed wooden shaft, which is extremely durable and difficult.

This wood handle is made from a single piece of hardwood, which is a wishbone look and comfortable to use. This traditional and high-grade shovel is solid, sturdy, robust and innovative, which is the user-friendly design for a long time. It’s an appealing tool for the gardeners because of its simple design and effectiveness.


  • High-grade Traditional digging spade
  • Mirror polished stainless steel blades
  • One piece hardwood handle
  • Firm, rigid, and sturdy shovel for digging
  • Weather and rust resistant spade
  • Prevents dirt/debris from getting stuck in it


  • The design doesn’t represent modern looks


9. Kenyon 49045 All-Steel Landscape Lighting Trencher

Best Garden SpadeIf you are looking for all steel made trenching spades, the Kenyon 49045 All-steel Landscape Lighting Trencher can be the ultimate choice for you. This trenching spade is made of heavy-duty steel.

This is the kind of a shovel which is strong, and it never gets down while digging rigorously and spontaneously. It is patented with T handle design which provides lots of energy and control.

The end of the handle is covered with reliable and comfortable material which gives the great grip, and you get the extra power to lift and use it efficiently.

Its handle is 45 inches large which is also exceptionally well for your hip and back because you don’t need to bend your body while digging. The resulting, you will be able to do work for extended hours.

There is no flexing issue because of this shovel is made of high-quality steel. The square-shaped sturdy, sharp blade is perfect for heavy digging. Its efficient blade is 8-1/4 inch wide and closely 10 inches long with a 1-1/4 inch mighty step.


  • All steel landscape lighting trencher
  • Comes with the T handle shape
  • 45 inches long
  • Perfect for hip and back issues
  • Mighty blade for extreme digging
  • Effective Head size is 8.5 inches * 10 inch


  • Little heavy


10. Rear Roll Step Drain Spade

Best Garden SpadeThis is another highly featured digging tool on the market. This Drain Spade is really useful on the field. This spade is perfect for digging the trench, transplanting shrubs, plants, and perfect to work in a tight space.

Its steel blade is high-carbon polished so that it looks glossy and dig the soil ergonomically. The spade offers a huge efficient blade; it would help dig enormously.

It has the large reinforced fiberglass rod which is weather resistant and chemical resistant. This heavy duty handle is constructed with the S700 spring flex 14-gauge fiberglass with solid power core.

The handle has patented with a cushioned hand grip that will give a good grip, and you get extra strength and control. Its handle is fixed with sturdy steel collar with the blade which makes the spade more firm.

This super polished spade is manufactured from Japan. This is a user-friendly spade that meets all the requirements of the user.


  • 14-gauge Fiberglass handles with the extreme solid power core
  • High carbon polished steel blade
  • Large user-friendly Fiberglass handle
  • Perfect for digging the trench, transplanting plants, shrubs
  • Cushioned hand grip provides extra power
  • 5.5×14-inch steel blade


  • This large spade is not perfect for hiking situation



The Best Quality Spade can enhance your work efficiency. We have selected the best-featured spades from the market which are really sturdy and extremely laborious.

All the Spades are weather resistant and patented to use all around the year. All are made from the renowned manufacturer, and 100% quality maintained products.

These best featured and high-quality Spades have multipurpose use and great versatility. You can rely on them beyond the questions.

These best garden spade will make your work experience pleasant and comfortable and make your around beautiful. Surely, you will get the high value of your dollars by buying these great Spades.


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