Paw Battery Powered Wheelbarrow Review – Best Electric Wheelbarrow

Last Updated on October 23, 2018 by Daniel Cooper

Transporting heavy things on a wheelbarrow used to be tedious work before the electric wheelbarrow came into the picture.

Today, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time when powered wheelbarrows were non-existent. That being said, if you own a farm, buying a powered wheelbarrow will do you a lot of good.

However, the market is flooded with all kinds of powered wheelbarrows all of which are marketed as the best. Meaning that finding a well-powered wheelbarrow is easier said than done. Nonetheless, there is no need to worry, as I am sure there are several wheelbarrows guaranteed to tickle your fancy.

To be more specific, I have selected three powered wheelbarrows that I believe are worth a try.

Paw Battery Powered Wheelbarrow Review

1) 24 Volt Power Assist Wheelbarrow

paw battery powered wheelbarrow

Top on the list is PAW’s 24-volt wheelbarrow. As its name suggests, this wheelbarrow is powered by a powerful 24-volt battery.

With an independent two-wheel drive system, this wheelbarrow is super maneuverable. To make it easy to operate, PAW equipped this wheelbarrow with a simple push button operation.

The load is held within a 6.0 cubic poly tub frame built from rugged steel. The frame sits on two 13 inch tires. The dimensions of this wheelbarrow are; 57 inches in length, 28 inches in width and 27 inches in height.


  • The variable forward speed gear makes it easy to transport your load up steep inclines of up to 15 inches.
  • A 6.0 cubic feet poly tub made of steel means that you can transport loads of up to 200 pounds.
  • The independent two-wheel drive system makes this wheelbarrow be maneuverable on all kinds of surfaces.
  • 13-inch tires allow the wheelbarrow to move on tough terrains without any problems.
  • The simple push button control makes it easy to reverse and move forward.
  • The 24-volt battery gives you the ability to transport all kinds of material including sod, shrubs, dirt and sand.


  • The wheelbarrow lacks an indicator to show whether it’s in reverse or forward mode, however, this can be fixed with a bit of trial and error.
  • The tires are not designed for wet surfaces so you might experience some slippage.


2) Power Assist Wheelbarrow (PAW), 24V Battery-Operated – Model # 44015

battery powered wheelbarrow

The Model 44015 PAW wheelbarrow is a motorized wheelbarrow with a lot to offer.

Capable of carrying loads of up to 200 pounds, the wheelbarrow is equipped with a 24 v battery. And similar to the previously reviewed PAW battery powered wheelbarrow, this one also has a two-wheel drive system.

A 6.0 cubic feet poly try accommodates your load. In regards to dimensions, this wheelbarrow measures 57 inches in length, 28 inches in width and 27 inches in height.


  • The 13-inch pneumatic wheels gives the wheelbarrow the ability to move on a wide array of rough surfaces.
  • With a 6.0 cubic feet poly tray made from rugged steel, this wheelbarrow can carry anything from sod, sand, dirt and rocks.
  • The two-wheel drive system allows for easy turning of the wheelbarrow and makes it maneuverable.
  • A simple push-button operation makes it easy to operate.


  • Is a bit pricier than the 24-volt PAW wheelbarrow, which has similar features.

paw battery powered wheelbarrow


3) Electric Battery Power Wheelbarrow 300lb Capacity

Another electric powered wheelbarrow from PAW that makes hauling easy is the electric battery power wheelbarrow. Unlike the other two reviewed above, this wheelbarrow has an impressive hauling capacity of 300 pounds.

This wheelbarrow is also call motorized wheelbarrow.

A 24-volt rechargeable battery powers the wheelbarrow and can last for up to one day of standard use. Thus, you can go for up to 12 hours of use without having to recharge the battery.



  • The variable speed gear system makes climbing up steep inclines breeze.
  • A two wheel drive system guarantees that you can maneuver your way around your farm or Backyard even garden.
  • The sturdy steel frame of the wheelbarrow is tough and ensures that your wheelbarrow will serve you for a long time.
  • 15-inch pneumatic tires are able to take the wheelbarrow almost anywhere you want it to go.


  • The wheelbarrow is slow when climbing hills, however, this is to be expected given its maximum load capacity.


Things to consider before buying an electric wheelbarrow


The electric wheelbarrow is designed to make work easier for you. Therefore, when buying an electric powered/motorized wheelbarrow, it is important to consider its capacity.

If you have a lot of things to move then a wheelbarrow with a big capacity will do. However, if you transport small loads in your farm or backyard I recommend going for one with a small capacity of about 200 pounds.

In some respect, you can also you haul large item easily by this electric wheelbarrow. Check this video here .


Probably the most important component of a motorized wheelbarrow is the battery. Therefore, the battery of the electric wheelbarrow you plan on buying should be powerful.

The battery should correspond with the task you have. Also, a powerful battery will keep your wheelbarrow running for longer saving you time and money. Thus, it is important to consider the power of the battery of the wheelbarrow you are thinking of buying.


Since you will be using your wheelbarrow outside it is important that it be rugged enough to withstand harsh weather. In light of this, I recommend settling on a wheelbarrow with a steel frame.

Steel is a tough material that lasts long. In essence, it is important to check how well a wheelbarrow is constructed before buying. The best electric wheelbarrows will be fitted with a protective cover over the motor. This cover protects the motor from harsh weather conditions and keeps it running for longer.

Apart from a motor protective cover, it is also important to consider the kind of gear that is used in a wheelbarrow. A two-wheel independent gear system will be maneuverable and will be easy to turn.

Ease of use

How best you use your wheelbarrow will depend on how easy it is to use. The right wheelbarrow should be one with button controls. This way you are able to operate your wheelbarrow easily with the push of a button.

The carrying tray

The carrying tray is where you place the load you wish to transport. Being that this is the part that makes it possible for you to transport things, it should be of high quality. The depth of the tray is an important factor to consider. Also, important is the material used to make the tray.

Similar to the frame, steel is the best material used in the making of the tray. Due to its toughness steel is able to withstand loads of different weights and texture without breaking. Thus, the carrying tray is an important component to consider.


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