The 10 Best Circular Saw for Beginners in 2020

Cutting tools are necessary things for making the desired items. It also makes your life easier because you can make many households’ items easily with the cutting tool. There is tons of cutting tool on the market. Today, the Circular Saws are the best picks and highest use cutting tool on the entire the world.

It is tough to find good quality and rich-featured Circular Saw. You will find lots of best circular saw for beginners in the market. But if you buy a poor quality Circular Saw, you may have disappointed, and you will not get the worth of money.

Review of Best Circular Saw for Beginners

A Circular Saw is a kind of a cutting tool, which is applicable for cutting many materials such as wood, masonry, plastic, or metals. We have done some research and found some high-quality Circular Saw from the renowned manufacturers.

You can rely on these Circular Saws beyond the questions. Now it’s the time to forget about your old one, and let’s take a look for getting the high-quality best circular saw for beginners.

1. DEWALT DWE575SB Lightweight Circular Saw

Best Circular Saw for BeginnersThe Dewalt DWE575SB 7-1/4-inch Circular Saw has come with some incredible features for favoring its users. This circular saw has built with the tough material that makes it rugged and extremely powerful.

This heavy-duty circular saw surprisingly lightweight, and you will get the extra comfort for handling this magnificent machine. This user-friendly design will allow you to work extended hours. For the reason of lightweight and compact design, you can carry it anywhere easily.

It has patented with a powerful electric braking system which provides the well balanced while working. On the other hand, the precise braking system will stop the blade instantly and prevents from damaging your precious woods.

Also, it has incorporated with ball bearing lower guard, which provides durable design and also works against dust contamination for smooth performance.

A high grade and sleek stamped aluminum shoe delivers ultra-smooth accurate cutting, and well planned lower guard design helps for a bevel cut.

It has also integrated with the tough cord system that provides 3 times more durability versus cord pull-out. A 15 amp motor has combined with this circular saw. Even though it looks small but it is astonishingly powerful.


  • Extremely lightweight and compact design
  • Integrated with 15 amp motor
  • Measures 7-1/4 circular saw
  • The powerful electric braking system
  • Ball bearing lower guard also prevents duct contamination
  • Patented for 56-degree bevel cut
  • Useful for various applications


  • Extremely smooth base, so push it mildly
  • The blade wobbles


2. SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Worm Drive Circular Saw

The SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 is one of the best quality, and highly featured Circular saw on the market. It has made with highly engineered and built from top quality materials.

This machine is exceptionally rugged and durable and provides exceptionally smooth cutting performance. It has 15 Amp dual-fields powerful motor which delivers ultimate power so that you can cut materials with a minimum effort.

It has integrated with an extremely lightweight magnesium housing, which stays firm and helps to keep motor cool and strenuous. On the other hand, lightweight magnesium formation decreases user fatigue for minor downtime.

Besides, this circular saw has also planned for 53-degree bevel cut, which is helpful for a variety of cuts. It is schematic for the cut-ready adjustment level so that you will be able to cut the materials quickly and precisely.

It features an anti-snag lowers guard that defends the blade when inactive and don’t snag while cutting slender or thinner materials. This circular saw is included a 24 tooth carbide-tipped SKILSAW blade.

It has also patented with a soft-grip comfortable handle for hassle-free cutting. It is ideal for framing, decking, siding, ceilings, and many more.


  • Powerful 15 amp dual field motor
  • Lightweight magnesium worn drive
  • Magnesium housing keeps motor cool
  • Anti-snag lower guard
  • Patented for 53-degree bevel cut
  • Included 24 teeth carbide-tipped SKILSAW blade
  • Extremely lightweight and strong


  • No gear oil for lubrication
  • No integrated light


3. Bosch CS5 120-Volt Circular Saw

The Bosch CS5 120-Volt Circular saw is highly engineered tool for making your job easy and comfortable. This incredible cutting tool will let you strength through the wood—OSB or composite.

This circular saw is an unbelievably well-constructed cutting tool for the beginner and perfect for the expert user. If you wanted to build your necessary items such as frames, decks, ceilings, sidings, then this cutting tool will help you to job done.

This circular saw has patented with a left blade design which provides a clear line of sight for the right-handed users. This best circular saw for beginners has built with durability and delivers a hassle-free consistence performance.

It has integrated with a powerful 15 amp motor which provides ultimate power and cut flawlessly even through the densest material. This fantastic cutting tool is the only 10lbs so that you can handle it properly.

It features an improved simple lock system that allows you to changes the blade easily and quickly. It is a schematic with a 56-degree bevel cut, which makes it user-friendly and invincible. An anti-snag lower guard also makes this tool versatile.


  • Incredible 15amp motor
  • Patented with Anti lower4 guard
  • User-friendly Left blade design
  • Extremely lightweight and powerful
  • 56-degree bevel cut
  • The simple lock allows for easy blade changes


  • Poor base plate
  • Nice left-handed saw


4. Makita 5007MG Magnesium Circular Saw

The Makita 5007MG Magnesium 7-1/4 –inch circular saw has built from high-quality material with the proven performance. This highly engineered circular Saw features a lot.

This incredible Circular Saw has a powerful 15 amp motor which delivers ultimate strength, and you will get the precise cut. This efficient motor delivers 5,800 RPM that is exceptionally well for cutting materials.

This exceptionally featured cutting tool has also built with magnesium components that stay strong and make the Saw extremely lightweight. It is just 10.6lbs, which is easy to handle and balanced it.

On the other hand, the magnesium elements help the motor to retain cool, and you will get a smooth move. Also, it has integrated with two built-in LED lights to flash the line of cut for enhancing accuracy, and you will get your job done perfectly.

It also has schematic for large cutting capacity such as it cuts 2-1/2-inch at 90-degree angle with perfection. Moreover, this cutting tool has patented for 56-degree bevel cut, which makes this Circular Saw extraordinarily practical and versatile.

This user-friendly circular Saw has assembled with built-in dust clearer, and soft rubber grip handle. It has come with a high-grade 7-1/4-inch carbide tipped framing blades for faster and precise cutting.


  • Built-in LED light for accuracy
  • Lightweight and durable Magnesium components
  • 15 amp efficient motor
  • Delivers 5800 RPM
  • 10.6lbs only
  • Large cutting ability
  • Includes premium quality 7-1/4-inch carbide tipped blade


  • A bit pricey
  • The metal disk on the arbor may fall off


5. Makita 5007MGA Magnesium Circular Saw

This circular saw is another Makita 5007MGA 7-1/4-inch Magnesium high-performance Circular Saw that comes with the electric brake. This incredible cutting tool with electronic brake features extremely durable magnesium elements and an efficient 15 amp motor which is Makita-built industrial motor.

On the other hand, the magnesium components stay extremely firm and help to keep cool the engine. Moreover, it creates an unbelievably lightweight tool. The incredibly strenuous 15 amp motor delivers 5800 RPM, which is astonishingly well for the proven performance.

It is one of the most refined circular saws on the market which provides ultimate power and precise cutting capacity. It has come with two built-in LED light for making the cutting line clear and accurate cut.

This tool is patented with 56-degree bevel cut and an electric brake for maximum workability. It has also come with a premium quality 7-1/4 inch carbide tipped framing blade which cuts faster than the other.

You will get accurate and hassle-free cut because of its built-in lower dust remover. The comfortable rubber grip handle will allow you to work comfortably and correctly.


  • 15 amp Makita-built industrial motor
  • Delivers 5800 RPM
  • Extremely durable magnesium components create lightweight
  • Built-in LED light for accurate cutting
  • 56-degree bevel cut with a large cutting capacity
  • Carbide tipped framing blade
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Comfortable rubber grip handle


  • A bit pricey
  • It flexes so much


6. Milwaukee 6390-21 Tilt-Lok Circular Saw

The Milwaukee 6390-21 7-1/4 inch circular saw is an incredibly powerful cutting tool on the market. It has developed with highly engineered touch. This user-friendly cutting tool is exceptionally productive and easy to use.

It has built with high-quality material which makes this circular unbelievably durable and workable. A 15 amp strenuous motor has integrated with this circular saw, which delivers ultimate power and you get the smooth cut with less effort.

This laborious motor also delivers 5800 RPM with proven performance. It has patented with a spindle locking system which helps to change the blade easily.

Also, this circular saw has assembled with the aircraft aluminum shoe, which provides smooth retraction and soft grip handle will allow you to access the circular saw easily and comfortably. This circular saw is extremely lightweight; starts smoothly and cuts the material evenly.

On the other hand, it has a schematic with Tilt-lock system which provides utmost comfort and control for the various applications. This circular saw patented for 50-degree bevel cut and comes with a blade, wrench, and case.


  • 15 Amp extremely strenuous motor
  • Delivers 5800RPM with proven performance
  • Spindle locking for changing the blade easily
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Tilt-lock system
  • Integrated with aircraft aluminum shoe
  • Comes with blade, wrench, and case


  • No built-in LED light
  • The shoe isn’t parallel to the blade


7. SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw

The SKIL 5280-01 circular saw is the revolutionary cutting tool on the market. It has improved with highly engineered. A lot of useful features have made this circular tool versatile and efficient.

This Circular Saw has integrated with an extremely strenuous 14 amp motor which delivers incredible power for cutting thing evenly and rapidly. It has 51-degree bevel cut capacity for a wide variety of applications.

This Circular Saw includes a 7-1/4 inch carbide-tipped blade. A spindle locking system will allow changing the blade easily and quickly. This cutting tool is extremely lightweight, which is just 6.95-lb, and it exceptionally decreases fatigue.

This circular saw is developed with an upgraded motor and accurate cutting capacity. You can complete your project correctly with the laser guide.

Also, an integrated dust blower clears the cutting line, and you get the precise and hassle-free cut. On the other hand, it also features an Anti-snag lower guard which decreases snags while making narrow cut-offs.


  • Included 24 tooth carbide blade
  • Most powerful 14 amp motor
  • Dust blower keeps cutting line clear
  • Anti-snag lower guard
  • 51-degree bevel cut
  • Spindle locking system


  • No integrated LED light
  • The motor sits low to the shoe


8. Hitachi C7SB2 15 Amp Circular Saw

The Hitachi C7SB2 is one of the best qualities Circular Saw on the market. The award-winning Hitachi C7SB2 15 amp 7-1/4-inch Circular Saw has made with highly engineered. The 15 amp ergonomic motor has integrated with this Circular Saw which delivers ultimate cutting capacity.

It has built with heavy-duty die-cast aluminum alloy, and one piece base has made this Cutting tool rugged and powerful. It also features easily readable front and side scales so that you can get the accurate measurement.

It has patented for 0-55 degree bevel cut, and an adjustable lever stops at 0, 45 and 55 degrees offer an extensive range of beveling applications. This 15 amp motor generates 5800 RPM speed for cutting precisely.

It is full of user-friendly features, and you will make your cutting job perfectly. The handle of this Circular Saw has patented with non-slip Elastomer grip handle, which helps to improve your performance and control.

It is an extremely lightweight cutting tool so that it is easy to maneuver and carry. This Circular Saw has come with 24 tooth carbide tipped blade, a 10 mm wrench and a durable carrying case. An award-winning cutting tool from the renowned manufacturer.


  • Powerful 15 amp motor
  • Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum
  • Easily readable front and side scale
  • Generates 5800 RPM speed
  • Non-slip Elastomer grip handle
  • 24 tooth carbide tipped blade
  • Includes also 10mm wrench and carrying case


  • Adjusting the angle or depth is a bit difficult
  • No integrated LED light


9. BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20B Max Circular Saw

If you are looking for an excellent cordless and highly engineered cutting tool which cuts the material precisely, then you should buy this high-torque Black+ Decker 20V Circular Saw.

This is a user-friendly Circular Saw so that it doesn’t matter that you are novice or expert user. This premium quality Circular Saw has integrated with the high-torque and incredibly efficient 5-1/2-inch motor.

This Circular Saw has assembled with an extraordinarily sharp and fast cutting blade, and you will get a wide variety of cuts. Also, it has patented with the bevel cut with detents at 45 and 90 degrees.

On the other hand, this cutting tool has too schematic for easy depth adjustment, and you can cut as your preferences. The high torque 20V motor provides the ultimate power for ensuring smooth cutting. The design of this Circular Saw is pretty compact and comparatively lightweight so that you get the ease of access.


  • Cordless and high-performance Circular Saw
  • High-torque 20V motor
  • User-friendly design
  • Fast cutting blade provides a wide variety of cuts
  • Easy depth adjustment
  • Compact design and ease of use


  • The shoe feels flimsy, Aluminum made


10. PORTER-CABLE PCE310 Magnesium Shoe Circular Saw

PORTER-CABLE PCE310  is another high-quality, and rich-featured best circular saw for beginners in the marker. The PORTER-CABLE Circular Saw has come to meet your cutting demands efficiently and adequately.

The PORTER-CABLE PCE310 has integrated with ergonomic 15 amp motor, which generates 5,500 RPM speed with proven performance. This Circular Saw has also patented with the extremely durable Magnesium shoe that delivers a smooth operation for the variety of applications.

Also, the upper metal part and an integrated lower guard offer extreme durability with ease of use. This heavy-duty cutting tool applies to a wide variety of works. It features the spindle lock system, and the depth adjustments system will allow you to cut with as your preferences.

This excellent quality Circular Saw also patented for 55 degrees bevel cut with detents at 22.5 degrees and 45 degree that is useful while cutting.

The rubber grip comfortable Aux handle and lightweight design will let you access this tool easily that you can be more productive while working. It has come with an 18 tooth carbide Tipped wood cutting blade and Allen wrench.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Powerful 15 amp motor
  • 55-degree bevel adjustments
  • Spindle lock and depth adjustment system
  • 18 tooth carbide Tipped
  • It weighs only 9lbs


  • Flexy magnesium base
  • The guard bents easily



In this review, we have recommended some tested best circular saw for beginners, which is good in quality and extremely strenuous cutting tool. Not only these Cutting tools have been tested for exactness, but also they provide incredible performance and durability.

On the other hand, our all of the premium quality Circular Saw have been manufactured by renowned and trusted brands. These Circular Saws are a great cutting tool for various applications. So why late, let’s place an order and confirm your best gear.


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