The 10 Best Chainsaw Chain in 2020

Power tools are a necessity and prove to be extremely handy in various works in our daily lives. There are many power tools for multiple tasks, and chainsaw is one of them. Both homeowners and professionals use it.

For professionals like tree surgeons and landscape gardeners, a chainsaw is a major apparatus for working on different projects. It is used to cut down trees, cut through hardwoods, softwoods, planks, trimming branches or pruning limbs.

If the chainsaw is the major tool for cutting trees and woods, quite evidently the major component of the chainsaw will be the saw chain. The smoothness, ease, and clean-cut- every single thing depends on the saw chain.

So, using the best chainsaw chain becomes mandatory here. If the saw chain is not of excellent quality, the result of your project will turn mediocre. So, it is essential to know what type of saw chain is perfect for your chainsaw.

Reviews of the Best Chainsaw Chain

The best chainsaw chain must provide a smooth, low vibration cutting performance. It needs to be durable, powerful, and complement the guide bar by enhancing its strength. The sharpness must be long-lasting, and apid filing and grinding is a big no.

However, exceptions can be accepted in the cases of fast cutting ones, as they are engineered for aggressive and heavy-duty projects. Choosing the right sized chainsaw with an ideal saw chain depending on your comfort also plays a vital role in making your job easy and time-saving.

If you are not working on a massive project, then there is no point of owning a 24 inch or above chainsaws or saw chains. Purchase wisely with a bit of research. For that, we are going to review some of the best saw chains available in the market.

1. STIHL 26RS 81 Rapid Super Chainsaw Chain

Best Chainsaw ChainStihl Rapid Super Chainsaw chain is a fast cutting chin, thus apt for aggressive and challenging conditions. It claims to be a Genuine Stihl saw chain.

The 81 drive link of the 20″ inch chain with .325 pitch and .063 gauge comfortably fits a wide range of Stihl Chainsaws such as 024, 026, 028, 034, 036, MS241, MS260, MS261, MS270, MS271, MS290, MS291.

Rapid Super chains are designed keeping the professional and most efficient in mind. Such chains are perfect for limbing, bucking, felling the trees or wood in the forest or industrial use.

The frosted woods also cut through like butter with this highly sharp chain. Though it is a fast-cutting chain, yet it creates low vibration. Chain friction is also very low.

If you are into cutting the toughest of materials quickly, then you must purchase a Rapid Super chain as they cut faster than the regular Rapid Micro ones. The Oilomatic feature helps the chain to have a sharper longer life even after heavy-duty tasks.


  • Genuine Stihl Chainsaw Chain
  • 81 drive link and 20″ chain with .325 pitch and .063 gauge
  • Patented Rapid Super Chainsaw Chain
  • Reduces vibration level
  • Guarantees strong, fast and smooth cutting performance


  • Causes kickback


2. Husqvarna 24 Inch Chainsaw Chain

Best Chainsaw ChainHusqvarna is a well-known name in the power tool manufacturing industry. So, it is no surprise that we are going to have quite a few in our review as well. The first one is its 24-Inch saw chain, which is designed with a 3/8 inch pitch and .050 inch gauge.

The 84 drive link chainsaw perfectly fits large guide bars. Not only for experts, but it is also a perfect chainsaw chain for beginners. It is compatible with a huge range of Husqvarna chainsaw models.

They are 257, 261, 262XP, 266, 268, 272, 281, 285, 288XP, 298, 357XP, 359, 362XP, 365, 371, 372XP, 380, 385XP, 394XP, 395XP, 455 Rancher, 570, 575XP, 2100, 2101, 3120XP. The chainsaw is intended for bore cuts and offers an incredibly smooth cutting performance.

It is also specially designed keeping the requirements of lightweight chainsaws in mind as the performance of a chainsaw varies depending on how light or heavy it actually is. Achieving a high cutting performance with low kickbacks and low-vibration reduces the risk factors.


  • Fits a wide range of Husqvarna Chainsaw models
  • Low kickback and low vibration
  • Ideal for bore cut
  • 84 drive link and 24″ chain with 3/8 inch pitch and .050 inch gauge
  • Excellent cutting performance be it for prune, limb or cut firewood


  • Pricey


3. Oregon D70 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

Best Chainsaw ChainOregon is another renowned name and one of the tops in the power tool industry. This 70 drive link, 20-Inch saw chain with 3/8-inch pitch, and .050-inch gauge easily fits 50-100 cc sized saws.

Homelite, McCulloch, Poulan, Echo, Craftsman are some of the brands which are the ideal models for this 20-Inch saw chain. The saw chain is made from exclusive OCS-01 Steel, which is well-known for its sturdiness and durability.

On top of that, the longevity increases as it uses Chrome-Plated cutters and hardened rivets. It is a heat-treated, full chisel, precision cutting chain, thus apt for fast and efficient cuttings with minimal kickback.

The AdvancedCut technology used in it ensures sharp cutters. Softwoods cut through with perfection with this chain. Even though it is a quick cutter, it ensures maximum safety, high performance, and top quality.

Regular oiling of the chain and guide bar due to the LubriTec eventually ensures longer life and minor frictions. When sharpening becomes necessary, its Top-Plate Filing Indicators make the accurate sharpening easy.


  • Fits 50-100 cc sized saws
  • 70 drive link and 20″ chain with a 3/8″ pitch and .050″ gauge
  • Heat-treated, and hard-chromed unique, full chisel cutter chain
  • Cuts smooth, precise and fast with minimum kickback
  • AdvanceCut technology ensures tough, sharp, quality cutters with maximum safety


  • Overpriced


4. Husqvarna 20 Inch Chainsaw Chain

Best Chainsaw ChainThis durable and lightweight chain is another high-quality, Husqvarna product. The compatibility range of this 20 inches chain is not that high like the previous one, but it comfortably fits almost all the 20-inch chainsaws Husqvarna chainsaws such as 55 Rancher, 257, 261, 262 XP, 359, 455 Rancher, 460 and 460 Rancher.

The 72 drive link chainsaw with a 3/8 inch pitch and .050 inch gauge is known for its high performance. It cuts through the toughest of woods and large diameter wood like butter. The low vibration plays its part in a comfortable cutting process and reduces fatigue during long working hours.

With the minimal kickback, this new edition has retained Husqvarna’s safety quotient. The sharpness of the chain lasts for several extensive uses, and if needed, it’s easy to sharpen.

It is engineered particularly for powerful, fast cutting. For professionals, this saw chain can do wonders in completing their intricate projects at a small period.


  • Imported
  • OEM standard chain
  • 72 drive link and 20″ chain with .375 inch pitch and .050 inch gauge
  • High cutting performance with low vibration and low kickback
  • Great for demanding conditions


  • Complicated adjustments



Best Chainsaw ChainOregon is the world’s leading saw chain manufacturer. It has a range of saw chains that are different in size, shape, and fits various types of chainsaws. Other than that it offers different packages as well.

For example, this two-pack chain is a package of 2 Pack – 2 Chains. You are going to get two chains in here depending on your requirements. It is a safety chain as well, so it is clearly not for aggressive, fast cutting.

The four different 56 62 67 72 drive links with .325-inch pitch and four different gauges- .043 .050 .058 .063 inch makes your measurement easy and convenient. For those who own 18″ Craftsman or Poulan chainsaws, this chain is ideal for them.

Though not a fast-cutting chain, it cuts through woods and trees smoothly as the chain is extremely sharp. For beginners, safety chains are good options, and Oregon offers two safety chains in this two-pack.


  • A safety chain
  • 2 Pack – 2 Chains
  • 18″ chain with .325 inch pitch and four different gauges and drive links
  • Easy to fit and adjust
  • Extremely sharp and comfortably cuts through hardwood and sticky wood


  • Not for aggressive cutting


6. Husqvarna 531300439 H30-72 Pixel Saw Chain

Best Chainsaw ChainHusqvarna’s 18″ chainsaw chain is suitable for a good range of chainsaws. It comfortably fits 41, 45, 49, 51, 55, 336, 339XP, 340, 345, 346 XP, 350, 351, 353, 435, 440, 445 and 450e.

The .325 inch pitch, .050 inch gauge designed chain is created to optimize the performance of the chainsaw while cutting the woods and trees with the utmost ease.

It is a low vibration with equally low kickback and performs efficiently in the most demanding conditions. The wood cutting performance is incredible, especially in the case of cutting and shaping softwoods.

The shape of the chain is not too big nor too small, thus perfect for medium-size projects. One can use it to complete small, complicated projects as well. It is capable of retaining the sharpness of the chain even after hours of heavy use. The durable saw chain lasts for years if maintained properly by proper lubrication.


  • Compatible; fits a good range of chainsaws
  • 72 drive link and 18″ chain with .325-Inch pitch and .050-Inch gauge
  • Unmatched performance, low vibration, and kickback
  • Ideal for cutting across the grain and in demanding conditions
  • Known for quick, aggressive cutting


  • Require frequent sharpening


7. Oregon Cutting Systems G72 C Loop Chain

Best Chainsaw ChainThis 18-Inch, G72 Replacement C Loop Chain is known for its high-quality construction. Like all other Oregon saw chains this one has also met the standard kickback performance requirements.

Not only that, it has a small space between the saw chain and the guide bar, which technically is capable of absorbing shocks. The design has successfully reduced vibration by 25%. The guide bar, the saw, and the user, all are safe from the sudden shocks due to that.

These, in no way, have hampered the performance of the saw chain, the cutting remains as sharp as it can be and the chrome-plated cutter plays an integral part in it.

The saw chain uses AdvanceCut technology, which is an absolute miracle for homeowners cutting trees on their property and for landscapers. Both the cutters and rivets resist wear and promise low stretch like no other.

LubriTec delivers the perfect and constant lubrication where it’s needed the most. Which eventually results in long-lasting saw chain and guide bar.


  • G72 Replacement 18-Inch C Loop Chain
  • Low vibration and low kickback performance
  • Chrome-Plated Cutters stays sharp longer
  • Ideal for landscape professionals as well as DIY homeowners
  • Constant lubrication due to Lubritec Oiling System


  • Installation might be tricky


8. Oregon S52 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

Best Chainsaw ChainOregon S52 AdvanceCut 14-Inch chain is an imported saw chain. The models Craftsman, Echo, Homelite, Poulan suits the chain perfectly. The 52 drive link saw chain with a 3/8 inch pitch, and .050 inch gauge is heat-treated and ensures accurate smooth cutting performance.

The design of the cutter is unique, and it cuts smooth. The quick cutting process with low vibration and minimum kickback makes this saw chain safe and time saver.

Oregon is known for electroplating a layer of industrial hard chrome to all their saw chain cutters. Chrome-Plated Cutters of the chain has a distinct shape and keeps it sharper for a long time. The more, the surface hardens, the better it resists wearing.

The Advanced technology used on it also results in tough, sharp cutters. Therefore, you do not need much filing or grinding the chain and get sharp, precise cutting for a long time. When it is an Oregon product, then it has to be reliable and safe. It is rightly engineered as a safe, performance-oriented, and quality saw chain.


  • Perfectly fits Craftsman, Echo, Homelite, Poulan
  • 52 drive link and 14-Inch chain with 3/8 inch pitch and .050 inch gauge
  • Reduces vibrations by 25% and comes with a low kickback design
  • Heat-treated, and hard-chromed, precision cutting chain
  • Engineered for safe, smooth and fast cut


  • Hard to fit


9. Husqvarna 531300372 H36-52 Lo-Pro Saw Chain

Best Chainsaw ChainHusqvarna has all the possible sizes of saw chains, and all of them are known for their optimum quality and high cutting performance. The 14″ OEM saw chain though comparatively small in size is among the best chainsaw chain.

It is ideal for for Models 136, 137, 141, 142, 334T, 335XPT, 336 and 338XPT. The 42cc power saw chain consists of 52 drive links with a 3/8-inch pitch and .050-inch gauge. This one is made keeping small chainsaws in mind.

The small DIY projects of the homeowners can be constructed and shaped with this one. Alternatively, the professionals can also use it for the crucial, small parts of large or medium-sized projects.

Those who are not into large chainsaws and are comfortable with the smaller ones, this durable, sharp chain will provide the same high performance in the most demanding conditions. The result of the cuttings comes smooth and clean.


  • Fits well in Models 136, 137, 141, 142, 334T, 335XPT, 336 and 338XPT
  • 52 drive link and 14-Inch chain with 3/8-Inch pitch and .050-Inch gauge
  • Low vibration chain
  • Flawless performance in demanding situations
  • OEM saw chain


  • Doesn’t stay sharp for long


10. Oregon R34 AdvanceCut Lite Chainsaw Chain

Best Chainsaw ChainMade in the USA at ISO certified facility, this one is the smallest saw chain of them all. Not only that it is also a UL classified low-kickback saw chain. They are not easy to get.

The 8 Inch, MicroLite chain, fits 8-Inch Poulan, Remington pole saws. The 34 drive link with 3/8-Inch pitch and .043-Inch gauge ensures a perfect fit and comfortable, precise cutting.

Though small, quintessential Oregon features are still present in this one too. From low vibration and Chromed-Plated Cutters to hardened rivets and the Lubritec oiling system, this one has it all. It is wear-resistant, provides sharper, quick cutting performance for a long time.

Advanced technology makes the cutter tough and sharp. With all the much-needed features, which constructs Oregon’s high-quality, top performance saw chains; this saw chain shines bright.

The chainsaw doesn’t require frequent grinding or filing, improves strength, requires fewer chain tension adjustment, thus promises long working hours.


  • Fits Poulan and Remington brands pole saws
  • 34 drive link and 8-Inch chain with 3/8-Inch pitch and .043-Inch gauge
  • Low-kickback saw chain classified by UL
  • Advanced technology ensures sharp cutting with low vibration
  • Chromed-Plated Cutters and hardened rivets


  • Falls off more than it should



We have covered every necessary thing in our long written review, except explaining the importance of drive links, gauge, and pitch. Skipping those will result in an incomplete analysis. The sharpness, durability, lubrication, and other features are essential in terms of high-performance, but that high-performance will follow after the saw chain perfectly fits the chainsaw, hence the importance of understanding the drive links, gauge, and pitch. It’s a tricky subject.

Unless you got it, you would not be able to purchase the correct saw chain for your chainsaw. When you have purchased the perfect one, try to maintain it well. Oiling is essential to give the saw chain a long-life shell. Store it in a safe place. Do not skip any of the essential features which a saw chain must possess. Continue researching until you get the best chainsaw chain. Hopefully, our analysis and assessment were successful in helping you decide which one you need.


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