8 Curiosities About Maples

8 Curiosities About Maples

Today we want to tell you 8 curiosities about maples. And maybe there are some amazing things about these trees that are so common, that they catch your attention. Discover them below.

  1. The fruits of the maple are born in pairs united with a form such that they are easily thrown by the wind to surprising distances and during their trip, they spread their seeds.
  2. Its leaf shines in the center of the Canadian flag. This stylized maple leaf symbolizes nature and the natural environment so rich in the country.
  3. His sap is edible. In fact, the syrup obtained from the concentration of its sap is a large industry in areas of Canada and the United States, mainly. To get a liter of this rich and sweet syrup, you need between forty and fifty liters of sap. The maple variety from which this use is used is mainly the Acer saccharum.
  4. The trees are one of the most cultivated trees within those that are not appreciated for their fruit. And it is grown mainly for ornamental use, in gardens and parks, but also for the wood industry and for the maple syrup.
  5. The maple leaves can be used as food for the cattle. These, together with the tender shoots, can feed goats and cows and in fact, in areas of Asturias in the past, it was occasionally used in winter to feed cattle in combination with other vegetables.
  6. One of the natural tourist attractions of Japan is its maples. When the autumn arrives, the leaves of the maples change from being green to an intense red color; It is known as Momiji Iroha and it has been celebrated and enjoyed for centuries.
  7. The Japanese maple is one of the most used species for bonsai. It will be because of the beauty of its leaves, its size or the ease of cultivation. Whatever it may be, it is rare to enter a nursery specialized in bonsai and not find several examples of Japanese maple.
  8. Oriental Algonquins planted young maples on the graves of their deceased. It was part of the funerary ritual of this tribe of Native Americans.


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