5 Reasons Why Toilets Clog

Last Updated on August 13, 2020 by Daniel Cooper

Are you reaching for the plunger for the nth time this month to fix that clogged toilet? Instead of continuing down this road, why not figure out what the cause is? In the future, you might even be able to avert a plumbing catastrophe. If your toilet is clogging more than flushing, it’s time to explore why.

5 Reasons Why Toilets Clog

Here are 5 reasons why toilets clog

Blocked Port Holes and Vents

There are two kinds of openings that let toilets “breathe,” so to speak. The first is the port holes, which are located under the rim of the bowl. Sometimes these get blocked because of hard water deposits or debris. You can poke through them with a pen knife or pipe cleaner.

The second hole that gets congested is the plumbing vent on the roof. Sometimes these vents, which allow the toilet water to gain velocity, get blocked by twigs, nests, and other rubbish. You need to remove whatever is blocking the passage in order for the toilet to flush properly.

Flushing Things You Shouldn’t

Though it should go without saying, toilets are meant for human waste only. Not all waste. That means that even the random tissue you decide to toss into the hopper can be causing issues because they don’t breakdown like toilet paper. Common items that cause clogs include baby and incontinence diapers, dental floss, tampons, and menstrual pads, facial tissues, cotton swabs and balls, and condoms. Also, remind young children that the toilet is not for toys or games.

Empty Tank

Open the lid to peek inside the tank. Is there enough water? Without a proper amount of water for flushing, nothing will move along the line. Adjust the float to make sure enough water is coming in.

Fix That Flapper

The flapper is a spherical object inside the tank that controls the flushing mechanism. Flappers will sometimes break or malfunction, limiting flushing power. Open the lid and flush the toilet. If the flapper isn’t functioning correctly or closes too soon, you will need to replace it.

Stuck In The S-Tube

Beneath the toilet bowl is an S-shaped tube that leads to the drain line and is designed specifically to stop sewage gas from rising back into the house. If something is caught inside the S-tube that can’t easily pass through, every time you flush toilet paper and waste will get ensnared about this object. Eventually, this leads to a massive clog. While plungers can sometimes help dislodge the object, you might have to take the toilet from the floor to remove it from the tube.

Toilets clog for a number of reasons, but we’ve given you these 5 because they are the most common. If you aiming to reduce clogging by yourself, first ensure that you and your family or roommates are not the ones causing the problem. From there, the toilet could be old or have an internal problem that needs repair. In that event, hire a professional plumber to help fix the cause and the clog quickly.


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