5 Points to Consider When Choosing a Lawn Cart

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Usage of hands and the energy in the body to shift the heavy objects from one place to another had made primitive man exhausted. With an intention to find out a solution to his difficulty man invented the wheel whose advancements have been used by today’s people. One such application of the wheel is a lawn cart which you use in your lawns and gardens to carry heavy items.  A lawn cart shall be pulled by a human or a motor powered vehicle. Before you opt to buy a lawn cart you have to go through various features which should be compatible to meet your requirements. In this article, you can have a clear idea about various features of a lawn cart suitable for various landscapes.

Load Capacity

The maximum load that can be placed on a machine or a system shall be the load capacity of a lawn cart. When a user intends to make adequate changes to his lawn he needs to carry a huge number of bricks, sand, gravel from one place to the other end of the lawn. Carrying that stuff with hands shall be very tedious and also it can cause serious injuries.

The best lawn cart which you purchase should be very strong enough to carry all these hard items in a limited number of times. Some lawn carts which are made up of low quality plastics shall not do such hard jobs in a limited time. Instead, they topple and breakdown sporadically which can annoy the user. Moreover, it awards additional clean up works also to the user.

If you own a vast garden which is to be described in acres or hectares, then taking saplings, seed, manure to the other corner of the garden shall be a challenging task to the user unless he owns a heavy-duty lawn cart. So, before purchasing a lawn cart it is always better to know the maximum load it can withstand. Also, inquiries about the raw material used to make the cart should be done to ensure the quality of the lawn cart you purchase.


Tires are considered to be recent incarnations of the ancient wheel. But the raw materials used to make these tires possess various optimistic features which shall be very much useful to a gardener or even an owner. The tires of the lawn should be given primary importance when you decide to buy a lawn craft because they are the accessories which are meant to carry and move your entire load. The first thing to examine the tires is the type of the tire, which is available in plastic, rubber or pneumatic tires.

The plastic tires are very useful for rough and coarse terrain landscapes as the tires shall not get worn out due to spiky rocks and thorns. But pulling the cart shall be very difficult. On the other hand, the tires which are made up of steel frames shall make the cart still heavier and such carts cannot be pulled along the sloppy terrains. The pneumatic tires which have a rubber outfit can provide excellent shock absorbing facility and so such tires can help you to carry huge weights for long distances. Also, ask the seller about the type of ball bearings used in the tires in order to ensure the free movement of the cart without any constraint.


Whatever shall be the features incorporated in the lawn cart, it is the body which is going to contain the stuff you need to carry. Greater the volume of the cart, the lesser is the number of times you need to do the job. But, remember if you fetch a cart which is beyond your pulling power then, your cart shall be just a piece of junk. Further, the material used for the construction of the body should be meticulously analyzed before purchasing your cart.

If you happen to buy a cart with a steel body, then there is a greater possibility for it to get rusted and ruined over months. But, if your garden is situated in a dry zone then it is not an issue. Check for any holes, cracks, inferior welds and joints in the cart should be done because lawn carts with holes shall not be able to carry goods like sand, manure, fertilizer, cement etc. Lawn carts which are made up of heavy-duty polycarbonate body shall be strong enough to withstand heavy weight and at the same time, they are not as heavy as a steel cart. Unlike a steel cart, they can be used to carry cement, fertilizers etc with more ease.


Maintaining the vertical line of gravity with respect to the weight of the entire material is stability. Some carts are made up of two wheels on one side of the cart and the other side is attached with two handles for the user to yank the cart. Then where shall the center of gravity of the cart with the weight lie? Obviously, it lies exactly in between the wheel and the user’s hands. Therefore, more than 75% of the weight of the cart along with the goods shall fall on the user’s shoulder and the wheels just serve to help the user.

On the other hand, some lawn carts have their wheel exactly at the center of the body and the volume of the first half shall be same as that of the second half. When lawn carts of such kind are used, major percentage of the weight of the cart falls on the center of the body and it gets dispersed through the wheels, thereby reducing the strain for the user in a huge scale. Lawn carts which have four wheels can also award greater stability and such carts do not topple that easily.

Additional Support

Unlike lawn carts which are flat like a tank, carts which are modeled with a tapered nose shall be easy to unload the stuff. Folks should not neglect the design because, it shall not be useful when you unload debris and leaves, but that shape shall be certainly useful when you unload heavier items like cement, sand, fertilizer etc. When using lawn carts without such shape you may have to lift your hands beyond a limited horizon to unload all the stuff.

At the same time, there is a greater possibility for the lawn cart to get toppled when unloading the weight. Some lawn carts have foldable bodies which can be used like a small tractor. Without any metal chunks along the sides of the body, they can be used to carry heavy weight materials and the tank-shaped arrangement with folding shall be used to carry less weight and high volume goods.

The hitches which you use in the carts should be thoroughly checked for any inconsistencies, because it is an essential accessory required to tow the cart to a machinery like a mowers, utility vehicles etc. When a lawn cart has been used in the slopes, there is a huge possibility for the cart to lose its stability and run down the hill due to inertia. Hence, features of the brakes in the lawn carts should also be checked thoroughly before purchasing a cart. If the above mentioned aspects satisfy you then you can step up to be decisive and buy a cart which meets your requirement.


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