5 Expert Tips to Use a Chainsaw in the Garden Safely

Last Updated on July 28, 2020 by Daniel Cooper

5 Expert Tips to Use a Chainsaw: Ah, the world of garden tools. There are too many of them to sit and think about. However, it is really crucial to pick the right ones. Chainsaws are one of the many pieces of equipment that are used widely while gardening.

5 Expert Tips to Use a Chainsaw

They are quite dangerous looking though. This causes people to use them very cautiously. No one wants to lose a finger while trimming bushes. Since gardens and the tools used to maintain them require specifications, here are five expert tips on how to use a Chainsaw in the garden in the safest manner possible!

1. Wear the Right Clothes

It’s obvious for us to say that you have to wear the right clothing. Chainsaws can be dangerous like we said earlier, and the right clothing must be worn. Cut protection bottoms and face protection gear are a must. Also, you may know already that chainsaws can be noisy.

This depends on the type of drive your chainsaw has. However, it is recommended that you use some anti-noise buds for your ears. If you want a permanent solution to the noise, cordless tools are the best. For other parts of your body like your hands and feet, protective gloves and firming shoes may be used while using a professional Chainsaw.

2. Maintenance Is Key

Regular maintaining of your chainsaw is crucial for its overall use. The more you make use of it, the more likely it is for it to accumulate dust and other nasty elements. This is why you should clean it every other day or so.

It is not only the blade that requires maintenance. Make sure the handles are all squeaky clean. This is to make sure no oil gets in the way of you slipping while holding the lightweight chainsaw. Find out all the nooks and crannies of your chainsaw and clean them thoroughly.

3. Lubrication Every Time

There are times when you will be either lazy or in a hurry. Your chainsaw might be used without proper lubrication beforehand. This is a big no-no! The chainsaw must be lubricated well every single time you are going to use it.

We are not just saying this because we want to waste your time. Lubrication allows the work to proceed as smoothly as possible. Since the chain is the heart of this tool, it requires constant care. Make sure to refill the oil tank every time you think it is about to become empty.

4. No Room for Bluntness

The efficiency of a chainsaw lies in its chain. The chain must be sharp enough so that the work can actually take place. There are some signs you can look at to find out whether your tool is on the verge of bluntness. While using it, you may see some chips, smoke, uneven cutting, etc.

These are symptoms that lead to a blunt chain. You may want to take it to your respective dealer and have it examined. Any sort of Chain Cutting tool requires immense repair. A re-sharpening process might need to take place.  If your chainsaw is quite old, you might have to purchase a new one if you see any of the above signs in it.

5. Storage Advice

For people who use their Chainsaw once in a while, here’s a tip. There are rules even when you’re storing this tool. The first step would be to obviously clean the tool properly. Like we spoke about earlier, chainsaws require some proper treatment. So, if you are looking to maintain it for a long time, make sure to store it carefully.

The saw should be stored separately from the chain and the chain guide bar. This is done to prevent the immediate rusting of the chainsaw as a whole. If your tool is electrical and runs on a battery, make sure to cool it down and store it separately from the device.


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