5 Compelling Reasons to Have Metal Garden Trellis

Last Updated on March 29, 2019 by Daniel Cooper

Metal Garden Trellis

Metal garden trellis does more than providing support to climbing plants. It can make your dreams of having a picturesque garden come true. It’s capable of adding a certain dimension and a touch of beauty and unique architecture to your outdoor space.

Trellis, by definition, is a framework of light metal bars, often used to provide solid vertical support for garden fruits and climbing plants. Trellises are available in different shapes, sizes and designs. You can even customize yours to fit your functional and decorative needs.

Here are the benefits you will enjoy if you choose to have metal garden trellis in your yard:

Saves Space and Resources

Growing plants on the trellis is a good move if you have little space to work with. The crops grow up and not horizontally on the ground. You can give your plants narrow spacing and still enjoy optimal productivity. For instance, a garden plant such as pole beans will actually do better if trellised in narrow rows.

A trellised plant also needs lesser water than those grown in containers or on the ground. Instead of watering the entire blooming crop, you simply target the roots by watering the plants at their bases.

Provides Summertime Shade

Trellised plants can provide your heat sensitive plants with shade against the summertime heat. For example, growing a vining plant such as a cucumber on a trellis slanting over a bed of a cool weather vegetable (such as lettuce) can allow you to grow this late season vegetable successfully.

Trellises can provide your kids and pets with an excellent fort for the summer heat. Long vining crops such as gourds, pole beans and flowers like morning glory have very long vines that can cover teepees and other small structures to provide a fort.

You can grow plants that drop leaves in the fall (known as deciduous perennials) on the southern aspect of your house to cushion your home from the heat of the summer. In winter, the lack of leaves will let the sun through.

Accentuates Garden Structure and Architecture

One of the ways to add serenity to your garden is to add structures. Trellises provide an excellent way to add height and structure to your garden to make it more beautiful. Besides, metal garden trellises are available in virtually any style and design ranging from classic to contemporary.

Trellises are also a haven for songbirds who appreciate having places to perch in your garden. It’s a plus for you because the birds can help with pest and insect control. Metal garden trellis can also help minimize plant diseases since keeping plants off the ground improves airflow.

Eases Harvesting

Vegetables and fruits grown on trellises are easier to harvest. Imagine the hardship of searching through the sprawling bush of squash. If trellised, you can simply spot them hanging from above and pick them at will. You don’t have to bend over, a fact that helps a lot if you have postural problems. Fruits from trellised fruit trees are also cleaner and more uniform in shape than those grown on the ground. This is great if you are planning to sell your product.


You can have a beautiful, resourceful and productive garden if you choose to go the way of metal garden trellis. These items are available in many different styles, sizes and shapes. In case you wish to go for a classic touch or maintain a more contemporary style, the choice is yours. Trellises can be a little costly but that’s what you should expect from anything picturesque and functional. Nevertheless, you can use easily available materials such as wire, fencing or old junk such as iron bed frames and gates. Old umbrella frames and antennas can act as trellises for climbing plants.