5 Additions to Your Garden to Create a Wow Factor

Last Updated on August 15, 2020 by Daniel Cooper

Additions to Your Garden to Create a Wow Factor: Whether you have a huge garden or a tiny backyard there are a million ways to create a wonderful garden with the wow factor by clever planning and designs which make the best use of the space available.

Smaller gardens can be planted vertically or designed diagonally to make the best use of the space available without making it appear too cluttered or crowded and there are some key features that can be added to any garden to make it stand out.

5 Additions to Your Garden to Create a Wow Factor

5 Additions to Your Garden to Create a Wow Factor

From acres of garden to a paved backyard all of these five additions can be added to your outdoor space to help give your garden that added wow:

1. Miniaturized designs

This works really well if your garden is on the small size but basically involves looking at the latest trends in garden designs on the big scale, perhaps by visiting garden shows or checking out gardening magazines and then making miniature versions.

For example, you can create mini potted plant areas, you can use dwarf shrubs and you can create a tiny rock garden using succulents. It’s about using the inspiration from the big gardens and making it fit your space.

2. Add layers to your garden

Using layering on a vertical level can help you to maximize use of space – try a tiered level planting box or a shelved display of potted herbs to provide interest without creating too much clutter and making maximum use of a smaller garden. You can buy tiered level planters or if you have a specific space why not create your own bespoke piece to fit exactly?

If you don’t want to use shelving or planting boxes then try creating layers using your plants, with bedding plants, shrubs and then taller plants, to help create the illusion of a garden with lots of depth if your space is limited. Layering planting in this way also reflects how plants grow in nature so will help make your garden a haven for wildlife.

3. A dedicated seating area

We all want to sit outside in our garden so adding in a decking area or a patio dedicated for seating can create an instant wow factor. If you have a large garden you can have a whole area complete with barbecue zone and permanent seating for all round socializing. Add some nighttime lighting and patio heaters to make use of the space no matter the season.

However, a miniature patio can also create the wow factor in a smaller space, with a small bistro-style seating set adding to the perfectly proportional area, creating an intimate cafe terrace feel and making your garden extra special.

4. A birdbox to encourage colorful wildlife

One of the elements which bring the wow factor to any garden is the wildlife which it attracts, in particular, colorful birds so adding in a bird box where they can nest safely and rear the young is a great addition to any garden.

A tip from our friends of Little Peckers – an online source of bird supplies, is to make sure it has a small enough entrance hole to put off predators and can be put up in a position where it will be protected from the elements. Other extras to help attract birds into your garden include providing regular food and water supplies to help them thrive.

5. A water feature

A sure way to increase the wow factor in any garden is to add some kind of water feature. Whether it’s a lake with fountains or a small stone water feature with water trickling down, moving water adds a really nice quality to any garden.

It creates a peaceful atmosphere which you and your family can enjoy and lit up at night it delivers a beautiful backdrop for an outdoor social occasion. Moving water will also help to attract birds and wildlife into your garden, adding to the wow factor.

There are many ways to increase the wow factor of your garden, no matter how big or small space is that you have available. Just by adding some simple features which are in proportion to the space, you can create an awe-inspiring garden.

Even if all you have is a paved square backyard you can use potted plants, small water features and easily create a dedicated seating corner with smaller bistro-style garden furniture, turning a concrete patch into a garden with real wow factor without too much effort.

If you do have more plants and trees then the wow factor can be ramped up by making sure it works to attract in wildlife by adding bird boxes and providing bird feeders and a regular source of water to help keep the birds visiting regularly.

Clever use of design, features which fit the space and keeping it as natural as possible are all key to creating a garden which really does make visitors say wow.


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