10 Budget Friendly Gifts for Gardeners

Last Updated on October 24, 2018 by Daniel Cooper

Gifting a gardener is probably one of the hardest things to do. This is because in the winter months, you want to give them something that will give them enthusiasm as they await the warmer times ahead while in the summer months, you want to give them something that they do not have and will make their gardening a little simpler. All in all, you want to gift them something that will make them happier and below are the ten best gifts:

10 Budget Friendly Gifts for Gardeners

1. Gardening Gloves

You can never go wrong with gifting gloves. They protect the gardener’s hands from wear and tear and in the end, they are the ones that get worn out. Therefore, such a gift will certainly come in handy when the current gloves wear off.

2. Garden Step Stones

These are good gifts for gardeners to style their gardens. You can make your own DIY garden stones by simply painting or coloring stones in a way that they will have a nice and colorful pattern when they are placed on the garden paths.

3. Garden Tool Belt

A tool belt provides a safe and convenient holding place for garden tools as the gardener walks around the garden. It can also come in handy when he/she is using a ladder to reach high places and is frequently alternating between different tools in order to complete a certain task.

4. Gardener’s Seat

It is quite tiring for a gardener to spend the entire time standing. A gardener’s sit is certainly a convenient tool because it also has pockets that hold the things they need. It is highly portable and has a wide base so that the gardener can sit stably on the uneven surface.

10 Budget Friendly Gifts for Gardeners

5. Compost Bin

This is probably one of the best gardening gift ideas. Most gardeners compost organic matter to save on fertilizer and provide nutrient-rich soil to their plants. This gift would be an economical one because it would help save on fertilizer costs. Even if he/she already has one, an additional one would mean more composting and therefore more savings.

6. Garden Kneeler

Just like the gardener’s seat, the garden kneeler offers convenience when working on planting, weeding or other garden activities that require either bending or kneeling. Kneeling is actually easier than bending so most of the time, a gardener will kneel to work and the garden ground might hurt the knees. This gift would provide a soft cushion to rest the knees on while also providing pockets to hold the gardening tools.

7. Potting Station

This is a great gift for stacking potted plants in a neat way. It can be bought or self-made and this depends entirely on your budget. It provides the gardener with a solution to have more plants in a small amount of garden space.

8. Shears

A gardener cannot do without shears. They are essential to tending to young plants and for keeping large, branchy plants in order.

9. Garden Markers

Garden markers are really important, especially for young plants. A gardener would certainly require such items to neatly label what is planted in different part of the garden. This can be a DIY gift which can be made from recycled Popsicle sticks and therefore it is quite affordable to provide such a gift.

10. Weeder

Weeders are essential for every gardener. They make it easier to pluck off or cut off unwanted plants in the garden. Instead of using their hands, this gift would make it more convenient for the gardener to maintain his/her garden and keep the rest of the plants healthy.


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