6 Gardening Quotes and Sayings to Rest From Life’s Worst Situations

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6 Gardening Quotes and Sayings: If you think you are the happiest person in this world then this article is just a piece of entertainment. The fact is no one is 100% happy and if you agree only a few can struggle and rest experience life’s worst situations.

But then, there are people who keep searching for inspiration, love, and little guidance to come out from a state of mind called ‘depression’ or ‘loneliness’. It’s a phrase that can ruin one’s career as well as life and that’s when one can think of ‘suicide.’ Such a phase in life arises when there is a death of one’s near and dear ones, one had a break-up or one is going through a financial crunch. Some gardening quotes and sayings can help you to recover from depression.

Not all are lucky as you are to have life support who can be your parents, siblings, friends, or partner. There can be other instances as well but for a long, he has to find his way out himself. Work, music, dance, trips, and so on are some activities that can help one in reviving. But gardening is one such therapy that can heal one from life’s worst situations.

06 Gardening Quotes and Sayings

Gardening is a spiritual experience

Being in the world of nature keeps your mind fresh. A beautiful garden with flowering plants can be a treat for the eyes as well. One gets to experience several natural phenomena’s which include the earthy fragrance blending with the sweet aroma of flowers and attracting colorful butterflies and bees.

One get to see the playful squirrel visiting his garden every morning, love birds chirping and flowers intimating. Altogether gardening is a spiritual experience where one can find peace of mind.

Gardening is a motivation

Sowing a seed of a flowering plant is easy but its journey to its blossom has to go through a tough phase. One has to keep on fertilizing, watering, and heating. One has to protect them from garden pests with natural yard care, where pesticides are the last resort.

After several days of struggle, when this seed germinates one can realize that every living thing has a story to tell. Further, when it grows into a young plant one can understand that ‘hope never dies’, and finally when it starts to flower one gets the motivation of living his life once again.

Gardening quotes and sayings

Gardening makes a beautiful home decor

Gardening sounds quite a difficult task. Isn’t it? But did you know that even a little space in a patio, veranda or drawing room can be utilized for small space gardening for fresh and natural home decor? With different types of designed or colored flower pots, one can decorate his home interior beautifully.

On the other hand, one can even reuse plastic bottles, jute wine bottle bags, broken aquarium, or kitchen sink for a creative indoor or small space garden. With jute bottle bags one can go for wall hanging garden as well. It’s true that small or big but an organized home interior along with a small space garden or indoor garden helps one in recovering from life’s worst situations.

Gardening is an art

Gardening is itself an art and continuous practice makes one an artist by gifting a creative mind. There are different types of garden and there are various ways that one can decorate his garden. An indoor garden can be decorated with colorful flower pots or reusing plastic bottles, kitchen sink, or broken aquarium.

A small space garden can earthly be created by reusing wine jute bags, jute sacks, or bags made of any biodegradable textile fabric. A typical lawn garden or terrace garden can be decorated with reusing tires. Besides, one can be thematic with a garden of flowers, a bottle garden, a butterfly garden, a cactus garden, feng shui, and so on.

Gardening is a good exercise

No doubt, gardening keeps your mind busy but it also requires physical efforts like digging or watering. On the other hand if one has a large space garden then it gets one moving, reduces stress, improves flexibility, cultivates a healthier heart, and improves sexual functions.

Further, functional exercises like stretching, pushing, pulling, and lifting incorporates multiple muscles at one time and improve the quality of one’s overall fitness level. Thus it also helps one to get out of depression.

Gardening kills boredom

Gardening quotes and sayings

Lastly, it keeps one busy and kills boredom or loneliness. Gardening requires patience, maintenance, and practice. You can maintain your garden by using a garden dump cart or wheelbarrows. One has to gather knowledge by continuous researches on different types of plants, fertilizers, insects, and gardens. Thus it helps in recovering from depression, homesickness, or loneliness.

So before one comes to a conclusion by saying goodbye to life in a harsh way, gardening comes as a savior for one living in depression or loneliness. So follow these gardening quotes and sayings and implement them on your life and be happy!


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